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Bedroom Approved Fireplace Inserts

While it's true that some people prefer to sleep in a cold room, some of us just can't completely relax without being warm and cozy. What if you count yourself one of those people? You're not left out in the cold, or left to fall asleep in front of the living room fireplace. We've compiled this set of fireplace inserts for the bedroom just for you - because they've been approved by their manufacturer for use in bedrooms and medium-sized rooms, you can sleep soundly, knowing that they'll neither use up the room's oxygen, nor put out too much heat and turn your bedroom into a sweat lodge.

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It's your bedroom - you shouldn't have to worry about either safety or comfort. So don't sacrifice either. Whether you choose gas- or wood-burning options, these direct vent fireplace inserts will keep you warm and add ambience, character, and mood to your bedroom.