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Electric Barbecue Grills

There is much debate out there about the type of grill that you should get, whether you need charcoal, propane, infrared or electric. The only way to decide to look at what matters to you. Some people are concerned about getting that smoky taste above all else. While others are more interested in the outdoor cooking experience. But if your major interest falls in safety, ease of use and convenience, then an electric grill is the best choice for you.

Electric grills don't rely on open flames, so you never need to worry about an out of control fire or sparks igniting your surroundings, which can be a major problem with both gas and charcoal grills. Since they don't rely on fire, they cook more you're your electric stove, creating meals that are cooked more evenly than what you could get on a grill. Electric grills are even the more eco-friendly grilling option, since they don't emit carbon monoxide or burn up precious, and costly, fossil fuels.

If you're one of the unfortunately few whose city's fire code or apartment complex doesn't allow charcoal or gas grills on the property, a tabletop or portable electric grill might be your only option. Electric grills are usually allowed were other types of grills are not, but always check before you purchase.