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Mosquito Magnet Commander Wi-Fi Enabled Mosquito Trap

Item # MMG-MM3400
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The future of mosquito control is here! Mosquito Magnet takes mosquito defense to a new level with the new Mosquito Magnet Commander.

Wireless Capability Keeps You In Control

The Mosquito Magnet Commander's onboard software sends emails and text messages directly to your compute or smartphone. Once you're logged in, the easy to use online dashboard lets you:
  • check propane levels.
  • check the mosquito trap net.
  • set the mosquito attractant timer.
  • check outside temperatures.
  • turn fault codes on and off.
Just place the unit within 250 feet of any wireless router. (That's almost a football field!) The Commander goes to work immediately.

Mosquito Populations Are Booming.

This year's mild winter brings a mosquito population boom. In places like the American Midwest, mosquitoes appeared weeks earlier than usual. Experts say the reasons are no surprise. Warm temperatures and plenty of standing water created ideal breeding grounds. Public health and safety officials say they're already worried about the end of summer. That's when the threat of mosquitoes carrying West Nile Virus reaches its highest levels.

West Nile Virus Threatens People, Animals Alike.

The Centers for Disease Control classify West Nile Virus as a form of yellow fever. In some cases contracting the virus can lead to fever, aches and pains, and flu-like symptoms. Serious cases can develop into the diseases known as meningitis and encephalitis. Mosquitoes play a central role in spreading West Nile Virus. When they sting birds, the virus incubates inside the birds. As the birds are stung again, mosquitoes pass the stronger virus to humans. Dogs, cats, rabbits, and especially horses can also be infected. West Nile Virus-related diseases can turn deadly. A 2002 outbreak led to the deaths of almost 300 people in the United States alone. People over the age of 50 or with faulty immune systems are especially vulnerable.

West Nile Virus: A Proven Threat To Horses

The CDC estimates around 40% of horses infected with West Nile Virus eventually die from related diseases. Worse, immunizing them against the most commons forms of encephalitis doesn't work against West Nile Virus.

Mosquito Magnets Mimic Life Signs

Mosquitoes are drawn to humans and animals by our body heat and by our breathing. When we breathe out, we exhale carbon dioxide. Mosquitoes use these life signs as "homing signals" when they're hungry. Mosquito Magnets use propane to mimic heat and carbon dioxide. Some also use chemical attractants, including Octenol and Lurex 3, to make their attraction even stronger. The magnet then sucks the mosquitoes into its trap net. Once inside, the mosquitoes dehydrate and die within 24 hours. When the net fills up, Commander owners receive a text message or email. They can also check propane tank levels at any time, too.

See results in just days!

The Commander gives you great mosquito control technology as well as freedom and convenience. And they're highly effective! Many owners report results after just seven days. Protect your backyard and your family from dangerous mosquitoes. Take command with the Mosquito Magnet Commander.
Wireless capability allows you to:
  • Check levels and status from your smartphone or computer
  • Receive texts or emails when propane is out or the battery is low
  • Check propane tank status
  • Monitor net capacity
  • Set attractant timer
  • Manage the motion sensor
  • Check outside temperature
  • Manage fault codes
As well as:
  • Effectively covers up to one acre
  • Totally cordless design
  • User-friendly LCD screen
  • Enhanced diagnostics
  • Learns day and night cycles
  • 4 modes optimize performance
  • Includes remote battery charger
  • Automatically starts when temperature rises above 50 F and shuts off when the temperature drops below 50 F
  • Simple, child-safe controls
  • High capacity: Empty or replace every 2-3 months
  • Intended for continuous use
  • Wheels allow effortless mobility
  • Limited one-year warranty
  • *Propane tank not included
Manufacturer: Mosquito Magnet
Part Number: MM3400
UPC: 686513011315

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Mosquito Magnet Commander Wi-Fi Enabled Mosquito Trap
By Jacquelyn from Los Angeles, CA on June 26, 2013
What accessories should I buy with this?
By Tyler on June 27, 2013

It does not include the propane tank, this must be obtained locally. We recommend buying attractant (please see map for recommendation based on location here), the quick-clear CO2 cartridges and maybe a cover for the unit. All these can be found in the "Accessories" tab on this item page.