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Caravan Canopy Replacement Parts

The Caravan Replacement Canopy Parts below are available for 5 different frames. If you order parts for the wrong frame type, they WILL NOT fit your canopy. Please call or email questions for assistance.

Replacement parts are not interchangeable between canopy models and canopy brands. Please verify that your canopy is the Caravan Canopy brand and that you choose the correct Caravan Canopy frame. Frame characteristics for the Caravan Canopy models are listed on the individual part pages. If you need assistance with this, please contact our customer service department.

By Maureen from San Diego, CA on September 30, 2016
I need a new top for my caravan 5x5 canopy, but I can't find the listing on the website.
By Emily - Elite Deals Product Specialist on October 3, 2016

Thank you for your inquiry. Please use the link below to view the replacement top you might be interested in.

Caravan Professional (500D) Canopy Top - 5' X 5'

By Alina from CA on April 15, 2013
How do I know which canopy tent I have?
By Chris on April 15, 2013

First, determine if the frame is steel or aluminum by attempting to attach a magnet to the frame. If the magnet will not stick, then you have an aluminum frame. If the magnet sticks, then you have a steel frame. The Classic and Displayshade are steel frames, while the Aluma and Alumashade are aluminum frames. To further determine which frame you have, please click here.