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Garden Buildings

A garden building is basically any structure that in some way enhances your outdoor living space. That includes functionally, visually, and everything in-between. In fact, so many items fall into this category that the only way to thoroughly explain what they are is to break them into specific functional groups.

Entertainment and Outdoor Recreation

Throw lots of parties? There are quite a few garden buildings dedicated to helping you prepare for outdoor gatherings. If you're looking for basic sun and rain protection your best choice is probably going to be a garden canopy or shade tent. These shelters are relatively inexpensive and can be quickly put up for an event and then taken down for convenient storage.

Of course, not everyone is interested in having to set up a canopy every time they want to enjoy an afternoon outdoors. Gazebos and pergolas are a good choice if you're more interested in adding a permanent building to your yard. Since these structures are designed to remain on display you'll find that they usually have a more sophisticated appearance. That's something to keep in mind if you'd like your garden building to double as decoration.

Ever had a bee sting or fly swarm ruin your picnic? You are most definitely not alone. Even in places that aren't particularly known for bug problems it can be difficult to enjoy much time outdoors without encountering some of our arthropod friends. A good screen tent or patio enclosure can help keep your family and guests from having too many close encounters of the antennaed kind.

Extra Storage

For those unwilling to compromise the appearance of their property for the sake of gaining a little bit of extra space, garden sheds are the perfect solution to your storage problems. Designed to resemble houses, these outdoor storage buildings balance appearance with capacity. They are typically made of wood and come unfinished in order to allow you to customize them with your preferred paint colors. Just like other storage sheds, they are available in a wide range of sizes and styles.

Auxiliary Housing

Would you have ever thought that you could provide housing for guests with a building in your yard? With the right garden building you'll finally be able to provide accommodations for visitors that won't involve anyone sleeping on a lumpy couch or forcing the kids to share a bedroom. These guesthouses both look and feel like miniature homes, complete with functional windows and flower boxes. Think upscale studio apartment, only without the noisy neighbors. Of course these buildings can't be a true substitute for home, but your guests will certainly appreciate having a space to call their own, particularly on longer visits.


This one is pretty obvious. What structure could be more accurately called a garden building than a greenhouse? The key thing to remember when considering one of these gardener's helpers is that you don't need to be an expert horticulturist to have one. As with most of the other shelters in this category, greenhouses come in a variety of sizes, styles, and price ranges. Just pick a model you're comfortable with and you won't feel intimidated.