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Monument 617602 Contemporary Lighting Collection Flush Mount

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Looking to light up a room? You could do it with your personality, or you could purchase this flush-mounted ceiling fixture. It sheds warm, comforting light throughout the room. And its style is appealing regardless of the setting. This fixture employs two medium-base 60-watt bulbs to add the perfect ambience to any room-whether it's a living room, dining room, entryway, bathroom, or hall. Customers appreciate the classic look of brushed nickel combined with alabaster glass. In addition, the price is right and the quality will last you for years. Go ahead, brighten your life with this beautiful fixture.
  • Finish: brushed nickel
  • Requires 2 60-watt bulbs (not included)
  • 4" high
  • 14" wide
  • UL approved
Manufacturer: Monument
Part Number: 617602
Elite Deals Item Number: ITL-617602
UPC: 076335088280

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Product Reviews
33 Reviews
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39% (13)
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100% Recommend this product (33 of 33 responses)
By Beverly M.
Very Satisfied
September 15, 2014
Iā€™d recommend this to everyone else. Iā€™m very satisfied with the product. Itā€™s exactly what was advertised and exactly what I wanted.
By Rose P.
Perfect For My Kitchen
September 4, 2014
This thing is perfect for my kitchen. It looks classy and yet still functions more than adequately. I have plenty of light to cook by.
By Susan R.
Hard to Change the Bulb But Great Otherwise
August 21, 2014
There is one thing I donā€™t like about this product: lens mounting or bulb changing is hard after you attach the base since the ring has to be lowered. However, the base can move and be taken out of the ceiling mount. I think if you took the ring off a few times before mounting it and put a little grease on, it would make it a whole lot easier to slip on and off later. If they had just mounted the ring with a spring or with small nuts it would be easier all around. Other than that the fixture is constructed well. The opaque lens mutes the light, so youā€™ll want a brighter clear bulb. The fixture looks kind of retro, so itā€™s a cool design.
By Mildred G.
Fast and Easy Installation
August 12, 2014
Everything about this three-light ceiling fixture is great ā€“ looks wonderful in my kitchen, uses standard bulbs, and puts out loads of light with only three 60-watt bulbs. Plus, removing the old light and installing this one was so fast and easy, it only took about 20 minutes of my time. I highly recommend purchasing this light fixture. Just wonderful!
By Wanda J.
Impresses My Guests
August 1, 2014
The price is so affordable for such a stylish and charming product. People who come over to my home comment on how nice it looks on my ceiling. Iā€™m really happy with it.
By Nicole D.
Looks Nice, But the Ring Is A Little Tight
July 6, 2014
This unit has the looks of a modern, sophisticated fixture. The functionality is also superb supplying more than enough light to the room. The installation can be a little tedious because you really need to take the lower ring off before hooking the fixture up to the electrical box. Itā€™s really snug and can cause problems later on making the whole fixture rotate. Personally I think it is made too snug making it hard to clean and replace bulbs. On the whole I do like this unit, however, and think itā€™s the perfect addition to our home. We are remodeling our bathroom and put two in as part of the update. It really boosts the aesthetic impact of the room. The glass cover adds to the impressive facade.
By Patrick G.
Difficult Installation But Nice Look
June 22, 2014
Installation is a little complicated, so only buy this one if you have patience. Itā€™s difficult because the screws can be hard to place, especially when the fire-prevention insulation gets in your way. You canā€™t really see the screws so you are aiming blindly trying to get them to line up. And then tightening them can be tricky as well. Overall we like the product, however, and you could always get a handyman to install it for you. If you want a more modern look in your home, this light will be perfect for you. It has real glass (milky color) rather than plastic, so the light is disseminated very beautifully. I found that 23-watt florescent bulbs give the room plenty of light, so thereā€™s no reason to install the 60-watt or 100-watt bulbs.
By Louis P.
North Dakota
Really Brightened Up Our Bathroom
June 13, 2014
This fixture has a nice modern look to it, and it give off a lot of light. We put this into our bathroom as part of renovations. It is exactly what our bathroom needed to brighten it up and make it attractive.
By Annie B.
