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Mosquito Magnet Patriot Plus Mosquito Trap

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Item Description
Ask & Answer
Like other Mosquito Magnet traps the Mosquito Magnet Patriot Plus (MM4200) uses proven technology to produce astonishing results. In the Mosquito Magnet Patriot Plus, though, you get a huge coverage area without paying a huge price. More mosquito and airborne pest coverage usually means more money, but not with this outstanding trap.

The Mosquito Magnet Patriot Plus mimics a human by emitting a plume of carbon dioxide (CO2), heat and moisture, and an additional attractant, octenol. This precise combination is irresistible to female mosquitoes (the ones that bite), no-see-ums, biting midges, black flies, and sandflies. As the mosquito approaches hoping for a human, it is quietly vacuumed into a net where it dehydrates and dies. Silent, odorless, no mess.

By using the Mosquito Magnet Patriot Plus continuously throughout the mosquito season, you will be able to capture both day- and night-biting mosquitoes, thereby drastically reducing the mosquito population in your yard. If you're looking for the best function, the highest degree of convenience, and the best trap for your hard-earned money, then you're looking for the Mosquito Magnet Patriot Plus.

* Please Note: Propane tank is NOT included
  • Features the Mosquito Magnet patented Catalytic Converter - converts propane into carbon dioxide (CO2), heat, and moisture to simulate human presence
  • Features the Mosquito Magnet patented Counterflow Technology - emits a plume of CO2, heat, and moisture - attracts mosquitoes, keeping them away from people and pets within target area
  • The Mosquito Magnet Patriot Plus is ideal for large yards - covers 1 acre
  • Quick start-up. Operates 24 hours a day for optimal performance
  • Silent, odorless
  • Easy 3-step assembly. Includes 50 ft power cord and lawn clips. Includes wheels to move unit
  • Heavy duty construction. All-weather performance
  • Self-contained net secures and eliminates interaction with insects and allows for easy disposal
  • Easy to maintain. Refill propane tank and replace attractant cartridge and net every 21 days
  • One-Year Warranty

What's in the Box:

  • Mosquito Magnet Patriot Plus
  • Attractant - Octenol
  • Net (1)
  • Quick Clear Adapter
  • Lawn Clips
  • Product Manual
  • Maintenance Schedule
  • Instruction Hang Tags
  • 50 ft Power Cord
Manufacturer: Mosquito Magnet
Part Number: MM4200
Elite Deals Item Number: MMG-MM4200
UPC: 686513430109

Mosquito Magnet R-OCTENOL Biting Insect Attractant 3-pack (fits all models) - R-OCTENOL
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Mosquito Magnet Octenol Biting Insect Attractant 3-pack (fits all models) - OCTENOL3
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Mosquito Magnet Propane Tank Cover - MMTNKCVR
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First of all, having a propane tank out in the elements as it does its work ...

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Mosquito Magnet Trap Covers - MM4000CVRMosquito Magnet Trap Covers (MM4000CVR) protect your mosquito trap investment by offering nearly complete protection for your mosquito trap. This cover offers protection from the elements when the trap is not being used. This has obvious benefits, extending the life of both the trap itself and of the attached propane tank ...
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Choose Model:
Mosquito Magnet Patriot Plus Replacement Net 1-pack - MM4200NETA replacement net or two is a good item to have around when you use any Mosquito Magnet mosquito trap. This particular item is a single (1) replacement net designed to fit the Mosquito Magnet Patriot Plus model trap.

While the nets on these traps don't necessarily break or wear ...

