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Caravan Canopy Side Walls

Many customers report total satisfaction using their Caravan canopy exactly the way it arrives at their home upon purchase. That isn't too surprising. These are considered to be some of the most effective (and definitely are some of the most popular) outdoor shelters on the market today. Some users, though, have more specialized purposes for their tents in mind - purposes that require some slight modifications. One of those modifications that is really simple to apply, but has a profound effect on the overall function of the shelter in question includes the addition of Caravan Canopy Side Walls.

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What They Are

The simplest way to define a sidewall is by saying that it is a panel often made from the same or similar fabric to that of the canopy top that attaches to the canopy legs and frame to provide additional protection for the shelter’s covered area. In the case of Caravan side panels, many of them zip together at the corners, allowing owners to create an entirely enclosed space under the tent for greater privacy, greater shelter from wind or weather, and greater protection from bugs and other pests. The panels intended to provide privacy are generally made of polyester, there are mesh varieties specifically designed to ward off pests, and there are panels with clear plastic construction that keep the wind out, but allow people underneath the shelter to see what’s going on around them.

How They’re Used

Items of this type provide some obvious benefits for all sorts of tent owners in all sorts of situations. If you tend to use your tent in humid areas, in warmer regions of the country, or on or near water, you could likely benefit from the ‘bug barrier’ a mesh wall or set of mesh walls can provide. If you’re at a trade show, business expo, or commercial event (especially if you have a table where papers, certificates, or awards are likely to sit) the wind- and weather-resistant properties of traditional polyester wall panels can be invaluable. And if you’re attending or throwing something like a rehearsal dinner where keeping guests dry is of paramount concern, but you also want everyone to be able to see everyone else, a panorama panel with clear viewing plastic may be exactly what’s called for.

The basic rule of Caravan Sidewalls is that they’re easy to apply, simple to maintain, and can add a whole new dimension or set of dimensions to your existing canopy. Taking advantage of every available option can be the key to creating the perfect outdoor setting in any given situation. It’s important to do a little advance planning, figure out the setting you’ll be working in, the people you need to accommodate, and the type of occasion you’re planning or attending, and you may find that one or more of these useful canopy accessories can really enhance your overall enjoyment as it applies to each of those considerations.