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Eureka 2627643 Assault Outfitter 4 Camping Tent

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  • 3 pole rectangular dome tent
  • Pre-bent 13 mm 6000 series aluminum frame
  • 2 doors with durable #10 zippers
  • High/Low windows in each door
  • Well ventilated
  • 75D StormShield polyester ripstop fly with 1500mm coating
  • Streamlined shape sheds snow loads, heavy rain, and wind
  • Double point front vestibule features UV and cold resistant window and is bottom venting; single point rear vestibule vents left, right, or rolls completely open
  • Heavy duty 210D nylon oxford floor
  • Sleeps 4
  • Center height - 4' 8"
  • Minimum weight - 13 lbs. 5 oz.
  • Tent area - 63.75 sq ft
  • Floor size - 7' 6" x 8' 6"
  • Windows - 2
  • Door - 2

Item Description
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Outdoor camping is a great way to experience the great outdoors. Whether you are a professional or a casual camper, having the right tent is important. This tent from Eureka is a high quality tent that can sleep up to 4 people. The durable polyester lining is thick enough to provide protection from moisture, bugs, and weather conditions, but the walls are also breathable, ensuring proper ventillation and breathing conditions. The double door design allows for easy entrance and exit, and the heavy duty design is strong enough to stand up to the most rugged use.
  • 3 pole rectangular dome tent
  • Pre-bent 13 mm 6000 series aluminum frame
  • 2 doors with durable #10 zippers
  • High/Low windows in each door
  • Well ventilated
  • 75D StormShield polyester ripstop fly with 1500mm coating
  • Streamlined shape sheds snow loads, heavy rain, and wind
  • Double point front vestibule features UV and cold resistant window and is bottom venting; single point rear vestibule vents left, right, or rolls completely open
  • Heavy duty 210D nylon oxford floor
  • Sleeps 4
  • Center height - 4' 8"
  • Minimum weight - 13 lbs. 5 oz.
  • Tent area - 63.75 sq ft
  • Floor size - 7' 6" x 8' 6"
  • Windows - 2
  • Door - 2
Manufacturer: Eureka Camping
Part Number: 2627643
Elite Deals Item Number: ECT-2627643
UPC: 083826276439

