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Craft Show 10x10 Canopy Package Deal + 4 Sidewalls & Weight Bags

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Package Highlights:
  • The perfect top to keep you, your customers, and your wares safe from light rains and heavy sun, this 100% professional grade, 500 Denier Polyster top is water resistant and UV protected.
  • Rest easy knowing that you'll meet most fire marshall's standards with a canopy top that's fire retardant with both a CPAI-84 Flame Certified and NFPA-701 Flame Certified rating.
  • The patented,lightweight, steel frame is pebble powder coated, making it rust resistant and durable, so it will be a part of your trade show or festival kit for years to come.
  • The Caravan Displayshade has up to 7 ft clearance, the highest in the industry, giving you tons of space so you won't need to cut down your large backdrops or displays.
  • (See Complete Product Description)

Item Description
Ask & Answer

If you're gearing up for a festival or craft show, you want to make your life easier. This is your time to shine, to put your talent and skill on display, and most importantly, make your sales goal. So when it comes time to load up and hit the road, you want to trust that your canopy is completely ready for the days ahead and that you won't need to do anything extra. This special package deal has everything that you'll need to show your products, and your capabilities, off. The Caravan Displayshade is not only a top of the line canopy, it has one of the easiest set ups of any instant canopy on the market.

And setup isn't the only thing that Caravan has made easy for you. The included roller bag not only has space for your canopy top and its frame, but will also hold the included sidewalls and stake kit. So when you're ready to hit the road, so is your canopy. And keeping your canopy steady and secure is easy too. Just attach the included weight bags to your canopy's legs and you'll sit pretty through light winds and festival crowds.

When it comes to the rest of the package, you'll be get a top of the line powder-coated, rust resistant steel frame, a 500 denier polyester top in the color of your choice and 4 velcro-adhering sidewalls that allow you to put up the number of walls that you need. And the included stake kit comes with spikes and rope and even weight bags, so you have everything you need to make sure that your canopy is securely placed.

Easy to use and made to last, the Caravan Displayshade canopy is any seller's best friend. And with all of the necessities that you might need, bundled into one low price, this canopy will become your favorite festival campanion.

* Please Note: Sidewalls come in White ONLY with this unit. Please Choose Canopy Top Color.
* Flame Certification: This item is CPAI-84 Flame Certified and NFPA-701 Flame Certified.
Package Highlights:
  • The perfect top to keep you, your customers, and your wares safe from light rains and heavy sun, this 100% professional grade, 500 Denier Polyster top is water resistant and UV protected.
  • Rest easy knowing that you'll meet most fire marshall's standards with a canopy top that's fire retardant with both a CPAI-84 Flame Certified and NFPA-701 Flame Certified rating.
  • The patented,lightweight, steel frame is pebble powder coated, making it rust resistant and durable, so it will be a part of your trade show or festival kit for years to come.
  • The Caravan Displayshade has up to 7 ft clearance, the highest in the industry, giving you tons of space so you won't need to cut down your large backdrops or displays.
  • Minimize the background noise and distraction, so your shoppers can browse without interruption with the white, solid sidewalls that easily attach to your canopy top with velcro.
  • Don't worry about being loaded down on the go, this entire canopy only weighs 68 lbs.
  • Caravan is so sure that you'll enjoy your canopy for years to come that it comes with a Two Year Limited Manufacturer's Warranty.
  • The canopy top is available in a standard color of White at no extra cost. Red, Blue and Green are also available for a small additional charge.
  • The following custom colors can be ordered for an additional charge and will require 2-3 additional business days: Gold, Black, Navy Blue, Turquoise, Orange, Grey, Yellow, Purple, Brown, Burgundy, or Forest Green.
Package Includes
  • One lightweight steel frame.
  • One professional grade, polyester canopy top, in a color of your choosing.
  • Four Poly-taft sidewalls in white, only.
  • One stake kit with rope.
  • Four Premium Weight Bags that Velcro-attach to your frame.
  • One Heavy Duty Roller Bag.
Manufacturer: Caravan Canopy
Part Number: 61009C + 10001200001
Elite Deals Item Number: CAR-CSC10X10

