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Eureka! Copper Canyon 6 Six-Person Camping Tent - 10' X 10'

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  • Designed to accomodate sleeping cots
  • Combination steel/fiberglass frame
  • Straight walls allow maximum use of interior volume
  • Four-way ventilation for maximum airflow and maximum comfort
  • Easy to sweep out
  • Power port for connecting external extension cords and providing electricity
  • Self-supporting
  • Bathtub floor protects against rain

Item Description
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Eureka!'s Copper Canyon 6 camping tent is a great choice for those who enjoy camping with family and friends. This roomy tent will accommodate up to six people comfortably, and it's specifically designed to hold cots so everyone can get their best night's sleep before another day on the trail.

The spacious inside with great ventilation makes it the premier in camping tents. The door is large and easy to use whether entering or exiting. The frame is ultra-strong, constructed with both steel and fiberglass.

And if you need powered appliances along on your campout, there's even a port installed for access to extension cords from outside. It's easy to setup, so you'll be looking for reasons to go camping every weekend!

  • Designed to accomodate sleeping cots
  • Combination steel/fiberglass frame
  • Straight walls allow maximum use of interior volume
  • Four-way ventilation for maximum airflow and maximum comfort
  • Easy to sweep out
  • Power port for connecting external extension cords and providing electricity
  • Self-supporting
  • Bathtub floor protects against rain
  • Sealed seams
  • Easy set-up: ring and pin attachments, pole sleeves and clips
  • Large door with #8 zipper
  • Organizer gear loft
  • Nine clothesline/gear loft loops
  • Storm guyouts store in pockets at each corner of the fly
  • Floor size - 10' x 10'
  • Sleeps up to six people
  • Center height - 6 feet 10 inches
  • Tent area - 100 square feet
  • Minimum weight - 23 lbs. 6 oz.
  • Four windows
  • One door
Manufacturer: Eureka Camping
Part Number: 2601306
Elite Deals Item Number: ECT-2601306
UPC: 083826013065

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By Diane from LaPorte, IN on April 15, 2013
Does this have screen at top for ventilation?
By Chris on April 15, 2013

This does indeed have a full mesh roof to allow for ventilation.

Product Reviews
Eureka! Copper Canyon 6 Six-Person Camping Tent - 10' X 10'
3.5 Stars based on 12 Review(s)
Spencer Broome
3 Stars
I would recommend this item to a friend.

A Couple of Problems
May 30, 2014
Overall, my experience with this tent has been a good one, but there are a couple of nagging problems that Eureka needs to fix. One of the elastic cords on the tent snapped, but Eureka sent us a new one free of charge. The other problem has been a little more aggravating. One of the zippers is defective, and I believe that Eureka already knows about it, since they sent me a replacement zipper very quickly. The replacement didn't take care of the issue, so I decided to have Eureka fix it for me. Getting it fixed is a little expensive, and I am hoping it will take care of the issue permanently.

Ashton McCord
1 Stars
I would recommend this item to a friend.

Nylon Floor!
January 31, 2014
Eureka is a great brand, and I decided that I would purchase one even if I had to wait. Finally I bought the tent, and got ready to use it the next season. Since I camp a lot, I decided not to do a test run of the tent beforehand, but I would recommend that anyone using a tent not follow my example. The ground where I camp can have some problems with sharp objects underneath the tent, so I decided on some extra ground cover and padding as well. The floor and walls of this tent are made from the exact same material. Exactly, that thin flimsy nylon. While this is great for keeping the walls cool, the floor of this tent would never hold up to any punishment at all. I expected a better design from Eureka, and am going to be looking for another tent after I sell this one.

Cash Ulrich
5 Stars
I would recommend this item to a friend.

