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Mosquito Magnet Lurex 3 Attractant - 3 Pack - LUREX3N

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Item Description
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Mosquito Magnet Lurex3 is a newer attractant specifically designed for customers who have the Asian Tiger mosquito (Aedes albopictus) in their area. This attractant, like Octenol, is designed for use in conjunction with any model of the Mosquito Magnet mosquito trap. Unlike Octenol, though, Lurex has been formulated to simulate human sweat, which is a major attractant for the Asian Tiger Mosquito in particular. If the Asian Tiger Mosquito is the predominant pest in your area, Lurex is probably the most effective product for you.

What the Numbers Say

American Biophysics Corp. studies have shown that Lurex catches almost three times more Asian Tiger mosquitoes than Octenol. Lurex is a specially formulated, patent pending attractant developed specifically to attract the Asian Tiger mosquito. Lurex is made of natural compounds, it simulates human sweat, and it can significantly increase your Mosquito Magnet's catch rate.

As of 2000, the Asian Tiger mosquito had been found in 26 states in the U.S. and in the last ten years has migrated rapidly from the Southeastern states into the Northeastern states, Midwest, and Northern U.S. We recommend the use of Octenol for customers who live within about 10 miles from the coast, where salt marsh mosquitoes and no-see-ums are most likely the predominant pests.

Each of the Lurex portions will last 21 days, meaning that this 3-pack will generally last around nine weeks. After opening, as each sample nears the 21-day expiration date it begins to dry and crack and will lose its potency. Over the course of the nine weeks of expected product life, many owners find that they've significantly decreased the number of winged predators in their intended area and have really given their Mosquito Magnet traps a leg up in the fight against annoying pests - specifically against Asian Tiger mosquitoes.

  • Set of three Lurex3 biting insect attractant packets
  • EPA registered secondary mosquito attractant
  • Specifically designed to attract the Asian Tiger mosquito in particular
  • Simulates human sweat, which is a major attractant for this kind of mosquito
  • Works with every model of Mosquito Magnet mosquito trap
  • Simple to insert
  • Can increase overall Asian Tiger mosquito catch rates when used in conjunction with the CO2 the trap already produces
  • Recommended attractant for Southern regions of the U.S. and in Hawaii (except Southern coastal regions where Octenol should be used)
  • Helps attract and trap Asian Tiger mosquitoes in situations where normal trap operation or even Octenol use may struggle to do the same
  • Each packet lasts roughly three weeks before beginning to lose its efficacy
  • Replace every 21 days
Manufacturer: Mosquito Magnet
Part Number: LUREX3N
Elite Deals Item Number: MMG-LUREX3
UPC: 686513059935

5 Questions & 5 Answers
from Chico, CA asked:
May 18, 2016
Trying to decide whether to purchase Lurex 3 or the regular Octenol. I live in Chico, CA which is in the northern Sacramento valley of California.
1 Answer
In Chico, California, you will want to use Octenol attractant.
Submitted by: Brennan W. - Elite Deals Product Specialist on May 18, 2016

from Gainesville, FL asked:
April 11, 2016
How is Lurex3 installed in a Mosquito Magnet device?
1 Answer
As Octenol and Lurex will be replaced in the same fashion, we have this information available on our site here.
Submitted by: Will M. on April 12, 2016

from Yarnell, AZ asked:
June 17, 2015
What is the best attractant for Arizona, no-see-ums and mosquitoes? Lurex or Octenol?
1 Answer
For Arizona, I would recommend the Lurex attractant.
Submitted by: Chris - Elite Deals Product Specialist on June 17, 2015

from TN asked:
July 17, 2013
What can I use to refill my Skeeter Vac? Can I use this product with it?
1 Answer
The correct attractant for the SkeeterVac is the SkeeterVac BaitBlock Biting Insect Attractant Refills.
Submitted by: Magan on July 17, 2013

from Marengo, IL asked:
March 19, 2013
Are there Tiger mosquitoes in Northern Illinois
1 Answer
They favor the southern parts of the US. Especially in the east. They have been slowly migrating north east, so it is feasible that you may have a few. It is not likely your local species, however.
Submitted by: Tommy on March 19, 2013

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Mosquito Magnet Lurex 3 Attractant - 3 Pack - LUREX3N
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