List Price: $29.99
Sale Price: $19.84
14 Questions & 16 Answers
from Dennisport, MA asked:
August 18, 2017
Should you run a mosquito magnet in the rain?
1 Answer
Mosquito Magnet mosquito traps are designed to operate under normal moisture conditions, including rain and sprinklers. However, use caution that your sprinkler or hose does not target the unit directly as this may cause damage to the unit. If severe weather conditions are predicted, remove the mosquito trap and store it out of the weather.
on August 18, 2017

from Chicago, IL asked:
July 28, 2017
My unit keeps shutting off. What's the problem?
1 Answer
For this item, they like to handle troubleshooting and warranties directly. You can find all needed details: here.
on July 28, 2017

from Levittown, New York asked:
September 3, 2016
Is this product harmful to pets and animals?
1 Answer
The chemicals emitted by this trap are not harmful to pets or other animals when being dispersed by the trap. However, we do not recommend that pets be allowed to consume the attractant chemicals directly.
Justin R. - Elite Deals Product Specialist
on September 6, 2016

from Santa Cruz, CA asked:
April 20, 2016
I am close to buying a unit and have a few more questions. Can you please confirm the attractant I will need for Santa Cruz California which is on the coast and in the middle/cooler part of the state? I think we may need to two attractants. Can and do people use more than one attractant at a time? How long does an attractant last so I can determine how many to buy? Can an attractant last until next year If I purchased too many? We live up on a knoll covering 5 acres. Will we be satisfied with one unit knowing two would probably be better?
1 Answer
Octenol would be your best choice for the climate you are in, though you may need to switch attractants if the mosquitoes in your area do not respond to Octenol. You can only use one attractant at a time, but you can alternate them. The attractant has a shelf-life of 3 years. For 5 acres, you will likely need two or three units for results to be noticeable.
Justin R. - Elite Deals Product Specialist
on April 20, 2016

from Ocala, FL asked:
March 10, 2015
What are the main differences between the Patriot, Independent, and the Executive mosquito traps? Is it just the power source? We have an area that is approximately 0.7 acres. Which machine would be the best and most efficient to run? Our mosquito problem is bad 10 months out of the year so we would need it on most of the time.
1 Answer
Each of these models are capable of covering up to an acre with variations between both the net size and the power supply type. The Patriot is the base model utilizing a small sized net and requires to be plugged into a 110V power source in order to operate. The Independence utilizes a medium sized net, but does not require a 110V corded power supply to operate. The Independence runs off of 4 "C" sized batteries making it completely cordless. The larger Executive uses the largest net available, as well as includes a rechargeable battery to eliminate the need for a wired power supply, or replacing batteries. The Executive also utilizes Mosquito Magnet's "Smart Fuel-SavingTechnology" which can be activated to automatically turn the unit on and off during the day and night at which mosquito activity is typically lowest. For a better explanation of this, please view page 11 of the owner's manual seen here. For the most effective control, I would suggest the Executive.
Chris - Elite Deals Product Specialist
on March 11, 2015

from Fayetteville, AR asked:
September 16, 2014
Does this work with flies as well?
1 Answer
No, it is designed to attract mosquitoes only.
Dawn - Elite Deals Product Specialist
on September 16, 2014

from Boston, MA asked:
August 10, 2014
Why does the plug in model need a propane tank? I thought the purpose of the cord was to eliminate the tank?
2 Answers
No, the corded units cost a little less. The propane tank is an integral part of the function of the unit in catching mosquitoes. The Mosquito Magnet catalytically converts propane from it to CO2, heat, and moisture. Hungry female mosquitoes - out for blood - mistake this combination for human breathing and investigate, then get vacuumed into the trap where they dehydrate and die within 24 hours. For more information on how Mosquito Magnets work, please refer to our Mosquito Magnet Information Guide.
Dawn - Elite Deals Product Specialist
on August 11, 2014
The propane emits Carbon dioxide which is what attracts the mosquitos. This in addition to the lure of scent makes the magnet very efficient. The electric cord powers a fan which sucks the bugs in once they approach the magnet, but without the propane CO2 they would not be attracted.
Michael Kaufman
on August 11, 2014
from Mass

