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Arrow Hamlet 10 X 8 Outdoor Storage Shed - HM108

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In Stock.
* Usually Ships within 1-2 Business Days.
  • Low-cost storage solution
  • Durable electrogalvanized steel construction
  • Double baked-on polyester enamel finish
  • Full mid-wall bracing adds stability
  • Easy to assemble
  • 12-year limited warranty
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Maintaining a home isn't easy. You've got leaves to rake, rain gutters to clean (oh joy), and repairs to make. And, as though it wasn't hard enough just to find time to do all of those things, you've got to take your financial resources into consideration as well. It's no surprise, then, that you've been putting off buying a shed. Researching all of the different models takes time, and finding one that satisfies your storage needs and fits into your budget is even more difficult. But don't give up just yet. An Arrow Hamlet 10 X 8 Outdoor Storage Shed can help you store all of your yard equipment and outdoor supplies without causing money problems.

How? It all comes down to construction. This storage building is made of tough galvanized steel with a baked-on polyester enamel finish. It's got mid-wall bracing for stability and a gable-style roof that is both attractive and strong. In other words, a Hamlet Storage Shed is a very durable structure. That means you can not only count on it to keep your valuables safe, but to save you money long term. A stronger shed lasts longer, and the longer your shed lasts, the longer you can go before you'll have to spend any more on outdoor storage.

Of course, the most intimidating part of any purchase is the initial cost. A Hamlet will allow you to save there, too. The truth is that modern manufacturing techniques and materials actually bring overall costs down, not up. This is one instance where following tradition is more expensive than getting the latest technology.

Cost-efficiency and construction aren't the only factors involved in selecting a storage building, though. By now you're probably starting to wonder about the Hamlet's specific features. Well, at 10' x 8' this shed falls into the medium size range. It offers 401 cu. ft. of storage space and has an almost six-foot peak that makes it easier to store taller items. Storing lawnmowers and other bulky yard equipment is also convenient, thanks to a 55.5-inch by 58-inch door opening. You'll also find a variety of accessories like foundation and anchor kits to make it even simpler to install your shed.

And that's really all there is to it. An Arrow Hamlet 10 X 8 Outdoor Storage Shed can provide you with reliable storage that won't make your bank account cry out in terror. And, though it may not allow you to avoid doing all of that unpleasant yard work, it can at least help you keep all of your tools organized.

* Please check local building codes and CC&Rs for any restrictions related to installing an outdoor structure or to see if a building permit is required.
  • Low-cost storage solution
  • Durable electrogalvanized steel construction
  • Double baked-on polyester enamel finish
  • Full mid-wall bracing adds stability
  • Easy to assemble
  • 12-year limited warranty
  • Wall Color: Eggshell with meadow green door frame trim
  • Roof Color: Eggshell
  • Size: 10'x 8'
  • Storage Area: Sq Ft: 74; Cu Ft: 401
  • Interior Dimensions: Width: 118 1/4" Depth: 90" Ht: 69 5/8"
  • Wall Height: 60"
  • Door Opening: Width: 55 1/2" Height: 58"
  • Recommended Foundation Size: Width: 121" Depth: 92 3/4"
  • Number of boxes shipped: 1
  • Box dimensions: 67.63 in. L x 34 in. W x 4.38 in. D
  • Shipping Wt (lbs): 188
  • Model Number: HM108
Manufacturer: Arrow Sheds
Part Numbers: HM108, FB109
Elite Deals Item Number: ARW-HM108
UPC: 026862100207

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Arrow Hamlet 10 X 8 Outdoor Storage Shed - HM108
4 Stars based on 19 Review(s)
Aidan Metz
4 Stars
I would recommend this item to a friend.

Good, but Poor Instructions
April 23, 2014
Missed steps while building the shed and had to go back to re-do some things. Instructions aren't very good and need to be written differently. If more storage is what you are looking for, then it is bigger than it looks and will get the job done.

Owen Ortega
5 Stars
I would recommend this item to a friend.

Just What I Needed
March 12, 2014
I was impressed it was delivered so quickly. Looks nice after it is put together and stays strong. Needed a shed that was easy to build and not too pricey when at my new house and this one fit the bill.

Mario Doyle
Garden City
5 Stars
I would recommend this item to a friend.

Always Like Them
February 12, 2014
It is definitely better to put the shed together with two people, but I can usually put sheds like this together without help. If you do it yourself you might have to tape a few screws down while you apply the nut to the other side. It is definitely great to have a good power tool to screw everything together and the holes line up. Stripping can happen very easily when using a power tool to drive the screws (the metal is thin), but as long as you hand tighten the last bit it should be fine. These buildings keep water out when it is raining, but can still get kind of dusty. The buildings are sturdy when put on a good foundation and are an excellent place to store things.

