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Caravan Canopy - Classic Series

The Caravan Classic Canopy is one of the longest-running, most purchased lines of outdoor shelters on the market today. The design hasn't really changed over its years of production largely because it was so sensibly designed to begin with. Here's a quick rundown of what keeps this portable shelter on top of many outdoor enthusiasts' perennial lists.

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Time-Tested Engineering

The sturdy nature of this particular tent really starts with the enhanced steel frame. The steel provides a stable, durable base for all of your outdoor operations. The exterior of the frame consists of a textured powder coating that adds even more durability and weather resistance for those years of outdoor use. Perched on top of that base is a professional-grade 500 denier polyester top that is tough, weather-resistant, and available in a variety of colors to suit your personal style requirements. The exclusive pull-pin height adjustment adds a convenient and adaptable element to the tent’s function, and industry-leading height clearances underneath the canopy keeps your covered area protected, but leaves the space beneath open and inviting.

Where You’ll See It

You can count on seeing this portable shelter pretty much wherever you find any organized outdoor activity. Sporting events, business conventions, trade shows, flea markets, tailgates, and anything else that features a business or personal event that occurs outside are all locations that spring to mind. It’s not that this is the only outdoor shelter on the market that’s any good, it’s just that many people believe that the mix of durability, usability, appearance, and overall value you find in the Caravan Classic Canopy is tough to get in other units in the same category. That’s the reason many owners keep this product right there in the truck bed or car trunk – so they can take advantage of the quick and easy operation at a moment’s notice.

It’s usually pretty hard to come by the “classic” designation by accident. The Caravan Classic Canopy is so named because it’s one of the most popular products from what may be the most popular outdoor shelter manufacturer out there. Taking advantage of that kind of endorsement can sometimes save you the trouble of doing all of the research yourself. If statements like “time-tested” and “customer satisfaction” are ideas that appeal to you, then this is probably an outdoor shelter that deserves some consideration when it comes time for your next outdoor event or get-together.