from Sewell, NJ asked:
June 19, 2014
I've run the Patriot for two weeks and don't have much inthe basket. Is this normal? I followed the placement guidlines. Should I move it closer to my deck?
2 Answers
If you have followed the placement guidelines, then you should leave it placed where it is for now as it will take some time to get the full results. Within 7 to 10 days of continuous use, you will see a noticeable reduction in the biting insect population. And if you keep the trap operating in a well-chosen spot, in roughly 4 to 6 weeks you'll have caught the vast majority of the breeding females, meaning that the overall population will get much smaller and your catch rates will drop off considerably because there simply won't be nearly as many bugs around.
Dawn - Elite Deals Product Specialist
on June 20, 2014
I've also run the Patriot for two weeks on Cape Cod. There is a modest accumulation of mosquitoes, though less than in years past. I think the reason is there was significantly less rain in the Spring and it is still too cold at dusk for the mosquitoes to come out. Good luck!!
on June 24, 2014
from Hyannis, MA

from Easton, MD asked:
July 1, 2013
Where can I get a replacement hose assembly?
1 Answer
Unfortunately, we do not sell the replacement parts for the Mosquito Magnet models. Even though it is not listed on their website, the manufacturer should have no problem selling you a replacement hose assembly. Please call them at 1-800-953-5737.
on July 1, 2013

from MA asked:
June 23, 2013
Do you have an adapter for quick clear CO2 cartridges for the Patriot Magnet?
1 Answer
The adapter for the quick clear CO2 cartridges must be purchased from the manufacturer directly. They can be seen here.
on June 24, 2013

from Seattle, WA asked:
June 20, 2013
What is the difference between the various Mosquito Magnet models, besides that the Patriot model needs to stay plugged in?
1 Answer
As you stated, the Patriot model must be plugged in and does not have wheels. The Independence model does have wheels, runs on four "C" batteries and advanced diagnostics. With the Independence, you also get 6 months worth of attractant for free. The Executive model has a rechargeable battery, wheels, enhanced diagnostics and also comes with 6 month worth of attractant for free.
on June 20, 2013

from Southampton, NY asked:
May 9, 2013
What do I need to order to use this for 4 months?
1 Answer
In addition to the trap, a 4 month supply would require the purchase of two boxes of attractant, and one box of Quick Clear cartridges. All of these are available in the accessories tab.
on May 9, 2013

from West Grove, PA asked:
April 27, 2013
What electrical current do I need to use this?
1 Answer
These units run on propane only. No current is needed.
on April 29, 2013

from Staten Island, NY asked:
March 28, 2013
What's the ideal place for me to place this? How far away from my deck should this be?
1 Answer
Please see our informative Mosquito Magnet Placement Guidelines for a complete guide to placement.
on March 28, 2013

