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Monessen Fireplace Hoods

Many Monessen fireplaces either require the addition of one of these Monessen Fireplace Hoods or could at least benefit greatly from having one of the hoods in place. Getting one because you have to isn't what this section is about, though. The appeal of these hoods is that they're of the first quality, the highest function, and the best overall value in the industry. In almost every case the hoods you'll find here add a finished look to the fireplace, accent your heating appliance and existing decor, and protect the mantel or surround from the heat generated by your fireplace. If you need one of these hoods to complete your installation then, by all means, please get one - but if you just want the best fireplace hood at the best price you won't find any better than you'll find here in the Monessen Fireplace Hood store.