Sturdy, Stable, Spacious
January 26, 2014
I have seen many people complaining that the tent does not handle wind very well, but cabin style tents are not designed to be used in very heavy winds. Even so, our tent stood up very well to winds up to 30 mph the first time we went camping with it. Maybe we just set up the guy lines differently, but ours was stable the whole time. The poles on this tent are very sturdy (made of metal and fiberglass) so even with only four stakes the tent was perfectly fine. It was simple to put together with two people, even without instructions, but I'm sure one person could do it without much trouble. So far we haven't tested it in any rain, but all the seams seem to be sealed properly. There is plenty of space inside this tent, and I'm sure that even with four people there would be enough room. Two recommendations, always put a protective layer beneath the tent, and get better aftermarket stakes.

Zachariah Beyers
2 Stars
I would recommend this item to a friend.

Not For Cold Weather
July 20, 2012
The only good thing that I can say about this tent is the size. If you care for nothing but having enough room to stand up and move around, then go ahead and get this. But if you are looking for a tent to camp in any weather other than clear warm nights, you should keep looking. The roof of this tent is pretty much one enormous vent, and even though there is a rain fly over it, if it is cold outside, it will be cold in the tent. The tent is difficult to enter or exit since the zippers constantly jam when trying to open, and in order to get out you have to unzip both. Even though my wife and I are experienced campers, we found the tent difficult to construct. If you are going to camp in hot weather, then this is the tent for you, but don't camp in the cold.

Mathew Overstreet
North Carolina
4 Stars
I would recommend this item to a friend.

No Regrets
April 16, 2012
I took this tent on a week long camping trip recently, and was very happy with it, especially the way it kept me dry during to two downpours. Literally, not a drop of water made it into the tent. Even with two cots, there was still plenty of room to move around in, so I didn't feel cramped at all. I did have some difficulties with the zipper getting stuck, but it was only a minor problem, and didn't cause any real issues. I have no regrets about getting this tent. I would buy it again.

Kate Keen
1 Stars
I would recommend this item to a friend.

Not Sturdy Enough
August 15, 2011
If you are looking to sit in your backyard on a perfectly still and clear day, then get this tent. But, if you would like something you can actually take camping, don't even think about it. This tent will keep you in the shade, but the walls need much more support. The smallest amount of wind is enough to make the walls move in and out remarkable far, so unless they figure out a way to add more guide lines to the outside of this tent, I can't see using it to stay out of any sort of inclement weather. Thankfully we decided to put the tent up inside the house before we took it out camping, because even the slightest draft from movement inside managed to move the walls. It is very spacious, but that's about it.

Alejandra Paz
5 Stars
I would recommend this item to a friend.

Proved Reliable
May 5, 2011
I bought this tent for a recent camping trip and couldn't have been more pleased with it. In all, it took me only 20 minutes to set up, and was surprisingly roomy. I fit a queen sized air mattress, as well as two single air mattresses and still had plenty of room to move around in. The tent also showed its durability, withstanding the 20-30 mph winds and driving rain we faced on our camping trip. The tent was surprisingly easy to set up and the 4 windows did an excellent job of making sure the air was fresh. The metal poles are high quality, and I was please to find they are cable corded, not chain as the some descriptions I've read claim. I was disappointed by the carrying case for the tent. It's made of the same material as the tent, but I'm worried about how long it will last. The door zipper has also shown a tendency to get stuck on waterproof material, so you have to use both hands and be careful when unzipping the door. The stakes, unfortunately, are pretty low quality, so it's best if you just buy your own. I should add that, when taking down the tent, take the stakes out last as the tent is very light and will blow away without them. All in all, you will not find a better tent than this one for an equal price. This tent proved itself reliable to me, and I would recommend it to anyone looking to do some camping.

Alana Siegel
4 Stars
I would recommend this item to a friend.

Family Sized Tent
July 27, 2010
I took this tent on a camping trip the weekend after I bought it and was not disappointed by it. I needed a tent that was easy to set up, as I couldn't count on my help from my 6 year old. By myself, I was able to erect this tent in just 15 minutes, and was pleasantly surprised by how roomy it was once I got it up. I fit a queen sized air mattress in the tent, all of my gear, and still had plenty of room to move around. This tent will easily fit my family of four and two dogs. The tent seemed to have good ventilation. We kept the windows open all night and didn't get any condensation on the inside. The only difficulty I had with this tent was that the zipper has a tendency to get stuck, and it is a bit tight, so the tent can be difficult to close. However, I am pleased with my purchase of this tent, which was the result of several hours of research I did on numerous brands and models.

