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Eureka! Tetragon 10 Ten-Person Family Tent - 14' X 12'

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Item Description
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When you want the most from your camping experience, why not bring the best, biggest tent you can? The Tetragon 10 camping tent by Eureka! boasts a sweeping 168 square feet of interior floor area and towering six-foot, six-inch ceiling center height (imagine the property values of such a space in some of the larger American cities!) That's enough room to sleep ten people comfortably.

As with all Tetragon tents, the bathtub floor and full mesh roof come standard, meaning the tent interior stays not just cool but dry as well, and free of ground clutter.

  • Two-pole rectangular dome structure
  • 12.7 mm fiberglass frame
  • Elevated bathtub floor
  • Two side-opening door with half-windows
  • Removable zippered divider can separate tent interior into two rooms
  • Back window
  • Two stash pockets and two storage pockets
  • Two fly rods over fly for enhanced rain protection and stability
  • Floor area: 168 square feet
  • Floor size: 14' X 12'
  • Sleeps up to ten people
  • Center height - 6 feet 6 inches
  • Minimum weight - 27 lbs 10 oz
Manufacturer: Eureka Camping
Part Number: 2629180
Elite Deals Item Number: ECT-2629180
UPC: 083826291807

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Product Reviews
12 Reviews
25% (3)
33% (4)
25% (3)
0% (0)
17% (2)
83% Recommend this product (10 of 12 responses)
By Miley Rivers
January 22, 2014
Tent That Is Well Designed
Even though this is a well designed tent that has served us well, there are some structural issues that need to be fully addressed. The fly only covers two thirds of the tent, and the ends are very vulnerable to leaking, making it unwise to use this tent in the event of mildly inclement weather. I eventually traded in this tent and have been quite satisfied with the results I have received thus far.
By Leo Ragsdale
November 17, 2013
Offers a Lot of Space
It is imperative that you use water sealer on the seams: we decided to test it the night before a camping trip. There were some leaks that were exposed and we managed to get them sealed. Otherwise, this is a great buy, offering our family of six a good deal of space. It is light weight and very easy to assemble.
By Vanessa Gallo
December 27, 2012
Great Product at an Excellent Price
Prior to giving my review of this tent, let me give to you a brief background of my experience with tents. My previous tent was a very poor product. Not only did it leak when it rained but also two of the poles broke without too much effort. It was so bad that I returned this tent and got a refund. After doing some research and learning about the reputation of this tent, I decided to give it a try and discovered that it is a very easy tent to assemble. With only four poles to contend with, it is very easy to get set up in less than twenty minutes. Granted, this tent will leak in some situations, but then again, if you want a tent that is completely leak proof, then you need to contemplate purchasing a camper. This tent is a good buy that offers incredible quality for the price at which is listed.
By Colton Shockley
May 13, 2012
Disappointed in Eureka
We were very disappointed with Eureka after this tent. Normally Eureka is our brand, but we returned the tent less than a week after buying it. The biggest problem is the rain fly. For a tent as big as this one, the fly definitely needs to be bigger. It seems that the rain fly only serves to guide water into places on the tent that leak. One of the biggest leak problems was definitely with the way that the zippers were constructed. Water would gather just above where the zippers came together and slowly leak into the tent. Even if the problem with the zippers was fixed, many of the seams on the tent leaked. This happened even after I properly sealed them using the sealer that the manufacturer recommends. In the end we decided on buying a tent from another company. Unless you can guarantee great clear weather when you are going camping, don't get this tent.
By Janis Golla
August 20, 2011
Fabulous Deal
This tent is a great buy at an excellent price. All in all, expect this tent to fit a maximum of seven adults. When we used it, we had five adults and we found that we had no trouble storing all of our gear inside with us. Even though the directions can say it will hold nine, this could get a little crowded. Also, beware of leaks, since you will need to seal the seams in order to insure that it does not leak. This issue aside, this tent really is a good buy. When it comes to set up, it is extremely easy to do. I've done smaller tents which had bad poles, but this tent, though larger, was a breeze to assemble. From start to finish, it took us about ten minutes to get everything set up.
By Chance Farrow
July 4, 2011
Great Tent For Casual Camping
If you are looking for a tent that can fit up to nine people, then this is a tent that is made just for you! One word of caution: only use this tent if the weather is good; do not use it if the weather is poor. When we used it during a minor storm, the tent suffered some minor structural damage due to the wind driven rain.
By Nathan Gooch
May 27, 2010
Poor Construction, Poor Customer Service by Eureka
When our family started planning a camping trip, we started looking for a big tent (five people and two dogs) and eventually decided on this one. The first problem with this tent started when we tried to set it up. The directions were unclear and confusing, and trying to get the support poles where they were supposed to go was difficult. Next, we began having issues with the poor materials in the construction of the tent. The plastic snaps that are used to secure the roof are weak, and one of them broke on the first setup. We also had to use pins to hold the door shut after the zipper jammed. The waterproofing leaves much to be desired. After the first time it rained, everything in the tent was wet. When I went to try to get the tent properly repaired Eureka said they needed to 'evaluate' it before making any repairs, and said that I needed to pay for shipping.
By Raymond Summers
July 12, 2009
Very Pleased With the Tent
At the outset, I need to say that we are quite pleased with this tent and have decided that if the time comes to purchase a new tent, we will gladly consider purchasing another one like it. One piece of advice is that prior to going on a camping trip that you set up the tent so as to get everything properly inventoried and get properly acclimated to the way everything fits together. I had originally purchased this tent for use during a three day music festival for our family of four (we have two teenagers). This tent gave us plenty of privacy, and despite some rain, we managed to stay both dry and snug. This tent might be a little pricier than other brands, but in the long run, you get a lot of quality for a great price. One minor issue: there could be better screening to keep the insects out, and there could be stakes provided for rocky soil.
By Julianna Morrison
May 23, 2009
Tent With Positives And Negatives
This tent has its pluses and minuses. On the positive size it is very easy to assemble and possesses a good deal of height and inner space. On the down side, no matter how much preparation and foresight you exercise, you will never be able to keep the rain out in the event there is a minor drizzle. I used four cans of sealant to try to ensure that the rain stayed out and it still did not work. Also, the fly sheet poles are extremely fragile. In my case, they broke after the first use. In a nutshell, this gets a mixed review because of all of its flaws.
By Hannah Beam
March 7, 2009
Great Light Weight Tent
Since I do not have that many issues with this product, I will get my relatively minor complaint out of the way first. Getting the guy wires and stakes in place for this tent is a little bit cumbersome. I wound up using 18 stakes, which even though it made it quite stable, on the flip side, it meant that set up was quite long. This aside, the tent is a light weight wonder! We have a family of six and have found that it is very easy to stick all of the equipment inside along with all of the other people. Even in the wind and the rain, this tent gets high marks for the overall quality of its performance.
By Luke Lanier
February 19, 2009
Large And Easy to Assemble Tent
Prior to using this tent, I would like to recommend that you put a tarp down on the ground and then placing the tent on top. On the flip side, if it is rainy out, then do not use a tarp because it tends to cause the water to pool. Our reason for using a tarp is that there is no reinforced bottom. Otherwise, this is an excellent tent that is quite large, very spacious inside, and extremely easy to assemble.
By Karie Bacher
January 5, 2009
Perfect For Family Camping
The most critical thing in order to have a successful camping expedition is for you to seal the seams. If you notice the slightest leak, go ahead and seal them again. Overall, this is a great tent for family camping trips. The fiberglass poles do a decent job, even though one broke on the first use. The tent is spacious, giving room for both campers and gear.