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Gas Coal Baskets

Gas Coal Baskets are perfect for homeowners who want the reliability, efficiency, and overall value that modern gas fireplaces have to offer, but who also want the traditional look and feel of an old-style coal basket. There are a lot of units to choose from here, all of which mimic the appearance of a coal basket you'd expect to find in a country cottage or hillside estate. The function, however, relies on the technology that makes modern gas fireplaces so attractive to homeowners. To put it simply, you get the best of both worlds - all of the function and all of the style with none of the mess - when you opt for one of these Gas Coal Baskets.
By Pat from Louisville KY on January 22, 2013
Is this vent free? If not do you have any that would be vent free?
By Dawn on January 22, 2013

It is vented and all of the coal baskets are vented. We do not have any vent free coal baskets.