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Direct Vent Stoves

The Direct Vent Stoves section is one of our most popular home heating sections and one of our most varied. There's a little something for everyone here - from cast iron stoves to steel units, from incredibly modern to more rustic and traditional styles, from models designed to heat whole houses to smaller stoves for single rooms, and all points in-between. You can find a stove for every home and for every budget as you browse through this section. If you have direct venting in your home or plan to use it in the future, you won't have any problem finding the perfect Direct Vent Stove here.

2 Questions & 2 Answers
from Toronto, CAN asked:
September 14, 2014
I was wondering if there are direct vent wood burning stoves?
1 Answer
I'm afraid not because of the way wood smoke must be vented.
Dawn - Elite Deals Product Specialist
on September 15, 2014

Bob Stahl
from Huntington Station, NY asked:
January 3, 2013
Hello, I have an older stove, an All Nighter, and the glass on front gets black and you can't see the fire burning. Also, I have to clean the interior stovepipes about every 2 to 3 months. The wood is seasoned. Is there some type of problem that I don't know about?
1 Answer
The soot represents an incomplete, inefficient burn. This problem normally speaks to an issue with venting or fuel. Is this a new occurrence or has the stove always preformed this way? What species of wood are you primarily burning?
on January 3, 2013