Best Option Out There
May 20, 2014
I love these fixtures. Iā€™ve been shopping all over and tried all kinds of options, but these are the best. We put these in just about every light fixture location in our home when we remodeled. These are the best value for the money of any fixture Iā€™ve tried. I like that the fixture fits well into the ceiling: itā€™s completely flush. The glass is slightly smoky and not as yellow as in the pictures. Weā€™ve been so happy with these fixtures.
By Benjamin B.
Perfect Diameter to Height Ratio
May 13, 2014
Most of the time you have to get a fixture thatā€™s too high in order to get a big enough diameter. But this one turned out to be perfect for our bathroom. We thought it might be too big, but the 4 1/2ā€ height was just right. The glass part is a slightly opaque whitish (a little lighter than it tends to look in the image). Itā€™s easy to replace bulbs: just a quick twist of the bottom ring and it pops up and allows you to pull the old bulb out. The installation is pretty easy too.
By Donna H.
Great Home Improvement
April 23, 2014
These are a great price and a great product. Theyā€™re stylish and not too hard to install. They were the perfect addition to spice up our older-looking kitchen.
By Judith B.
Worth the Price
April 21, 2014
These fixtures are exactly what was advertised and even exceed expectations. I havenā€™t had any problems with this light. Itā€™s well constructed and the cost is appropriate to the quality.
By Roger W.
Tricky to Install, But Perfect
April 19, 2014
The installation was a little cumbersome, but after you get the hang of it, it slides right in. The looks are well worth the price and labor for installation.
By Cheryl C.
Brightens Up Any Room
April 12, 2014
These were easy to install, and their modern style really brightens up our home. The brushed nickel finish will enliven any room in your home.
By Scott M.
Big and Looks Good
April 4, 2014
Itā€™s larger than I was thinking it would be, but itā€™s what I wanted. Iā€™ve had can lights in my bathroom up to this point, but I just put in this fixture and like the looks.
By Howard W.
Love the Transformation
March 28, 2014
Weā€™ve received lots of compliments on this light fixture. We love how it transforms the room. A great plus is that it uses ordinary light bulbs.
By Catherine L.
Modern Look
March 22, 2014
These lights have a nice modern look and are perfect for replacing older styles around your house. Brushed nickel and smooth design give the room a nice fresh feel. I thought from the pictures that there would be more of a bulging dome, but they are actually a little less rounded. The light does emanate sufficiently for the room, though. Two 60-watt bulbs see to that. We like to use bulbs that give out a white light to match the alabaster look of the actual glass. We put two of these in our hallway, and they made it look like a whole new room.
By Brenda S.
Good Light, But Bulb Changing May Be Hard
March 8, 2014
The installation required two people and was a little tough. But once itā€™s up, it looks superb! Iā€™m afraid the bulb changing may also be a little problematic because you have to turn the ring that keeps the glass in place. Then later the holes have to be aligned just right to reassemble it. I actually havenā€™t tried replacing the bulbs yet though. I do like the performance of the light overall. Three bulbs more than lights up the room.
By Ronald W.
Installation Is Awkward, but Product is Great!
March 8, 2014
Installation of these fixtures is a two-person job. I managed on my own, but itā€™s really easy to drop the glass and then youā€™d have to replace it. The ring is where things get tricky: you have to plug it in and then twist it to get a lock. And the whole time you have to keep the glass held in place. Getting it all aligned can be hard when itā€™s just you. Once you get it installed, however, itā€™s perfect. It meets all my needs. I especially like the size: I thought it would be smaller, but the size is perfect.
By Dorothy M.
Looks Far More Expensive Than the Price
February 23, 2014
This fixture just looks magnificent once you have it installed. It is well worth the money and Iā€™d recommend it to anyone. Florescent bulbs really work well in it. I put in two of these fixtures already and like them so much that Iā€™m going to buy several more for the other projects in my home. They are modern and look many times more expensive than they actually were. The finishing gives them a soft, well-made look. Some people have had trouble installing them because the ring is a little tight, but you can slacken the tension from the back by adjusting the studs. I put in a few extra anchor mounts on the bottom to help hold it in place, and they help with replacing the bulbs as well.