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Arrow Shed Outdoor Storage Locker - CL72

Item # ARW-CL72
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What do you think of when someone mentions the word locker? High school, perhaps? Memories of a tall rectangular storage container that was intended, yet never quite managed, to contain your belongings? Images of books, pungent gym clothes, and crumpled papers tumbling to the floor may also come to mind. Well, you can officially return from your trip down memory lane (if you got lost just make a left onto Hindsight Rd., go two blocks, and make a right onto Nostalgia Ct.). This Arrow Shed Outdoor Storage Locker isn't that kind of storage structure. In fact, it's designed to help remedy the kind of problems your inadequate locker space used to cause.

At 7' x 2' this storage building may seem like it's going to be too small to hold much of anything, but you have to remember that description only accounts for two dimensions. Once you add the nearly seven-foot height to that floor space you wind up with 95 cu. ft. of available storage area. Of course it can't accommodate a vehicle or workshop, but it is big enough to store your gardening equipment, firewood, and other seasonal supplies. You could even use it to store the stuff that used fall out of your locker all the time, though if you still haven't washed those gym clothes it may be time to consider disposing of them. Perhaps with the aid of a hazmat suit and a toxic waste bin.

But What About the Assembly?

Remember all of those science projects you did as a kid? You know, the ones that taught you really useful things like how to turn a potato into a clock? Well, assembling an Arrow Shed Outdoor Storage Locker is actually a lot easier than completing any of those. For one thing, it comes with clear straightforward instructions and, equally importantly, your tools won't be limited to glue sticks and safety scissors.

That isn't to say, though, that you're going to need a lot of equipment to put one of these buildings together. A few simple tools and a bit of time are all it takes to set up one an Arrow Storage Locker. And there's no need to panic if the last construction work you did was on those science fair projects. This type of shed is specifically designed to be user-friendly. Just follow the directions and you'll be fine.

Storage for Grown-Ups

A lot has changed since you used a school locker. You no longer have a curfew, you don't need to ask your parents' permission to use the car, and you can actually do something about it if you need more storage space. And, if you opt to get a building like this Arrow Shed Outdoor Storage Locker, providing the extra room you need couldn't be easier or more cost-effective.

* Please check local building codes and CC&Rs for any restrictions related to installing an outdoor structure or to see if a building permit is required.
  • Low-cost storage solution
  • Easy to assemble
  • Includes four wide shelves
  • Core-backed doors
  • Wall Color: Eggshell with coffee door frame trim
  • Roof Color: Eggshell
  • Size: 7' x 2'
  • Storage Area: Sq Ft: 15; Cu Ft: 95
  • Interior Dimensions: 83 7/8" W x 25 1/2" D x 81" H
  • Wall Height: 71 1/4"
  • Door Opening: 50 1/4" W x 69" H
  • Recommended Foundation Size: 86 5/8" W x 28 1/4" D
  • Number of Boxes Shipped: 1
  • Box Dimensions: 89.25 in. L x 34 in. W x 4.88 in. D
  • Shipping Weight: 121 lbs.
  • Model Number: CL72
Manufacturer: Arrow Sheds
Part Number: CL72
UPC: 026862101501

Arrow Shed Outdoor Storage Locker - CL72
4.5 Stars based on 3 Review(s)
Amanda Shell
5 Stars
I would recommend this item to a friend.

Extremely Useful Shed
June 26, 2013
Even though my husband and I are no longer energetic youngsters, we did not have any notceable issues in assenbling the shed. We decided to prepare the floor and the foundation the day before, then assemble the remainder the next day. Additionally, we made an invetory of every part at the outset; some of the numbers on the parts were rather faint, and as a result we found it necessary to rewrite the part number on each piece (additionally, I wrote the part name on as well. The instructions were quite clear at the outset in specifying that everything must be sqaure and the foundation be level prior to beginning. The manual is very straightforward, and while we did each step, we made certain that all of the parts were well organized and clearly labeled. We made painstaking care to make sure that this was the case and everything went up perfectly. This being said, two people are needed for the installation process. It took us eight and a half hours to assemble the shed (including breaks). One minor quibble is that the material designed for indoors would tear too easily, necessitating that we repair each tear with duct tape.

Peyton Dempsey
5 Stars
I would recommend this item to a friend.

A Handy Shed
June 26, 2013
Overall, this shed is just what our family needed, but there are a few issues that could be better addressed. One of these is that the instructions are quite difficult to follow; sometimes they are completely inaccurate. If it were not for the my husband's intuition, the chances are quite high that we never would have managed to assemble it.

Ronald Irving
4 Stars
I would recommend this item to a friend.

You Will Like It
June 25, 2013
Make sure that once you decide on this building you get a floor for it as well since it doesn't come with one (make sure it is level and square). I really liked it after everything was put together.