Product Reviews
35 Reviews
80% (28)
17% (6)
0% (0)
3% (1)
0% (0)
37% Recommend this product (13 of 35 responses)
By Fred
Appleton, ME
June 28, 2017
New Company Elite Deals to Me is Great!!!!!
The staff is very easy to work with, explaining logistics of ordering from Elite Deals. I would recommend looking at Elite Deals for anything you might need before anyone else.
By Dmitri Yurko
Long Island, New York
September 12, 2016
Overpriced and expencive to run piece of junk
Don't waste your money!!! After the initial cost for the Mosquito Magnet Plus $330 one has to factor in the cost to operate the machine. Which is about $150. That includes 4 gas refills and mosquito lures. All the expanses would not be a problem "IF" the machine worked. But that is a big "IF". The mosquito catch is very minimal and in order to be outside one still has to use conventional repellents. It just defeats the purpose of buying the Patriot Plus. Also, good luck moving it around. The minute you pick it up the machine just falls apart. It is so cheaply made that none of the peaces have some kind of clamping device.
By Dave
Central Mass
May 27, 2014
My second Mosquito Magnet
I can only hope this one (Patriot) works as good as the first one (Liberty) I purchased in July of 2004. Our yard was so much better no more pesky mosquitos to bother us the whole summer.
ProsEase of use.
ConsNothing at this point just purchased the Patriot yesterday! Time will tell but again hoping it performs as well as my first unit.
By Ira Richardson
Memphis, TN
April 29, 2013
Great Product
Easy Installation and setup
By Edward Shelton
Newport News , Virginia
October 3, 2012
Absolutely the best backyard accessory anyone could have .This machine keeps the Mosquitoes away from our deck and yard. Most importantly away from me !
ProsIt works !
By heather
vernon vermont
May 10, 2012
Good Bug Machine
Seems like it does a good job not too far into bug season. So good so far.
By Ralph Willette
Lisle, Il
July 21, 2011
Does the trick - as long as it keeps running
This is my third Mosquito Magnet I have purchased. I have found it to be very affective against those little buggers. The only problem I have had with the product is that after a couple of years the device will not stay on. After following the trouble-fixes recommended the machine will only stay active for about 10 minutes and then stop. At first I thought it was a problem with my first unit - it being a couple of years old. After replacing it the second unit failed after 2 years. Since I do like the product - when it works - I bought another unit. We'll see how many years I get out of this one.
ProsThe product is effective against the mosquitoes as advertised.
ConsAfter about 2 years the product will not stay active for more than about 10 minutes.
By Bill
St. Paul, MN
June 14, 2011
mosquito magnet
Catches mosquitoes in large number. Second one I've owned. Expensive to run but effective.
By A. Smith
Northern California
June 12, 2011
Patriot Mosquito Magnet.
Quality construction, easy to assemble and works great.
ProsQuality construction.
ConsWish it was on wheels.
By Daniel
South Carolina
May 22, 2011
Got rid of the mosquitos.
We have had the Patriot in place for over two weeks and only one person has gotten bitten by a mosquito the whole time. Dozens have been caught in the trap so we know it is working. We will see if this mosquito magnet ends up being as difficult to start in the future as others we have had.
ProsIt really works at catching and eliminating mosquitos.
ConsThe history of these has been they stop working after several cycles, sometimes a whole season, sometimes not.
By Bitsy
February 17, 2011
Review for
On Long Island Sound in South Norwalk,Connecticut, nine Mosquito Magnets installed along the shores of our island" community have given us back our evenings to enjoy outside. We are a small private community of 103 homes and have marsh on two sides and the Sound on the other two. Tidal mud flats abound, the breeding grounds for no-see-ums (midges). You add in both marsh and fresh-water mosquitoes, and you have major bug biting problems. I first became aware of the Magnets through my job with Golf Digest magazine, and I realized that here was a way to regain our evenings. I divided the community into acre groupings because each Mosquito Magnet clears about an acre area. Nine groups of home-owners shared the expense, and we purchased nine machines that were activated the third week in June. The bags began to fill up almost immediately and after over six weeks of operations, have trapped millions, according to American Biophysics quantity measurements. We can now eat outside on our deck and not be driven in. Most of us spend our summers outside, and since the midge population began to crash, we can now adventure out without our bodies slathered in bug repellent.. There is no adverse effect on the environment, and it requires only a small amount of time to change the tank and insert a new octenol cartridge about every three weeks, no sacrifice at all to pay for bite-free evenings.
By Gary
January 15, 2011
Review for
I have to say I'm really impressed with the way your product works. Last night was the first night we ran it. Even with the wind and rain it managed to catch approximately 250 mosquitoes, 500 no-see-ums (which I didn't even know we had). I set the bag up like a bird cage in my office so that everyone who was skeptical could see what I call the 'New Hampshire State Bird'.
By Steve
January 2, 2011
Review for