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13 Questions & 15 Answers
from Bensalem, PA asked:
September 5, 2016
How tall is the frame when folded closed?
1 Answer
The Craft Show frame is roughly 60 inches x 8 inches x 8 inches when folded up.
Justin R. - Elite Deals Product Specialist
on September 6, 2016

from MN asked:
June 30, 2015
Do the walls of this Craft Show 10 x 10 Canopy package deal zipper together, tie together, or Velcro together?
1 Answer
The sidewalls zip together on the sides.
Brennan W. - Elite Deals Product Specialist
on June 30, 2015

from NJ asked:
May 12, 2015
Can one person put this Craft Show 10x10 canopy package deal up or does it take at least two people?
3 Answers
It depends on the strength and skill level of the person. It is recommended that two people set it up but we have had many customers who set it up on their own. The easiest for one person to set up on their own is the Undercover 10 x 10 Super Lightweight Commercial Aluminum Popup Canopy Package with 4 Sidewalls.
Dawn - Elite Deals Product Specialist
on May 13, 2015
I had an extra pair of hands and I was glad that I did. It would've been more difficult had I been alone. Pulling the legs out works better when they're two people pulling.
on May 13, 2015
from Chicago, IL
1 person can do it but it takes some strength and savvy.
on May 14, 2015
from Aspen, Co.

from Eleva, WI asked:
September 16, 2014
What is the total weight of this unit?
1 Answer
The total weight of the canopy frame, top, and walls is 68 pounds.
Dawn - Elite Deals Product Specialist
on September 16, 2014

from Oakland, Maine asked:
July 30, 2014
What's the difference between the CraftShow 10x10 Canopy Package Deal and the Caravan Displayshade 10x10 other than the first offers weights in the package.
1 Answer
The only difference is the addition of the weight bags to the package. They both use the same light weight steel Displayshade frame. With the Craft Show package, you save money if need or anticipate the need for weight bags.
Dawn - Elite Deals Product Specialist
on July 31, 2014

from Brighton, MI asked:
May 27, 2014
I just recently asked on the CAR - 61009C package, the dimensions when in transportable (bagged) condition. Is this the same size, with the weight bags being included the only difference in the 2 packages?
1 Answer
The Craft Show is indeed identical to the Caravan Displayshade 10 x 10 Canopy Package Deal with the exception of the weight bags that are seperately packaged.
on May 28, 2014

Mary Jo
from Kent, OH asked:
May 6, 2014
Is this tent customizable with logo? If so, what are the prices?
1 Answer
Unfortunately, we cannot customize this item. We can do custom graphics on other Caravan, KD Kanopy, Ohenry, Eureka and Celina brand items. You can fill out the form at the following link and upload your logo for a free quote: CUSTOM GRAPHICS.
Brennan W.
on May 6, 2014

from Antioch Ill. asked:
April 4, 2014
What do most people put in the weight bags?
1 Answer
Most people fill the weight bags with rock, sand or dirt.
Will M.
on April 4, 2014

from Lynchburg, VA asked:
March 23, 2014
I bought a Caravan 10x10 Displayshade Canopy in 2009 (CAR-61009C-Green) and want to buy a replacement top. Can you tell me how I can get one?
1 Answer
We carry the Caravan Caravan replacement tops in several colors. You can use the Choose Color drop down box underneath the pricing to select your color.
on March 24, 2014

from Crofton, MD asked:
September 23, 2013
What's the difference between the Displayshade and the Commercial models of Caravan canopies for the price? I saw one over the weekend (model #GQ08-71083) and it looked like more of a canvas type top rather than the thin stuff on most canopies. Will the denier 600 fabric repel/shed water?
1 Answer
The primary difference between the Displayshade and Classic canopies is in the construction of the frame. Both versions use the same 600 denier polyester top the is designed to be mildly water resistant and U.V. resistant. The Displayshade frame uses an 1 1/8 inch leg, while the Classic is 1 1/4. Larger hardware and thicker gauge steel is also used in the Classic. Both tents are excellent quality and the Classic is really only necessary for very frequent use. If you have an event a couple of times a month, the Displayshade would work well.
on September 24, 2013

from NC asked:
August 23, 2013
Are the side walls attached or can they be removed and used individually? Also, are the feet of the legs made so they can be used in sand or on grass?
1 Answer
Sidewalls are separate from the canopy structure, attached by Velcro. The foot pads of the canopy are able to be set on any level surface. When stakes cannot be used to secure, we highly recommend using Canopy Premium Weight Bags - Set of Four. Which this particular package deal includes the weight bags.
Kathy N.
on August 23, 2013

from Kingston, Jamaica asked:
July 28, 2013
Is this available as a 10' x 15' and at what price?
1 Answer
This tent is available only in the 10' x 10' size.
on July 29, 2013

from Kingston, Jamaica asked:
July 28, 2013
What would be the additional cost to add a logo to the top on 2 sides?
1 Answer
Unfortunately, we cannot customize this item. We can do custom graphics on other Caravan, KD Kanopy, Ohenry, Eureka and Celina brand items. You can fill out the form at the following link and upload your logo for a free quote: Canopy Custom Graphics Quote Request Form.
on July 29, 2013