Ryan Maher
4 Stars
I would recommend this item to a friend.

Works Great for Me
January 11, 2014
I had a concrete pad to install this shed on, so since I needed to keep the shed down (Florida weather and all that) I bought the anchor kit along with the shed kit. It took about four and a half hours to assemble after all the parts were laid out in the yard with one other person assisting. The directions were easy to follow and I was able to use a marker and tape to label and sort all the parts. The parts were all there, but the only problem is that you can't wear gloves as the instructions say because the nuts, bolts, etc. are too small to effectively maneuver with them on. Some parts of the metal are sharp, but as I was careful I was only cut once and it wasn't serious.

Elijah Tuttle
Sioux Falls
5 Stars
I would recommend this item to a friend.

Hearty Recommendation
June 22, 2013
My new easy-to-assemble shed fits perfectly in my small backyard without using much valuable space. Of course, I recommend it heartily!

Claire Bird
5 Stars
I would recommend this item to a friend.

Great Product with Simple Setup!
January 5, 2013
From the beginning, my husband and I have had a thrilling experience with our shed! After we purchased the shed, we were met with great service and a prompt delivery, which allowed us to start assembling the shed right away. We expected the setup to be painful and complicated, but to our surprise, the instructions were simple and methodical. Best of all, the final result exceeded our expectations, and we happily recommend the Hamlet shed to others.

Kingston Sullivan
4 Stars
I would recommend this item to a friend.

July 6, 2012
I have to give this shed almost five stars. It is an unusual sized shed so it can be more expensive than some sheds that tend to be a bit larger, and since there are hundreds of screws you to put it together it can take some time. Overall the shed is very impressive.

Justin Grace
5 Stars
I would recommend this item to a friend.

Pros and Cons
March 10, 2012
Owning a metal shed has some definite downsides. They are more difficult to assemble and can result in some nasty cuts. They also don't withstand things falling on them or being thrown at them too well. That said, once you get them up and washed, they look very nice and don't have the termite problems that wood sheds do. A plastic shed the same size as this one will be about twice as expensive, and a wood shed runs you even more than that. This shed is exactly what I needed for storage. It was not too difficult to assemble, however; it was very time consuming. Don't try to put this shed up by yourself or on a windy day. If you do, the sides and roof panels will get warped. There is a base that can be purchased specifically for this shed, but the directions also provide you with instructions on how to build your own, including necessary dimensions and pictures. Make sure your helper can measure, or you'll end re-doing a lot of the work. It is easiest to build the foundation one day and erect the shed itself the next.

Henry Leon
4 Stars
I would recommend this item to a friend.

Good Size, Good Price
January 25, 2012
My shed purchase was based on its size and price, and I am very satisfied with both. I plan to use it for lawn equipment storage. It took me a little longer than I expected to figure out the instructions. Overall, I'm happy with the shed and it looks good in my yard.

Mario Christiansen
St Paul
4 Stars
I would recommend this item to a friend.

Plenty of Parts, No Floor
January 3, 2012
Extra screws, bolts, etc. help make sure you won't run out of parts and all of the parts are labeled clearly with good instructions. We didn't realize that it didn't come with a floor so it would be nice if that was more obvious when buying. The holes for the screws can be easily stripped, so make sure you have a good drill with a slip clutch or screw by hand. Heavy rain might get in as it doesn't look water tight.

Marvin Mena
4 Stars
I would recommend this item to a friend.

Sturdy, Good Customer Service
October 12, 2011
The shed was very stable after it was put together even though the individual parts didn't seem that way. As long as you build the shed on a level, even area you shouldn't have any problems making sure that all the pieces fit together well and the holes line up (some people seem to have had trouble with this). Had to call Arrow customer service for stuff that was missing, but they were excellent and gave me touch-up paint with the new supplies. After the week it took for the missing things to arrive it was built in about six hours.

Hudson Stoner
5 Stars
I would recommend this item to a friend.

Quality Exceeds Expectations
September 3, 2011
I'm very pleased with the extra storage space I have with my new shed. It was easy to put together and the quality is even better than I thought it would be.

Donald Scarborough
2 Stars
I would recommend this item to a friend.

Improvement Needed
June 4, 2011
The shed took about five hours to build with two people working on it. It feels fairly stout after it is has been built and properly anchored, but some of the instructions can be difficult to understand. Several parts could have improvements made. The plastic runners that the doors sit in look like they won't last very long, and the steel is much too thin on the panels leading to easy damage. Several of the metal parts were extremely sharp and were bent the wrong way and had to be fixed.

