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Vista Peak Top Party Tents

At first glance, Vista Peak Top Party Tents look like most other types of frame tents or pole tents, but they aren't. There are a few unique features here that are worth mentioning for reasons both functional and visual. Here are some important differences to note while you're evaluating more traditional personal canopy types against this interesting, slightly newer design.

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An easy way to think about this type of outdoor shelter is to look at it in terms of use. Anyplace you'd normally use a frame tent, pole tent, or other similar style of canopy, you can use a Vista Peak. Some common applications include craft fairs, outdoor markets, business expositions, and sporting events. Where the differences start to show, though, is in terms of design. You get the best of all worlds with this style of shelter. You get the easy setup and stable structure you'd expect from a frame tent and, in fact, setup generally takes just a few minutes. With smaller models one or two people can easily complete setup, and slightly larger models never require more than three or four people to get everything in place. The patent pending SwivelMate corner brackets extend the life of the canopy top, too.

However, in addition to the convenience of a frame, you can also expect to enjoy the high peak of a pole tent, but without the poles. The 'floating' center pole of this type of canopy gives you the lift a center pole would provide, so you get the looks of a high-peak tent, but there's no center post on the ground in the center of your tent. That means there's nothing underneath the canopy restricting guest movement or furniture placement.

We haven't even discussed the wide variety of available colors, either. In most models there is a selection of over twenty fabric colors, and some sizes even offer the option of selecting a solid or striped design. The Vista Peak Top Party Tent is a mechanically superior, versatile, and economical canopy for almost any outdoor setting. That level of value and potential variety make this outdoor shelter an extremely popular choice for people planning all sorts of outdoor activities and gatherings.