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Caravan Canopy - Displayshade Series

Everyone loves spending time outside, but we're all more conscious than ever before that there is such a thing as too much of a good thing. In the case of sunlight and exposure to the sun's UV rays that certainly couldn't be any more true. The Caravan Displayshade Canopy is an outdoor shelter designed around the idea that protection from overexposure to the sun can be just as important as making sure that you stay out of the wind and rain when you're spending time outdoors.

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Protecting Yourself Outdoors

While sun coverage is a critical function of this shelter, there are lots of other important design features to consider. The frame is constructed of lightweight steel, providing added strength, stability, and security to all of your outdoor activities. Similarly, full truss design, ABS foot pads, and pull-pin height adjustment provide for your comfort and safety underneath the tent while they add to your overall relaxation and enjoyment no matter what activity youíre engaged in. And, of course, the professional-grade 500 denier polyester top is intended specifically to ensure ultimate protection from potentially harmful UV rays. No matter what color you choose for the top, you can rest assured that youíre getting that maximum level of SPF protection youíre looking for.

Sun-Smart and a Whole Lot More

This is obviously the type of shelter lots of people gravitate towards for events that will keep them out in the sun for long periods of time. Afternoon tailgates, days at the beach, outdoor festivals, and craft fairs are all areas where the preventive capabilities the Displayshade brings to the table really come in handy. But, in a more general sense, this shelter is equally well-suited for use where youíd employ a canopy to protect you from potentially adverse weather conditions such as an alfresco dinner, an outdoor party or event, or a family get-together. Sun protection is just one of the draws of this versatile tent, which is probably why itís such a popular item.

In other words, donít let the name or the stated purpose of the Caravan Displayshade Canopy fool you. Itís just as at home keeping raindrops off of you, your friends, and your family as it is warding off a sunburn. When you need quick, reliable shelter and youíre not interested in paying tons of money, this popular personal tent model is definitely worth a look.