Ayden Cronin
4 Stars
I would recommend this item to a friend.

Good Decision
April 26, 2011
The height of the shed is the only real problem as it can be hard to move around while inside. You should probably take the instructions and look over them before you build it, although it is pretty easy to assemble. The manual is accurate and the parts are labeled appropriately. I think it was a good investment.

Brady Mcnulty
4 Stars
I would recommend this item to a friend.

Great Product, Instructions Could Use a Little Work
March 2, 2011
It's important to have two people when you work on this shed, but other than that it went up easily. Finished assembly easily even though it was windy outside and the instructions were pretty good overall. I bought not just the shed, but also the roof beef-up kit, floor kit, and anchor kit, so there were some parts missing, but they were mostly non-essential and didn't keep us from finishing the build. We were just missing a door handle, a plastic piece for the center of the door jamb, and a nut from the anchor kit used on a cable clamp. Since I live in a wintry, windy location the piece missing from the anchor kit is slightly concerning though. Even with the missing pieces the shed turned out sturdy and construction was easy. The only thing they need to work on is improving the instructions.

Jerry Hedrick
4 Stars
I would recommend this item to a friend.

Holding Strong
February 19, 2011
It has worked great for the two weeks I've owned it: I've only seen one problem and that is the tendency of the doors to stick while trying to open or close them. It is just what I wanted other than that. It took me and another person six or so hours to put it together and we didn't have any trouble identifying the parts. While installing we used a wooden platform for a foundation along with rubber spray sealant where the shed meets the wood. It was good we used the sealant because not a week after we built it the weather turned bad and it rained nine inches. The water stayed out and I think the sealant is what helped it.

Josiah Swanson
4 Stars
I would recommend this item to a friend.

Takes Care of Your Storage Needs
December 5, 2010
If you need extra storage, get this. The directions are clear and assembly is easy when you follow them. Only thing is to make sure you measure what you are going to put in it before you get it, or you may have to go through your things and decide what you do and don't want to keep (like me).

Jamari Sousa
5 Stars
I would recommend this item to a friend.

Great Buy for the Money
September 2, 2010
This is the best buy for the money. It's large enough to hold all my out-of-season belongings in the winter and serve as a craft and hobby shop in the summer. The shed was easy to assemble with some basic tools--I wish I had purchased one much earlier! It saves me the effort of storing items in the cellar and is quite versatile as well. I'd like to purchase another one, too, because it is such a great product for the price.

Paula L
3 Stars

Arrow 6x5 shed
November 30, -0001
well I was very disappointed at the size of the box the shed came definitely takes 2 people to put the shed together, the sides are very flimsy and the slightest breeze will for sure buckle the walls if you are not holding them up!! the instructions were clear and easy to understand, the more it goes together the stronger the shed is...overall I rate it ok...flimsy and expensive for what I got. I think I would not recommend it to a friend. the paint work on the panels is very easily scratched, the metal is very easily the time my friend and I put it together it looked "old and used" it was buckled and scratched
easy to put together-2 people, looks nice from far. holes are fairly easy to match up, the numbering of the panels let you piece it together with fair ease
flimsy panels, easily bent and scratched, cannot put shed up in even the slightest of breezes, need a good base

By Alfred from DC on July 8, 2014
Is 10ft the width or length? If it is the width, what does the length measure? The space I have can only accommodate 8ft length by 10ft width.
By Chris - Elite Deals Product Specialist on July 8, 2014

This unit is indeed 10 feet wide and 8 feet deep. Per the manufacturer, if installing the unit on a slab, they recommend the slab size to be:

Width: 121" Depth: 92 3/4"

By Mike from Atlanta, GA on April 10, 2016
I currently have a very old Arrow 10 x 8 steel shed that I'm replacing. Will the old floor frame work with a new Hamlet 10 x 8 shed?
By Justin R. - Elite Deals Product Specialist on April 11, 2016

Unfortunately, these two sheds do not seem to have the same configuration, and the frameworks will not be compatible.

By Stan from Salem, Ohio on October 10, 2013
I need the floor kit only. Do you have that option?
By Chris on October 10, 2013

The floor kit for Arrow's 8 x 8, 10 x 8, and 10 x 9 sheds can be found here.

By Patty from Eau Claire, WI on June 4, 2013
What is the exact color of the Arrow Hamlet 10 x 8 outdoor storage shed. Does it have a snow load rating?
By Dawn on June 4, 2013

The color eggshell is a pale warm neutral off-white color. The shed does not have a snow load rating. The manufacturer suggest keeping the snow brushed off the roof. We do have a Arrow High Country Roof Strengthening Kit that adds the ability to remove the snow less often.