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Portable Garage & Carports

This is one of those sections where there's really something for everyone. Portable Garages and Carports, far from being boring or one-dimensional, give homeowners, landowners, outdoor enthusiasts, and smart shoppers of every description a way to minimize their investment while maximizing overall utility and function.

5 Questions & 5 Answers
from Florissant, Colorado asked:
November 21, 2013
I have a 10' x 20' frame still up and only need the cover. What would it cost for all of the parts to cover it again? I really don't need the windows that were in my original "garage". I just want the best cover and roof that I can get so that it lasts as long as the last one did. It was made by "King Canopy". Would you please help me figure out what is the best cover for me?
1 Answer
I was able to locate both the Canopy White Drawstring Cover as well as the Sidewall Kit for King Canopy's 10' x 20' portable garages.
on November 21, 2013

from South Dakota asked:
October 27, 2013
Are any of your shelters able to hold heat?
1 Answer
If you want to hold heat, you would need to insulate and fill in any gaps just like any other structure.
on October 28, 2013

from Tampa, FL asked:
April 30, 2013
Do you have a 10 x 20 garage that's only 6 or 7 feet tall?
1 Answer
My apologizes, but all 10 x 20 enclosures that we offer have a peak height of 8 1/2 to 9 1/2 feet. We do not have any shorter shelters at this time.
on May 1, 2013

from Buffalo, NY asked:
February 21, 2013
I'm looking to enclose an outdoor ice hockey rink. What do you have that might work? We want it is big as possible.
1 Answer
We have many sizes of enclosures, but the largest we carry is the Premier 100 X 310 Ultimate Party Tent - Pole Tent.
on February 22, 2013

from Tacoma, WA asked:
January 26, 2013
I need a replacement leg pole (1) for a 10 x 20 Universal Portable Garage Canopy with Enclosure Walls. Please let me know how to order this item.
1 Answer
This part is available directly from the manufacturer: King Canopy.
on January 28, 2013

Popular Uses

Letís start with the obvious: what happens when your familyís fleet of cars outgrows your homeís garage? When youíre building a new home and donít have anyplace whatsoever to park a car safely? When you own land where you need to keep vehicles, but have no building or parking structure on the property? Easy Ė you find the portable structure that does the job of a comparable permanent structure, but does it quicker and far more economically than building that permanent structure would. There is literally a portable garage to fit every car, every boat, every RV, every ATV, every truck, and even every multiple-vehicle setup you could think of. Sizes, shapes, and styles are nearly endless, and you can bet that if anything with wheels or a motor has been invented, a portable or semi-permanent parking structure has been invented to protect it.

How You Save Money

Semi-permanent structures have obvious cost benefits when compared to permanent ones. You donít have to hire a construction crew, in many cases you donít have to apply for a permit (which youíll often have to obtain for new construction), and instead of taking weeks or months to complete, you can have a useable solution to a problem in a couple of days or even a few hours. You save time, you save money, and you get those valuable vehicles, tools, personal items, or whatever else you have the protection from the elements they need quickly.

The proof often is truly in the pudding. In this case itís a no-brainer. You wonít find an easier solution to storage problems than youíll find using Portable Garages or Carports. You certainly wonít find any solution thatís faster, which can make all the difference when youíre talking about protecting expensive items. And itís impossible to argue with the obvious cost difference when weighing the issue of portable vs. permanent. If you have a storage dilemma and need it solved yesterday, one of the products in this category may be just what youíre after.