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Mosquito Magnet Executive Mosquito Trap

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  • Effectively covers up to one acre
  • Completely cordless design
  • User-friendly LCD screen
  • Enhanced diagnostics
  • Learns day and night cycles
  • 4 modes optimize performance
  • Alerts you when propane is out or the battery is low
  • Includes remote battery charger
  • Automatically starts when temperature rises above 50 F and shuts off when the temperature drops below 50 F
  • Simple, child-safe controls
  • High Capacity: Empty or replace every 2-3 months
  • (See Complete Product Description)

Item Description
Ask & Answer
Allow the advanced technology of the Mosquito Magnet Executive MM3300 to protect your yard from annoying and potentially dangerous mosquitoes. This new addition to Mosquito Magnet's impressive product line works by emitting carbon dioxide, a compound humans naturally exhale, and unique attractants that imitate chemicals found in human breath and skin emissions. Believing they are on the trail of humans, mosquitoes fly toward the trap and are silently vacuumed up by a specially-designed Counter Flow mechanism.

The result is not only an immediate drop in mosquito population, but an overall interruption in the mosquito breeding cycle. By specifically targeting egg-laying females - the only type of mosquitoes that bite - the Mosquito Magnet Executive is able to prevent new generations from hatching. After just a few weeks of using this trap your yard will be almost insect-free.

The Mosquito Magnet Executive is as easy to use as it is effective. A cordless design allows you to place this pest control device virtually anywhere, and a sophisticated control system makes it simple to optimize your trap's performance. Enjoying a bug-free backyard really is as simple as turning on the Executive at the beginning of mosquito season.

  • Effectively covers up to one acre
  • Completely cordless design
  • User-friendly LCD screen
  • Enhanced diagnostics
  • Learns day and night cycles
  • 4 modes optimize performance
  • Alerts you when propane is out or the battery is low
  • Includes remote battery charger
  • Automatically starts when temperature rises above 50 F and shuts off when the temperature drops below 50 F
  • Simple, child-safe controls
  • High Capacity: Empty or replace every 2-3 months
  • Intended for continuous use
  • Wheels allow effortless mobility
  • Limited one-year warranty
  • *Propane tank not included
Manufacturer: Mosquito Magnet
Part Number: MM3300
Elite Deals Item Number: MMG-MM3300
UPC: 686513033003

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4 Questions & 4 Answers
from NY asked:
May 18, 2016
I have heard the battery life is short and it often needs to be replaced? Any truth to this? Is it safer purchasing the plug in model or 4 C battery one?
1 Answer
So long as the battery is charged for 24 hours before first use and at the beginning of the season, the battery should last all season. The battery will also not last as long if it is left on the charger or charged outdoors. Please view page 5 of the product manual for details on how to properly charge the battery.
Will M.
on May 18, 2016

from Dayton, MN asked:
May 20, 2013
How much will this weigh? Can it be tipped on its side for travelling? How long does a fully charged battery last?
1 Answer
The unit weighs about 27 pounds. The unit may be tipped for traveling after disconnecting the fuel supply and removing the net. A charged battery will last for the length of the season.
on May 21, 2013

from Shelby, MI asked:
April 19, 2013
How long does the propane tank last, if it's left on 24/7?
1 Answer
Running the unit continuously, the propane tank will last about 28 days.
on April 19, 2013

from Sharon, Ma asked:
January 14, 2013
I live in Massachusetts on an acre with wetlands abutting the property. ... A natural breeding ground for mosquitoes. Which mosquito magnet would be best for my situation?
1 Answer
The item you are looking at is one of our best units. There is a product manual on the page you can view that shows you how to set it up and also has a map that shows which attractant you should use.
on January 14, 2013

