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Premier Charlestown Centerset Two-Handle Lavatory Faucet

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The luxury of your bath should be matched by the luxuriant richness of the Premier Charlestown 4-Inch centerset bathroom faucet. The bronze finish completes the elegant antique appeal of the faucet design. The quarter-turn handles allow exact water flow control, and the ceramic disc technology keeps your faucet leak-free. The faucet also includes half-inch IPS connections and a brass pop-up. We fully back its performance with our exceptional Limited Lifetime Warranty. As with all of our faucets, this Charlestown Premier faucet is certified lead-free and meets the requirements of California, Maryland, and Vermont. It also complies with the requirements of the Uniform Plumbing Code and the Americans with Disabilities Act.
  • Stunning bronze finish
  • Achieves conservation and smooth performance with a 1.5 gallons-per-minute flow rate
  • Comes with matching brass pop-up
  • Quarter-turn levers for optimum water control
  • 100% lead-free
  • Product Dimensions: 10.19'' L x 7.75'' W x 7.31'' H
Manufacturer: Premier Faucets
Part Number: 110705
Elite Deals Item Number: ITL-110705
UPC: 076335168074

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Product Reviews
8 Reviews
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100% Recommend this product (8 of 8 responses)
By Paula Sanchez
August 26, 2014
Better Than A Bargain
I love this new Charlestown faucet! It gives great value for the price ā€“ itā€™s not going to break the bank, but it should be durable to last for a long time. I like the classic look of the Parisian bronze finish. It really helps it look like it is a very expensive faucet. The shape is great and very stylish. The design has one aspect I donā€™t care for and that is the lever for the drain. While the color matches the rest of the faucet, the design makes it seem out of place. Fortunately, the lever is hidden somewhat so you donā€™t have to see it too much. The metal seems to be very durable and it uses a ceramic disk for the handles, which should last longer than plastic. It wasnā€™t too difficult to install, but make sure you use Teflon tape to prevent leaks. The drain pipe is a screw on piece that you need to be careful with when you install it so you donā€™t strip the threads or cross thread it. Overall, I really like the faucet and am pleased with my purchase.
By Diane Jackson
July 9, 2014
Nicely Designed Faucet
It is so important to have a faucet that works well and this one fits that bill. This is not a cheap little faucet, but one that has some quality to it. I love that the spout is high enough to get your hands under the stream without banging them against the sink and that you can swivel the faucet to wash down the sides of the sink. The height also allows you to place larger items under the sink like buckets. You can also wash hair because there is enough room for heads. The faucet seems well built, but the ceramic disks may or may not last too long; Iā€™m not sure about the durability since I just purchased it. Make sure before you buy this that you know how your old sink has its holes lined up to make sure it is compatible for where you want to put it.
By Anthony Brooks
May 3, 2014
1920s Feel
I love this old-timey looking faucet! I think it will look great in any kind of classic bathroom, but might stand out more in a not so good way in a more modern bathroom, especially if it is too bright. I thought installation was fairly easy and could be done in under an hour. The hardest part was trying to get the drain stop in place as that was more of a trial and error thing than just putting it in place. Make sure you use plumberā€™s tape to prevent leaks. As far as use goes, it works very simply and easily once it is installed. The quarter turn faucet handles are a nice touch that makes it easy to use. The faucet itself seems really durable and well made. I think you will be hard pressed to find a nicer faucet for the price.
By Michael Gonzales
April 9, 2014
Old World Charm
If you like the classical look in your fixtures, this faucet would be great for you! I love the finish and how it was easy to install. Very good quality item.
By Joe Rogers
March 8, 2014
Great Curves
I love the scrolly look and feel of the metal on this faucet! It is nice and tall enough to wash your hair under it, but that also means it might be visible in your mirror in your bathroom. I love the bronze finish, but the downside is that now I want to redo my whole bathroom to get rid of the chrome and silver fixtures to match the bronze. Of course it would look great, but Iā€™m not sure if I could afford all that! Installation was a snap and I donā€™t think a professional would be required for most people. I think whoever buys this will really fall in love with the bronze finish, functionality, and overall beauty of this faucet!
By Willie Perez
March 4, 2014
Great with Certain Colors
I love how this Charlestown faucet looks in my bathroom. I think you need to make sure you like the color of the faucet with the color of your room, as I donā€™t think this will look great in every color room. There is a lot of quality in how this piece is made, though, so it will give you great value for what you pay for it. I love that it is very solid and heavy so it should last a long time. I think they do a good job of giving accurate descriptions and instructions for installing the faucet; you donā€™t need to be a professional or get professional help. I love the old fashioned appearance of the faucet, also. The handles move so easily and effortlessly. Great faucet!
By Catherine Anderson
February 21, 2014
Nice Look
I like how sturdy and beautiful this faucet is. It looks great for the price and helps our bathroom appear nicer than it is. Great handles and height really help this stand out.
By Patricia Allen
January 22, 2014
Great Antique Look
We love this new faucet, but the color is more of a shiny black, and not brown. It still gives it a great antique look and it looks great when paired with a nice mirror behind it. It was easy to install, which I did in about an hour, and Iā€™m no expert. We did decide to upgrade the hoses under the sink to metal ones instead of the plastic ones that were provided. I would recommend using a few tools that arenā€™t mentioned in the instructions, like some wrenches, but also things like plumberā€™s putty and Teflon tape that will help prevent leaks. Overall, I really love the antique look it provides for our bathroom and the fact that it seems to be a very durable product that will last for a long time.