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Lightweight Pop Up Tents & Canopies

When it comes to the world of portable shelters, bigger isn't always better. This can be especially true when it comes to weight. Situations that call for lighter, more portable equipment are often instances where Lightweight Pop Up Tents and Canopies are your best bet. The benefits of carrying less weight are pretty obvious, but there may be a couple of things you haven't considered about this type of shelter.

1 Question & 1 Answer
from FL asked:
August 14, 2013
Hello, I need the lightest weight and easy to put up 10 x 10 white canopy tent. Do you offer that?
1 Answer
The lightest weight we can offer is the Undercover 10 x 10 Super Lightweight Commercial Aluminum Popup Shade Canopy Package with White Top which weights only 24 pounds.
Submitted by: Dawn on August 14, 2013

What Makes Them Lightweight?

While there isn't a standard rule indicating exactly what constitutes a lightweight canopy, the generally accepted definition (besides obviously being lighter) includes any tent that is easy to move, relatively easy to set up for one or possibly two people, easy to pack up in a hurry, or that fits easily into a car trunk, roller bag, or other means of conveyance. This doesn't mean that every item that fits in a bag or that you can throw in your car is necessarily considered lightweight, but it does indicate that if setup, takedown, and transport is pretty simple, chances are you're dealing with this kind of tent.

How Does Being Lightweight Help Me?

It isn't too difficult to imagine that carrying around less bulk makes life easier in all sorts of ways. In a specific sense, though, these canopies can make afternoons, tailgates before and after games, impromptu outdoor gatherings, and all sorts of trade shows, craft fairs, and festivals a piece of cake. There's something to be said for a setup time of fifteen minutes as opposed to double or triple that number, too. Many customers even take the approach of keeping a pop up tent in their car at all times so they never find themselves without quick, convenient, and reliable outdoor shelter on hand.

All of these may seem like complicated ways to explain a relatively simple concept and, in fact, they probably are. Our idea is to point out the undeniable fact of just how handy and simple Lightweight Pop Up Tents and Canopies can be, along with offering some practical and popular uses many of our customers have reported through the years. But feel free to come up with your own ideas and possible uses, get creative, and give one of these fantastic products a spot in your outdoor lineup.