Product Reviews
48 Reviews
94% (45)
6% (3)
0% (0)
0% (0)
0% (0)
100% Recommend this product (48 of 48 responses)
By Fred
South Central Pennsylvania
September 28, 2013
The Best 10x10 Canopy
We've only used this canopy for one season but decided to add a second one for our display setup. The original one has proved to be easy to setup & tear down, constructed very well and performed in all ways just like you would expect, or hope, that your canopy would. When it came time to add a second canopy, it was a no brainer, we purchased another 10x10 Caravan to match and compliment our original one.
Prosquality, durability, ease of setup & tear down
By Rita
Somerset, PA
July 14, 2015
Elated with my canopy
Good deal on a commercial canopy, nice price, and delivery that was fast and exactly as promised.
By Kurt
Sayre, PA
July 26, 2014
Great deal on a sturdy product
After having broken a canopy purchased from a big box store, some vendor friends suggested a Caravan canopy. Checked the web and purchased this combo deal from eCanopy. It had been fantastic! Once set up it hasn't even fluttered in the wind whether it is staked or just weighted. Many other vendors have been checking it out and looking to get the same deal.
ProsEverything together in one convenient pack.
ConsWind vents in the walls would be nice, but that is just being nit picky.
By Rachael
July 18, 2014
So easy to set up!
I wanted a canopy I could eventually set-up by myself so I wouldn't have to drag my husband to every craft show with me. I am confident that I can do this myself, though I haven't yet. Together, it takes us less than two minutes to set up. High quality, super easy!
By Nubian
Oakland, CA
July 17, 2014
Great Canopy
This was a great find. I was able to take advantage of the June sale. The shipping was very fast and the transaction smooth. The box is VERY heavy so be prepared to receive it with a possible additional person or dolly. I first used it last weekend and it was a breeze to set up and take down. There were two of us but I'm sure that one could do it alone. The canvas bag is an excellent way to keep everything snug and in one place. The only downside (and why I only gave four stars) is that the wheels don't work well and you end up dragging it along the ground. I can't imagine that the bag will hold up long with those conditions. I have not used the side walls yet so I can't comment on that. Oh, and be sure to fill your weight bags. I didn't open the box until the night before and totally forgot about the weights.
ProsEasy set up and take down. Canvas bag to keep everything neat and organized. Sturdy. Great combo kit of everything that you need.
ConsRollers on canvas bag have a poor design.
By Connie Burns
Buffalo NY
July 15, 2014
This is the one you're looking for
Until this season, I was sharing a tent with another artisan. So I didn't have much experience actually putting tents up. I was able to get the tent out of the box, and get it set up enough to attach the top canopy, collapse it together and back into the carrying case by myself. ( I am a 63 year old woman. ) I wouldn't necessarily recommend that you do this on you own, but I'm stubborn like that. I've used the tent at two shows so far, and I am extremely pleased. It really is easy up, with a few friends helping. The sidewalls are simple to attach, and the tent looks very professional. I would recommend this package. It has every thing you need except your craft to sell!!
By martin
montville ct
July 14, 2014
Easy setup - even first time
Was easy to set up. corner zips were a little difficult, but by lowering the canopy just a little they zipped fine
Proseasy set up good material easy take down
By Barb
July 13, 2014
Great canopy for this price range!
ProsEasy set up Heavier denier canopy top Inside crossbar for extra support Leg plates Weight bags included
ConsThin material for sidewalls
By Gail
Tempe, Arizona
July 8, 2014
10x10 Canopy Package
Item delivered quickly and as advertised. Haven't used it yet so that's the only reason the rating isn't maximum. It appears to be sturdier than the canopies we have purchased in the past locally.
By Wally Egger
Spokane, WA
July 3, 2014
Excellent product and service
This is an extremely well built product. We have a 54 foot houseboat and are using the canopy to replace the Bimini type top on the top deck of the houseboat. Works great and is easy to assemble and disassemble. It also provides far more shade than the boat top. It is far more durable than the lightweight canopies we have purchased for the beach.
By Sandy
Absarokee, MT
June 26, 2014
Loved this Canopy! Easy to put up too!
This is the first canopy I've ever owned. It was super easy to put up and I just love the bright yellow top. It made me stand out so much more than the other vendors and I could tell all my customers that they could find me under the yellow canopy!
ProsEasy to put up. Easy to take down. Easy to put (with top still on) into the wheeled bag.
ConsHaven't found any yet.
By Diana
Chicago, IL
June 23, 2014
Easy to Use Canopy - Great for Value