I have a lake property in Central Minnesota in the Brainerd Lakes area. Mosquitoes are always a problem in Minnesota, especially where there are heavy concentrations of water like the Brainerd Lakes area. This year started out as an exceptionally bad year for mosquitoes in Minnesota. We had heavy spring rains that have lasted throughout the summer and the temperatures have been significantly above average. The heavy rains and warm temperatures during the spring created the ultimate hatching environment for millions upon million of hungry Minnesota mosquitoes!<br><br>I declared war on mosquitoes during early June when the mosquitoes where so bad that my family, especially my 3 and 5 year olds, could not be outside without being literally attacked back into the cabin. I am currently managing mosquitoes on my property using two methods: First, I am having a professional mosquito control company spray every two weeks, and second, I have purchased a Mosquito Magnet". I have to tell you, my family is thrilled with both as the effectiveness has been incredible. Even with the bi-monthly spraying, my "Mosquito Magnet" has collected an amazing volume of the blood sucking beasts. In total, based on American Biophysics measures, I estimate that I have collected approximately 100,000 mosquitoes in 4 weeks! This is an incredible collection of mosquitoes that you have to see to believe. I have gone from having mosquitoes chase my family back into the cabin to maybe having one bite per weekend per person! Also, another great benefit is that we no longer have to apply "bug spray" to the kids or ourselves.
By Ben, Cathy and Ethan
November 3, 2010
Review for
We have already received our mosquito magnet. And after using it for 3 weeks, I have to say it is the most wonderful product created. We saved the first batch of mosquitoes for Ethan to see. He now can go out and play in our yard without fear of having hundreds of mosquitoes after him. In just one week, that entire bag was packed full of mosquitoes . . . and I mean REALLY full. We've only had one emergency visit for Ethan since we first hooked up the Mosquito Magnet and that was when he went to his grandparents home and got one bite. We've had a lot of members in our Church ask how the Magnet is working out and have placed a Praise in the church bulletin about the Mosquito Magnet.<br><br>Thank you from the depths of our heart for sending us the machine so very quickly. Most especially, Ethan thanks you. For his second birthday he was actually allowed to play outside with his friends. You can't imagine how much this means to us. With all sincerity . . . Thank you. And may God bless the lives of the people who created this wonderful machine and for people like you who made it possible for us to own one. It is wonderful taking my son outside to play with his friends instead of having him watch them play and have fun from his window.
By J.C.
October 9, 2010
Review for
I have three children whose ages are 3, 5, and 7. I purchased a swing set to keep them occupied in my back yard. However, after it was set up I found that I was unable to allow my children to play there due to the excessive amounts of mosquitoes (we abutt a wooded area). My oldest daughter has a severe reaction to bites, where it swells considerably. To salvage my investment, and protect my children, I purchased a mosquito magnet that I had seen on an in-flight publication.<br><br>The unit works great and we couldn't be more satisfied. We are now in the process of putting on a deck, so we can enjoy the outdoors. My wife was skeptical, but recently confessed that the unit is working and she is now a believer. My neighbors also have commented on the effectiveness.<br><br>My other neighbor bought a competitors unit, but after my conversation with him he is going to bring it back and purchase your unit.<br><br>I thank you and wish you continued success.
By Kim
October 2, 2010
Review for
The Mosquito Magnet has made a remarkable difference. After the third weekend, we emptied the net and we had about 3 inches of mosquitoes in there. Now my husband and I are like children, running out to the trap each morning to see what we caught.
By Denny
September 25, 2010
Review for
According to your calculation of 37,000 mosquitoes per inch of net, we captured more than 200,000 mosquitoes in the first six weeks. We live on a very wooded lake ridge, and the weather has been hot and wet (perfect for breeding). This is the first summer that we have not been chased inside by the Minnesota State Bird. After the initial six weeks the number of mosquitoes captured has dropped off by about 75% telling me that we have really cleaned out the area.
By Mike
September 23, 2010
Review for
Living in Interlachen, Florida puts my wife, Diane, and I pretty much at ground zero when it comes to biting insects and their breeding grounds. We wanted to find a solution that was environmentally friendly and economically sound. It's great to work in our 2 acres of yard and gardens and not be eaten alive.
By Matt
September 20, 2010
Review for
We purchased our Mosquito Magnet on the 4th of July and emptied a full bag of dead mosquitos on the 7th of July. I knew we had a bad mosquito infestation but didn't know to what extent. Already we can tell the difference in our back yard. In only three days we have gone from swarms of mosquitoes to just a few here and there.
By Bill
September 13, 2010
Review for
We live on two acres of marshfront near Savannah, Georgia. We have been using the Mosquito Magnet for several months and are very pleased with its performance. We are now able to sit outside at dusk without being attacked by bugs.