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Mobile Home Approved Fireplace Inserts

Life in a smaller space doesn't have to mean giving up the benefits and luxuries of a larger home - to prove that point, we've prepared this list of beautiful fireplace inserts approved for use in mobile homes. While these wood and gas fireplaces are built specifically around the concerns of mobile home dwellers, you wouldn't know it by the quality of the warmth and ambience they bring to the home - they feel just like their big-time cousins.

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Please check your local codes regarding vent-free inserts, however - because they use the oxygen in the room, many areas have limited or restricted their use, regardless of whether they are tested and approved by their manufacturers for use in a mobile home. Every one of these inserts here has been tested and approved by their manufacturer for use in a mobile home, for safe heating, without overheating you or drawing too much oxygen out of the room. You can breathe easy, knowing you won't be compromising on safety, convenience or coziness.