Jalen Gilmore
1 Stars

Poor Materials, Poor Quality
April 19, 2010
I had a very poor experience with this tent. I know several people who have a Eureka tent who have always spoken very highly of the brand, but even they were frustrated when they saw the quality of my tent. The material that is used to make up the sides and roof of the tent is the same material used in the floor. I can almost guarantee that one hard sharp poke will be enough to puncture it. After struggling for a while, the two of us finally managed to get the tent set up. The design choices for the roof and ventilation seem like they would work really well if the other parts of the tent were brought up to spec, but, with poorly sewn seams and unfortunate material choices, I had to return it. If Eureka improves this tents design, I would be glad to own one.

Toni Acker
4 Stars
I would recommend this item to a friend.

Excellent Value
April 19, 2009
This tent was sturdy, dependable, and cheap, and I would definitely buy again. We were looking for a nice, spacious tent that allowed us adequate headroom as well. We are both experienced campers, but even so we set up the tent before actually going camping to make sure there were no surprises. The setup was a breeze, and took us less than fifteen minutes the first time, less than ten after that. When we say this tent has plenty of room, we really mean it. You can easily stand in any part of this tent, and there is plenty of room for an air mattress as well as all of your gear. There are multiple places to hang any extra stuff too, even better for saving space. The ventilation in the tent is great (even with all the windows closed, the roof vents keep air moving), and the rain fly kept it completely dry even with very heavy rainfall. Would buy again.

Owen Hatton
4 Stars
I would recommend this item to a friend.

Spacious, Mild-Weather Tent
April 10, 2009
My wife and I usually sleep in an RV when camping, but we wanted to get this tent for our children. I believe reviews are very important when shopping for a good product, so I'll try to provide valuable information for you. One of my favorite things about this tent is definitely the space. I have absolutely no problem standing up in it (over six feet tall), and the height continues all the way to the walls (great thing about a cabin style tent). The ventilation on this tent is great, and even with all the window meshes closed, there is still plenty of air-flow through the mesh roof. The one issue with this is that I believe that driving rain would be able to get into the tent by getting under the rain fly. Also, even though the tent feels very sturdy, heavy wind can really push in the sides of the tent. Overall, this tent is pretty great, and we are getting some great use out of it. Make sure you only go camping in mild weather though.

Natalia Shook
5 Stars
I would recommend this item to a friend.

Just What I Needed
March 1, 2009
Like most people, I put did a significant amount of research before purchasing this tent. I'm writing this review to, hopefully, help you decide if this tent is the right one for you. After several months of reading reviews on a variety of tents I settled on this one for a few reasons. First, it was larger than the 8x7 tent my family had, and I wanted a tent with a little extra room as we are planning on camping more in the future than we do currently. But the real bonus here is that the tent has vertical, not sloped, walls, so you really do get 10x10 ft. worth of space. For my 6'3 husband, that's a big deal. However, the tent is not so large that it is too difficult to put together. We were able to get it up in 20 minutes, and though it would have taken me a little longer, I'm sure I could have put it up myself, and I'm only 5'3". Secondly, I really like how well ventilated this tent is. I wasn't sure how it would do, but it doesn't get stuffy at all. I would suggest bringing a warm sleeping bag, though, because the trade off to that is that it can get cold in the tent at night (being in Southern California, this isn't a great concern for us.) I do have two suggestions if you get this tent, though. First, get some sort of drop cloth or other form of floor protector, as it is easy to puncture the tent floor. Secondly, like other reviewers, invest in some better stakes than come with this tent. Apart from those suggestions, I highly recommend this tent. It is exactly what I needed for my family camping trips.