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Canopy Lighting & Party Tent Lights

You're in for a big surprise if you think that the world of Canopy Lighting is limited to an out-of-season string of Christmas lights plugged into an exterior power outlet via a big orange power cord, then twined around a tent leg or two. People who spend time in outdoor shelters know that those shelters have gotten far more sophisticated over the last few years, so they have come to expect that the means of illuminating those shelters get more sophisticated, as well.

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Modern Product Additions and Fixtures

Tent owners are in luck in terms of sophistication. That string of Christmas twinklers has been replaced by fully functional outdoor lamps, chandeliers, LED lights, wash lights, glass globes both clear and colored, and even electronic control boards to maintain a complicated lighting scheme in situations when it's called for. Where appropriate, you can create ambiance or excitement and, in some cases, you can create both at different times with the same set of products. You can use items like the clear or colored glass globes to modify the look of bulbs from an existing product, or you can hang something like a chandelier from part of the shelter's support structure to create a totally new and elegant outdoor space.

Potential Uses

In terms of potential, many of these new products' uses are limited only by your sense of style and creativity. Things like lamps and chandeliers are perfect for outdoor entertaining, rehearsal dinners, wedding parties, or family events. Other fixtures like LED's, wash lights, spotlights, and even colored globes can be ideal for outdoor cocktail parties, themed parties, events with speakers or addresses, or even more festive occasions like an outdoor concert complete with a stage and accompanying stage lights.

The uses are almost endless, as is the variety. It's taken a while, but the number of products created to target all of potential functions of Canopy Lighting has finally caught up with the growing demands of outdoor entertaining itself. If you have an event in mind or simply a general need, there's a specific light or fixture to address it. Don't get stuck thinking about that sad little string of lights that spends eleven months a year in a forgotten closet (hopefully not less - you know who you are 'leaves Christmas decorations up four months after Christmas has come and gone' folks), check out the modern market of outdoor lighting and fixtures to make sure your next outdoor gathering is truly the event it deserves to be.