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Caravan 1/2 Mesh, 1/2 Polyester 10' Sidewall with Windows

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Sometimes being half of one thing and half of another means that you aren't really that great at being either. In the case of the Caravan 1/2 Mesh, 1/2 Polyester 10 ft. Sidewall with Windows, though, it means that you're getting the best of what you need and eliminating the worst of what you don't. This product helps protect you and your friend from some of the wind, some of the sun, and all of the bugs that mother nature can throw your way, but you still get to enjoy the views and pleasant weather the outdoors can offer.

This 10 foot panel attaches easily to any Caravan canopy with a 10 foot wall and features a top half made of mesh and a bottom half constructed of 500 denier, professional grade polyester. There are two windows on the top mesh half, adding function to a material that allows for air flow, breathability, and easy viewing, but blocks some of the wind's effects and nearly eliminates the entry of intrusive bugs. The bottom part is not see through, creating a cozier environment under the tent for times when you'd like some measure of privacy. Each vertical edge of the panel is outfitted with a zipper, allowing you to attach another mesh panel or sidewall to either side if you so choose.

Listen, we all know you can't totally take the outdoors out of outdoor living. Most of us don't want to - that's why we're out there in the first place. There is a way, though, to get all of the enjoyment you're looking for without having to worry about all of the potential headaches. If you're a Caravan owner, you may want to think about joining the thousands of other owners who have added this Caravan 1/2 Mesh, 1/2 Polyester 10 ft. Sidewall with Windows to their favorite outdoor shelter.

  • 10 ft. panel designed to fit a 10 foot side of any appropriately sized Caravan canopy
  • Top half of panel is made of mesh, bottom half is made of solid 500 denier polyester
  • Top mesh half includes two windows
  • Panel easily attaches with velcro fasteners
  • Panel adds privacy and protection from bugs
  • Fire resistant coating to meet CPAI-84 for safety
  • Zippers on the vertical edges allow you to zip two or more sidewalls together to create your own private place
  • Color choices available for bottom polyester part of panel, top is mesh
  • Purchase includes one 10 foot panel
Manufacturer: Caravan Canopy
Part Number: 51000215018
Elite Deals Item Number: CAR-21269W
UPC: 689215383728

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Caravan 1/2 Mesh, 1/2 Polyester 10' Sidewall with Windows