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Frame Tents

When it comes to being user-friendly it doesn't get a whole lot better than a high quality Frame Tent. This type of outdoor shelter has always been incredibly popular, and probably will continue to be incredibly popular for the foreseeable future. Why, you ask? Well, the aforementioned benefit of being user-friendly springs to mind, but there are several others. We'll walk you through a few of these to try and give you the inside track as you navigate the mountains of choices currently available to outdoor enthusiasts.

1 Question & 1 Answer
from Grafton, MA asked:
June 12, 2013
Where can I get sides for my 10x15 tent?
1 Answer
The 10 foot walls can be seen here. The 15 foot sidewalls can be seen here.
on June 12, 2013

Easy To Use

Being user-friendly implies that this is a reasonably simple canopy to operate. To put it simply: it is. The construction of the frame, the tent's support structure, is such that in most cases one or two people can set up the shelter in a relatively short period of time. Setup is certainly short when you compare it side-by-side with shelters of other varieties. Similarly, take-down is often just as easy, making this the outdoor canopy that offers the greatest amount of time spent enjoying the outdoors, and the smallest amount of time getting prepared for that enjoyment.

Don't Let the Simplicity Fool You

You're not looking at something that's just easy to operate, though. You're looking at an outdoor structure that, thanks in part to the frame, is extremely sturdy, durable, and resistant to wind and weather. The very support system that makes this type of canopy a dream to set up and take down provides a steadying influence against the rigors of outdoor use. That's probably why the frame tent is heavily relied upon by people who attend business conventions, craft fairs, tailgates, sporting events, outdoor festivals, and more. And not just small events, either. Modern manufacturers make styles and sizes of this popular shelter to accommodate parties from a handful of family members to a gigantic gathering of a few hundred of your closest friends. In other words, if this is the type of canopy you prefer, chances are that you can find one to fit the occasion you have in mind.

The long and short of the story is that this is probably the canopy style that best combines ease of operation and versatility of function. Other types of shelters may be better suited for individual purposes, and many occasions certainly call for the use of one type of canopy over another. In terms of overall use, though, you simply won't find a better packaging of form, function, and value than you'll find when shopping through the wide variety of Frame Tents on the market today.