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Hexagon Canopies

We get tons of questions about Hexagon Canopies - what they are, how they're different, why people buy them as opposed to more "traditional" four-sided shelters, and many, many more. And although no single answer is the perfect response to all of these questions, the basic idea behind most of our replies is this: in a world where all sorts of people employ all sorts of tents and shelters for various occasions or uses, it sometimes takes something special to make yourself stand out from the crowd.

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Popular Uses and Applications

Whether the occasion in question involves attending a trade show, conducting a marketing exhibition, setting up a booth at a craft fair, or any other instance where added attention may provide better results, Hexagon Canopies are the perfect solution. Hexagon canopies, simply put, have a six-sided design as opposed to the far more common four-sided design. Two extra sides may seem like small potatoes, but when you think of some of these large events where potential customers see booth after booth of roughly the same shape and design, a six-sided structure can really make a difference. We offer Hexagon Canopies that set up just like most other units do in addition to a selection of Star Shade tents where the actual top covering reaches all the way to the ground at the tie-downs. Each type of Hexagon Canopy has specific uses, and each can be extremely valuable when it comes to attracting attention, attracting potential customers, and possibly attracting greater revenue than the people whose setup looks just like everyone else's.

Here at Elite Deals we stand behind every canopy we sell - four-sided models included. Some people, though, could benefit from a unique design, but don't want to sacrifice any quality or value to get that benefit. With that in mind, for many of you our Hexagon Canopy section is the ideal place to start shopping. If you need to grab people's attention, get an idea across to the public, or just want to stand out from the crowd, check out our selection of these unique canopies to find out for yourself just what the fuss is all about.