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Gas Burning Stoves

Want the look and feel of a wood-burning stove without fooling with all of the hassle? Try one of these Gas Burning Wood Stoves. These unique heating appliances look like a traditional wood-burning stove, but actually operate using a propane or natural gas fuel source in your home. That means you get the look you want, you get the heat you need, and you get it all without having to split logs or wait for the fire to get started to use your stove. If that sounds like an attractive combination to you, you certainly wouldn't be the first, and you definitely don't want to be the last to realize just how easy and convenient these Gas Burning Wood Stoves can be.

4 Questions & 4 Answers
from Katonah, NY asked:
September 22, 2013
How many BTU's is the VFP30CA30 ventless propane stove? Also, how close to the wall can it be placed?
1 Answer
The Empire Heritage VFP30CA30 vent-free cast iron stoves have a BTU rating of 25,000. They can be placed as close as 2" from a rear wall, 4" from the back corner of the stove to a sidewall for corner installations and 6" to a perpendicular sidewall.
Submitted by: Tyler on September 23, 2013

from PA asked:
April 7, 2013
The pilot light in my gas burning stove is burning blue with a little yellowish-orange, but it makes an almost constant popping sound. Should my burner be doing this?
1 Answer
A standing pilot will usually create a quiet, roaring noise or sound of rushing air. A popping noise is not common and may indicate an issue.
Submitted by: Collin on April 8, 2013

Ray Rosputinski
from York, Pa. asked:
January 12, 2013
We are looking for a small gas stove to heat our home if the electric goes out. What do you suggest?
1 Answer
Gas stoves are indeed a convenient source of back-up heat. Were you considering a vented or vent-free appliance? We have a few of each variety from which to chose. Our vent-free Napoleon Arlington is an attractive, efficient option and can be installed without the need for vent pipe. As it turns out, this unit is also available in a direct vent variety. This alternative will still bring the heat and it will do so without adding excessive humidity to the room.
Submitted by: Kevin on January 14, 2013

from Delaplane, VA asked:
December 27, 2012
Do all gas burning stoves have glass in the door?
1 Answer
Almost every direct vent and B-vent gas stove will have a sealed glass combustion chamber. This is to keep them from interacting with the air in the room. However, vent free models will not have glass and will use a safety screen instead.
Submitted by: Customer Service on December 27, 2012