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Caravan Canopy - Aluma Series

The popularity of Caravan Canopy Aluma Series portable shelters is unquestionable. This is one of the most requested canopies from possibly the best know manufacturer of this type of shelter there is, and for good reason. Whether you're familiar with this particular model or not, it might be helpful to review some of the tent's applications and specifications to find out whether this is the right model for you.

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What Sets the Aluma Apart

This shelter derives its name from the anodized, industrial-grade aluminum that is used when putting together its patented frame design. Industrial-grade aluminum leads to increased frame strength, which leads to greater durability and overall stability, which are big parts of why this canopy is so popular. Additionally, the professional 500 denier polyester top provides a level of sun-, wind-, and other weather-resistant properties that many portable shelters can’t match. Add to all of these qualities the wide range of available top colors, the ease of set up and takedown, and the weight savings realized due to the frame design, and it’s not too big a stretch to imagine those impressive technical specifications attracting lots of savvy outdoor shoppers.

How People Use This Outdoor Shelter

The unique properties the Aluma brings to the table enable its use in certain unique situations. Of course, traditional uses like tailgates, picnics, craft fairs, or outdoor festivals are really popular places to take advantage of this canopy, but there are other, less obvious applications. The relatively light frame weight makes it a perfect addition to any impromptu gathering and, as such, it’s a great item to keep in the car trunk or backseat in case such a situation arises. The anodized aluminum also offers higher-than-usual resistance to salt air and salt water corrosion, so beachgoers and other people on or near the ocean really prize this tent for that reason.

Your motivation for selecting the Caravan Canopy Aluma Series doesn’t have to be that specific, though. It could be as simple as “It works,” or “it’s convenient,” or even “I like the way it looks”. The first two are definitely true, and most users would argue that the third is definitely true, too. If this is the portable shelter you choose for your next outdoor outing, though, you can be sure that you’ve selected a uniquely designed canopy and that you’re joining legions of outdoor enthusiasts who have done the same.