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Dryer Vent Universal Bird Guard

Item # CPF-89225
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Bids are nice animals to observe in the wild, but they are not fun when they work their way into your chimney. With the Universal Bird Guard, all of a sudden the birds will find getting into your chimney is a very undesirable prospect, and will avoid it at all costs. Best of all, this item will work to improve the venting ability of your fireplace, so that everything that needs to stay out and come out will do just that without any issues at all.
  • Dryer vent universal bird guard
  • Mesh exterior helps prevent birds and other animal pests from getting into the dryer vent and ducts
  • Measures 7.25 inches W x 7.25 inches H
  • Keeping birds and other pests out of dryer vent maintains the efficiency of your dryer vents and reduces fire hazards
Manufacturer: Lambro Industries
Part Number: UBGW

Dryer Vent Universal Bird Guard