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Product Reviews
14 Reviews
57% (8)
21% (3)
7% (1)
7% (1)
7% (1)
93% Recommend this product (13 of 14 responses)
By Ray
April 25, 2014
Highly Recommended Product...
I've had mine for seven years now... If going out, with three individuals(including myself), on a single couple day camping trip? This is my "GO TO" tent... It's tough.... Fantastic quality... Though I would recommend investing in some better tent stakes... The Easton "backpacker" stakes are perfect for it.. For tie downs and all(including guy out lines)? Best figure purchasing 20 total stakes too(for total support)... I absolutely recommend this tent... As far as a ground cloth? I carry a poly tarp, but honestly? You really don't need one. The bathtub floor in this is "heavy duty".. If you do purchase a ground cloth? I'd go ahead and get 4 aluminum "J" stakes just to stake it down...
ProsExcellent product overall. I'm fairly certain you'll be very happy if you decide to purchase this item.. Good ventilation characteristics, and it "CAN" be used year round.... Highly recommended... Poles are 6000 series aluminum poles.. A little bulkier, but by far superior for stabilization of this gem... I, for one prefer pole sleeves over pole clips just for one reason. Dependability....
Cons Tent stakes supplied with it are no good... Order some Easton "Backpacker" series stakes (8")....
By Taylor Titus
August 3, 2013
Negative Tent Attributes
It was very discouraging to have so many problems with the poles and inserting the poles into sleeves instead of using clips. You cannot put this tent up by yourself. You have to have someone help you, even when taking the tent down. Besides the problem with the poles, there is no provision for keeping the rain from entering the tent when you open the flap to go in or out. And then there’s the zipper on the fly that leaked during a storm, the door that only opens near the floor and not to the side of the tent, and the anchor that holds down the rear vestibule is attached with plastic clips – not a good thing. And did I mention that the tent pegs are cheaply made and bend easily? Someone did not think these things through when designing this tent. This is not for backpacking because it’s too heavy to carry.
By Luca Hammons
October 4, 2012
Need More Vestibule Space
Though this quality, sturdy tent is great for four seasons, I've chosen a different Eureka design for my next tent. I found it inconvenient to enter the vestibule using the door that is hinged on the bottom; I tend to trip or track in more snow or moisture. Once I'm in, I don't always have enough room to turn around and zip the door before entering the sleeping area. One other inconvenience was having to push snow from off the top of the tent from the inside.
By Everett Cavanaugh
September 20, 2012
Lots of Room, Cozy
When needing to upgrade to a larger tent due to our expanding family, I stayed with Eureka and bought this tent. As with all Eurekas, this tent holds up strong in bad weather and keeps us cozy even in the Colorado mountain subfreezing climate. It seems that one of the pole straps may have been sewed in upside down, but we can't complain about the roominess inside.
By Chloe Beaty
July 22, 2012
Hump Back Tent
I’m a very experienced camper and hiker and have used tents for 32 years, so when I needed a new tent I went for the Assault Outfitter. The instructions were great and everything was going fine until I got to the last pole. There was a problem with one of the pre-bent poles and it took two of us to insert it. But the tent didn’t sit right – it humped when it should have had a smooth clean arc. I prefer the heavy duty kinds of tents and this was very disappointing. I was able to return it and get my money back immediately, but there wasn’t time to wait for another one to arrive before my climbing trip, so I had to purchase a different tent.
By Sandra Stinson
Manassas, VA
February 5, 2012
Everyone should own one!!
You can't have anything but fun with this tent!! The dog, Poncho loves it too...he doesn't have to sleep outside!
By Maybelle Plata
December 20, 2011
Heavy Duty, Dependable
Our family has always used heavy duty tents, and after children came our way we needed to start looking for a bigger tent. Our last tent was very rugged (with more than six camping trips each year it still performed strong), so we had high expectations for our new tent. After looking around for a while I decided on the Assault Outfitter 4. I have to say that this tent exceeded our expectations. Every piece is heavy duty and durable. The floor refused to tear after heavy use, the pole construction is solid (didn't budge in heavy winds), and the zippers and rain flaps kept water out excellently. This tent was easy to put up and easy to break down (although I would recommend some after-market stronger stakes for heavy duty use), and I plan to use it while hunting later this season. I can guarantee this tent is spacious and will last us for a while.
By Kevin Santos
September 22, 2011
Water Tight, Windproof
I've used this tent for scouts year round at least once per month. It is so sturdy that I cannot feel the wind inside when there are 30 mph gusts outside. In driving rain it is water tight and poses no threat of discomfort. I recommend this Eureka tent to anyone.
By Peter Hough
April 30, 2011
Plastic Window Problem
This tent was an excellent purchase. After an initial problem with inserting the first pole, we’ve been able to set this up many times without any problems. There are many great features to this tent and it has withstood different terrains without being damaged, is water tight, and the heavy duty zippers work great. We’ve been using the back entrance mostly because I haven’t been able to reach the zipper in the front vestibule. The vestibules are very spacious, though. Despite all the positive features, there is one thing I have to complain about. That is the plastic window on the fly sheet. It is cloudy so you can’t see through it and it has developed several holes in it, thus causing leaks - a very disappointing turn of events. Eureka will only sew fabric over the window – not replace the plastic. Plus, it may not be covered by the warranty. And because it will take several weeks to repair plus the time it takes to ship it to New York and back, I won’t be able to use it this summer. I really like this tent and would buy another one if it didn’t have a plastic window. It is very discouraging to have your tent in repair for a whole summer and not get to use it.
By Peyton Thibodeau
January 6, 2011
Heavy-Duty Tent - Lousy Stakes
This is a great tent and I would recommend it, especially in heavy wind and rain, as it withstands adverse weather really well. And you stay very dry, although it can be hot in the summer. But I was able to work out the ventilation by working the vestibule in different ways. If you’re able to carry a 13-pound heavy-duty tent on your back, then this is a great tent for backpacking. Otherwise, it may be a bit heavy for most people. It’s easy to set up and the vestibules are spacious giving you lots of room for your gear and the sleeping area is adequate for four adults. The only disappointment was not enough stakes and they were flimsy. In a nutshell, my recommendation is to buy one – it’s a good investment.
By Gricelda Lillie
July 11, 2010
Very Rugged, Spacious
This tent is definitely rugged. I know someone else who owns this tent and after an entire weekend of heavy, heavy rain he said he was completely dry. I myself have encountered a multitude of storms while camping in the desert (including dust storms with winds over 50 MPH) and have never had a problem with stability. The two mesh doors ventilate very well, so the tent can stay cool. A couple of tiny problems would be that the doors can sometimes get in the way of where you step (they are attached to the bottom of the tent) and the logo can get hot after being in the sun for a long time. Make sure that you don't think of this tent as a light backpacking tent. It definitely is not something you would want to lug around for a while, but it is an excellent sturdy and spacious tent for heavy duty camping.
By Jenice Benzel
June 20, 2010
Easy Setup, Would Recommend
Anyone who is looking for a good tent to use in any season would do well to consider this tent. I chose this tent after looking around for a while and have not been disappointed with the quality. I was able to set up the tent quickly and easily and took it down just the same. I have had no problem using it in weather from 40F to 90F (although as you can imagine, above 80F it was still pretty hot). It hasn't leaked once since I have used it (I have used it in rain), and it is pretty great for my camping needs (although four people might be stretching it with trying to fit everything). If you have a heavy duty hiking backpack I suppose you could use it while backpacking, but it can be on the heavy side. This tent allowed me to start camping again after a 25 year break and has served me well.
By Andrea Foy
April 18, 2010
Sturdy, Packs up Tight
Overall I liked this tent. As with all tents, sleeps four is only for people willing to sleep really close to each other, but for a couple people and maybe a child this tent is great. I have slept in high winds before with no problems whatsoever, and although you only have to use four pegs to get the tent tied down, you can use all ten if needed. When all packed up I can fit it easily into one of the compartments on my car, so it is easy to store and transport. There is plenty of space in the tent for changing or whatever else you need to do, and the front flap over the door will keep out normal rain easily. Watch out for the door since it is attached to the bottom and you can easily step on it when it is unzipped.
By Jonathan Dent
August 10, 2009
Four Season Tent
I can say that this Assault Outfitter tent is of fine quality and is very durable – compared to other tents - for tenting in rugged terrain and all weather camping. This is not a lightweight tent because it’s bulky, and some would say it’s not for backpacking. But if you are strong and able to carry 13 pounds on your back, this is a great tent to hike with. It’s spacious for two large people and has lots of room for your gear besides. So if you want a tent that will withstand heavy use, then this one is for you.