We are truly enjoying the easiness of setting up and taking down this canopy. It is so convenient and can be done in minutes. Our only issue is that sometimes it leaks in the rain or doesn't stay stable in wind. That's any canopy I suppose and this damn Chicago weather!
By Dick
Harrison, MI
June 22, 2014
Excellant Product for the Money
We have nothing but good things to say about the Canopy Deal. Being over the hill (age wise) our concern was ease of setting the canopy up. We found it to be very user friendly and had no problems setting it up. Delivery was very prompt and the shipment was well packaged. If your looking for a craft show canopy, this is the right one for that application or any application that calls for a canopy. We purchased it with a red top which matches our red table clothes.
ProsFast Delivery Good packaging Excellent customer service Great value for the money spent.
ConsThe supplied manual could be in a larger formant.
By Debbie
Idaho, United States
June 21, 2014
Great Overall
I ordered two tents for my farmers markets. They go up smoothly, my husband helps me but I could do it myself. They are a little heavy for me to lift into the truck, but again, I can usually find some help. I was disappointed that the "weight bags" are just that bags that weights go into, NO WEIGHTS. Not sure what I could fill them with to weight the tents. We have high winds, so I will probably have to purchase some other weight system.
By Kathy
San Francisco Bay Area
June 19, 2014
Great purchase!
I was offered a last-minute opening at a local small outdoor show, so I ordered this canopy, thinking that it would never get to me in time -- I mean, I ordered it on a Wednesday afternoon and needed to put it up on Saturday morning. By Friday morning, I was thinking that I would have to go to a local garden store and just get a large umbrella or something, but on Friday afternoon, as promised, my new canopy was delivered. It was in perfect condition, and I put it up on Saturday morning in less than 10 minutes. It provided lots of shade from the hot sun that morning and afternoon. The wind came up that afternoon with huge gusts, and tents and umbrellas all over the show were being blown over and taking flight, but not my canopy. I had used only two of the four weights, and they held my canopy down perfectly. So in short, with this purchase, I had great customer service, unbelievably fast delivery, and a product that was perfect for my needs. All in all, a great purchase!
By Dave
June 18, 2014
Great Product!
I bought this canopy about 2 months ago after going on a camping trip without one. I needed a canopy that I could use both at home and while traveling. After researching many different manufacturers I settled on this one based on the reviews. So far, I've been extremely satisfied with the quality of the materials. It is a little heaver than the aluminum versions but the added strength of the steel supports is worth it. The fabric is commercial grade (heavy duty). One person really can put it up if you follow the directions. Take down is easier with two people. This canopy is strong enough for crafters yet not too expensive for home users as well. Great product! I would definitely buy this again and recommend it to friends.
By Don Wade
Covington Ga
June 15, 2014
Just what I have been looking for!
We have a canopy and plan on buying another. This one is great, with the extras of weight bags etc. wow what a deal. We have been doing craft shows for about five years and have been putting the sides up with loop ties taking about 30 minutes, the Velcro is great for sides and much moor sturdy. This is great.
By Wendy Warren
West Bloomfield, MI
June 12, 2014
Great Tent and Super Easy to Set Up
I looked at a bunch of different tent and canopy options for my farmer's market business before settling on this one. I could have gone with a less expensive model but after reading all the reviews on different items, I believe that sometimes you really do get what you pay for. This tent has the steel construction, plus the package gave me everything I'd need (sidewalls and weight bags). The carrier has wheels (THANK YOU) and I could probably put this up by myself, although it's very quick and easy with two people. Sturdy, solid...I LOVE IT! One of the best investments I've made for my business.
ProsEasy to set up. Sturdy construction. Includes side walls and weight bags. Great price. Storage carrier with wheels. Easy to follow directions.
ConsNone so far.
By C Thimpkins
Shickshinny, Pennsylvania
May 27, 2014
Its Wonderful
It's goes up easy and very impressed with the overall quality and ease of use! Highly recommend.
By Billie
Mineral City, OH
May 16, 2014
Beautiful Canopy!
I paid extra to get a colored top and it was well worth the money! I do stand out in a crowd so my customers can easily find me! I was afraid to get a canopy because I had seen people struggle putting them up and figured I was a 1 woman show and this would be too much for me. Well I needed one last fall and swore I would have one this spring. This canopy can be put up alone. I am so far very happy with it! I do shows outside almost every weekend in the summer. It will get a lot of use and well worth the money! Weight bags are easy to use also!
ProsEasy to set up! Lots of color choices!