Product Reviews
14 Reviews
64% (9)
29% (4)
0% (0)
0% (0)
7% (1)
21% Recommend this product (3 of 14 responses)
By John
June 22, 2017
This machine does not work. In the first year, I caught less than a quarter of the tray all season.
ProsStay away.
June 19, 2016
Works great!
ProsMosquito free!
By Paul
July 6, 2012
Excellent All Around
Great service all around. This item was a replacement for one that I had for 7 years. Mosquito Magnet is the best product to have your yard back.
By Steve Wilson
Galveston Island, TX
October 18, 2011
What a Freak Show!
The Mosquito Magnet we bought was quite expensive compared to other units, but I trusted the reviews and bought it anyway. When I put it in the yard (we live on Galveston Island next to a salt marsh), I had to bat the mosquitoes away just to get it set-up. It's like they KNEW something was up... I turned it on and left it for a few days. Well ,the mosquito population took a serious dip but I thought it was due to the hot weather. Then I checked the trap... At first, I thought my boys had sabotaged the unit by putting a dirty sock in the trap--it was totally black and quite thick. Then I noticed that it wasn't a wadded sock at all--it was the bodies of thousands of mosquitoes mashed together--what a freak-show! Since then I have become a loyal fan--this machine is like no other... Later, when Hurricane Ike destroyed our precious Mosquito Magnet (along with a portion of our house) I spent the first chunk of my insurance check on a new Magnet... This new one is still working great after three years! I have never seen a better value for the money than the Mosquito Magnet--but I still wish they'd ease down the price so that everybody could own one...
ProsWorks like a champ! Nothing better...
ConsIt's a little expensive for the less fortunate...
By Scott
April 22, 2011
Review for
Last year my wife and I purchased a home in a heavily wooded area with a great backyard for the kids. Once spring arrived we quickly began to realize what a terrible mosquito problem we had. We could not play or barbeque in our backyard after 6:00 at night because the mosquitoes would become unbearable. In search of a solution, by chance I happened upon a page one article in the Boston Globe business section discussing your company and its products. I could not believe what I was reading, a product that actually worked in reducing the mosquito population. Sounding too good to be true I did my research. I contacted retailers who sold your products and customers who used your product. They all said it was true. I decided to take the plunge and purchased your $800 dollar Mosquito Magnet machine. I am very happy to report that it works better than I could have imagined. We have reclaimed our backyard and can enjoy it any time of the day. I know it might sound silly but I love to go out at night witha flashlight and look at the net filling up with thousands of mosquitoes. It brings a smile to my face every time. Well done...thank you for a terrific product!!
By Tim
April 4, 2011
Review for
Even with all the rain, running two MMs in my large yard for the past 3 - 4 yrs has reduced the biting insect problem so much that we have barely collected an inch of insects between the two units. Talk about reducing the population...<br><br>Given the effectiveness of my Mosquito Magnet here in Massachusetts, I drove home to Florida during the Thanksgiving Holiday with my new bug trap in tow. During my 16-day stay in Florida, my little bug eating friend gobbled up thousands of no-see-ums and hundreds of mosquitoes proving to all my family and friends that this is not gimic - but the REAL THING.<br><br>Thanks again for making my home (and yard) a place to live and love - bug free.
By Rod
December 8, 2010
Review for
In a year of record high mosquito numbers, the mosquito magnet has allowed us to enjoy our yard with fewer mosquitoes than ever. The butterflies and bumble bees continue to visit our garden because we no longer have to use hazardous and indiscriminate chemicals to eliminate the mosquitoes. It is a great invention.
By Scott
October 23, 2010
Review for
I've dealt with mosquitoes all my life. I grew up in Florida and now live in Atlanta. I put the residential unit in my yard and in three days, the mosquitoes are gone. I expected it to take longer. Usually, I walk out my door and get pounced on by the Asian Tiger mosquito. Now, I sit out in my chair and nothing comes to me. I guess I have it placed just right. Every American needs one. I'll be your best salesman. I've told everyone to buy the Mosquito Magnet. God bless you guys for creating it.
By Nancy
September 30, 2010
Review for
Although our yard is a haven of beauty with 200 rose bushes, an herb garden, magnolia tree, pecan tree, black walnut trees, many crepe myrtle trees, butterfly bushes, palms, ferns, many container plants and a swimming pool, I have never been able to enjoy it thoroughly because of the mosquitoes in the summer. I could not even float in the pool without spraying every inch of my body. The past three weeks have been a delight not having to spray myself or fear the inevitable multiple bites to which I am highly sensitive.<br><br>I have recommended it to all my friends and co-workers. Thank you for giving me back the joy of summertime - my favorite time of the year.
By Richard
August 24, 2010
Review for
After sunset, we'd never dare go out into our yard or garden, or sit on our deck without spraying ourselves, friends, pets and the kids with bug repellent, which I was uncomfortable with. I used to spray the yard with harmful pesticides, then I tried a bug zapper, but it didn't catch them and it spread bacteria all over the place. We never won the battle until now. The Mosquito Magnet took only six weeks to wipe out my biting insect problem. We've gotten our yard back.
By Bob
August 10, 2010
Review for
I couldn't believe it. We received our Mosquito Magnet about a month ago and caught an estimated 40,000 no-see-ums and mosquitoes during the first 10-15 days of use (1 deep). As a retired airline pilot and engineer, I was very impressed with the unit's engineering. The no-see-ums had previously prevented us from using our screened-in pool, as my wife has very severe reactions to no-see-um bites. We can now use the pool, and our neighbors are considering buying the machines. I jump on certain products, and I believe that Mosquito Magnets will eventually be in every home that has biting insect problems. The unit even survived 60 mph winds.
By Sondra
August 7, 2010
Review for
We purchased one of your mosquito magnets this spring after locating it on the Internet. After ordering it, we received it not a minute too soon. The magnet worked like a jewel. Prior to using it, going outside, even to dump the trash was like a nightmare. We have just moved to a new home in Wyoming and thought we'd have more time to enjoy our favorite areas but hadn't ever seen a mosquito year like this!<br><br>Already we are planning to order several more for the next year. We need one for the shop, barn area, and the garage! Thanks again, you saved our spring. The seasons are already too short in Wyoming to miss out.
By Paul
June 24, 2010
Review for
I rarely write to tell a company that their product works as well as they say it does (imagine the concept!), but I am totally amazed at the definitive results I've gotten using the Mosquito Magnet! I was originally somewhat skeptical that you claimed it would eliminate ALL mosquitoes - I imagined that it would (hopefully) cut back MOST of the mosquitoes... but your product works almost 100 percent! Since I've had the magnet I have only been bitten once and that was just because the propane tank ran out of fuel that day.<br><br>My wife used to tease me that she could sit outside with me anytime and not worry about being eaten by blood thirsty mosquitoes because they always seemed to find me and leave her alone. I told her it was because I was sweeter than her, but I really hated having to lather up in repellent if I just wanted to sit on the patio.<br><br>Since I have the Mosquito Magnet I can now sit outside anytime and not worry about being bitten by buzzing, biting insects or have smelly pesticides coating my body - what freedom! It's especially nice that it works at a distance, even when I'm 30 yards away in the gazebo. The concept is so simple yet so effective that I wanted to tell you how impressed I am. This is the only product that has worked - everything else is just smoke and electronic hooey! I don't have to worry about ever being bothered again. Congratulations on a tremendous break through product!
By G.G.
June 8, 2010
Review for
I live adjacent to a salt water marsh in Barrington, RI. Before buying our first Mosquito Magnet our kids were unable to play in our yard. After a week of operation the bag was completely full. I now have two units - one for the front yard and one for the back and we have claimed our yard back from the biting insects!