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Premier Showerhead Flow Regulator - 192065

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Item Description
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Have you grown tired of using a shower that is not very efficient in its use of water? Would you like to once again have nice, comfortable showers? If the answer to your questions is yes, then this showerhead is a product that you need to give some serious thought to purchasing and installing. Designed to be a state of the art addition to your shower unit, you and everyone else in your family that needs to use your shower will be amazed at how dramatic an improvement this shower head will make in the showering experience. You will not be disappointed.
  • PVD Nickel
  • Noncorrosive design
  • Compensating regulator
  • Water Reduction Design
  • Eco Friendly
  • Product Dimensions: 7.48'' L x 5.71'' W x 4.53'' H
Manufacturer: Premier Faucets
Part Number: 192066
Elite Deals Item Number: ITL-192065
UPCs: 076335043616,, 076335043708

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Product Reviews
15 Reviews
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27% (4)
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100% Recommend this product (15 of 15 responses)
By Jane Flores
June 28, 2014
Save on Water - No Singing Noise
A showerhead regulator is a good idea if you are keen on saving water and the rest of your family isn’t concerned about it. This one doesn’t have a handle. The outer shell just turns to control the flow. This one is the best by far as it doesn’t create an annoying “singing†noise each time you adjust it. I did tighten it up afterwards when I got it at the right setting so my kids couldn’t change it.
By Sarah Anderson
June 26, 2014
No More Running Out Of Hot Water
We have several kids so would frequently run out of hot water during peak usage times. I installed this on their shower head and set it to reduce water consumption to half of what it was. We don't run out of hot water anymore. This is a good product, although it would be nice if it was made out of metal. I'm not sure how long the plastic will last.
By Joshua Thomas
North Carolina
June 21, 2014
Quiet Regulator
This regulator controls water flow quietly and looks well made, even though made of plastic. I'm sure it will last for a while.
By Benjamin Ross
New York
June 21, 2014
Vary the Flow Easily
What I love about this regulator compared to other ones is the variable flow control. It's a good compromise between a showerhead with no restricting water flow and one that has an ultra-conservative flow. You can regulate the flow by a simple twist. although made out of plastic, it seems to be good quality and is painted to blend in with chrome. It's easy to install and so far is leak free. I highly recommend this product.
By James Green
June 16, 2014
Reduces Water Flow for Conservation
This shower regulator has a good looking finish even though it’s plastic. You can reduce the water flow to almost nothing and it’s easy to regulate. The only problem is that you’re apt to turn it by accident when holding the shower head in your hand and the water flow will change. But other than that, it’s a good idea for conserving water.
By Kelly White
New Jersey
June 14, 2014
Great Reducer!
While I'm still waiting on a water bill to see just how drastically our water usage has been reduced, we've noticed a good reduction in water pressure from our shower.
By Marilyn Perry
June 8, 2014
Great for Bathing Babies
This was a great idea to install on our hand-held shower head, especially when my wife gives our baby a bath. She can change the flow of water with a touch of her hand. That feature wasn’t in the product description. What a great idea!
By Mark Taylor
May 20, 2014
Chose This One Over Several Others
I have purchased two of these. The first one worked well on a normal shower fixture with a hose. At the same  time, I'd ordered several others from another company, which I returned when I saw how well this one worked. The second one I purchased arrived damaged. It didn't twist correctly, probably due to a faulty washer. I emailed the seller who quickly sent a replacement. I installed the second one on a shower head with two sprayers, one large one and a smaller hose one. I attached the regulator to the smaller hose not to the pipe itself, because I was afraid all the twisting would break it and installing it would be awkward. So the only water saving that happens is when I use the smaller hose. It still works well, and I'd purchase them again.
By Linda Williams
April 12, 2014
Works Well For Kitchen Faucet
Although advertised for a shower head, I needed this for the high faucet on my kitchen sink. I was having trouble with the strong water flow and splashing, which forced me to be constantly wiping up around my sink. I installed it in about a minute, and it did its job just as I expected. There are three points to consider before adding this to your sink. First, it does detract from the stylish look of your faucet. The logo and connection points break the flow of the design. Second, even when you have it open all the way, it still reduces water flow. This is a problem if you need a strong flow to rinse something. Third, it adds about two inches to the faucet length, which wasn't a problem for me but might be for some people. Overall, it's a great product at a good price. I hope it lasts a while.
By Richard Rogers
March 31, 2014
No One Knows I'm Saving Water
Though this one is plastic and doesn’t rate six stars, it still works great. No one in my household knows I installed it. I am saving water now and I can adjust it a little bit each month and they won’t know the difference.
By Lois Rodriguez
March 25, 2014
Everyone Can Have Hot Showers Now
This was an excellent idea to reduce the water flow in our shower head, especially when someone in your family loves long showers. They don’t even know the water’s been reduced and now everyone can have a shower in the morning and not run out of hot water.
By Harold Pounders
March 20, 2014
Reduces Water Flow To Below 2.5 GPM
We are in the middle of a major drought, so I decided to install this on my handheld shower to reduce the 2.5 GPM. I installed it in 5 seconds where the shower hose connects to the wall, and it works well. I can adjust it easily to full strength or just a trickle. Like another reviewer, I'm not sure how the plastic will hold up. I'll update the review if anything breaks prematurely. For now, it works great!
By Steven Alexander
March 10, 2014
Great Water Pressure for Washing Toddler
This water regulator works great, especially being able to regulate the amount of water pressure while washing our toddler. Fantastic idea! Just what I wanted it to do!
By Amy Barnes
New Mexico
February 28, 2014
Easy To Install
This regulator is so easy to install anyone could do it correctly. It's exactly what I needed and looks great!
By Stephen Carter
New Hampshire
February 9, 2014
Even Better Than Simple Reducer
From the product description, I wasn't sure if this was just a simple water flow reducer. I was happy to discover it actually regulates water flow from full blast to a mere trickle. Because its plastic, you probably don't want to tighten it too roughly. The plastic seems durable, and the one reviewer whose regulator broke likely had a faulty product. I put mine on the hose where it connects to the wall instead of on the shower head. Hopefully, that will keep it from getting damaged. It blends in well with the shower fixtures, though I wish the brand wasn't printed on it. I'm currently putting in another bathroom and will most likely purchase another regulator for my new shower.