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Why Enclume Pot Racks are the Best

Reason #1: You're only as good as your materials.

The strength of Enclume products begins with the materials we use, such as high-carbon steel, type 304 stainless steel, heavy-gauge gridwork, and hand-selected eastern maple. Our racks are made of 3/16" - 1/2" steel, up to twice that of our competitors. Our plated racks are electroplated and then hand-polished to a mirror finish.

Reason #2: "That's how a pot rack is supposed to look ."

That's what one of our customers said when they saw an Enclume display. When you think classic designs and timeless styles - you're thinking about Enclume! Enclume racks feature our signature hanging arms supporting the main rim rather than lightweight chain on a thin rim. Enclume's metal finishes are electroplated rather than lacquered so they don't chip or discolor. And our hammered steel is coated for minimal maintenance.

Reason #3: In a mass-market world, Enclume provides custom service.

Enclume products are hand wrought by skilled craftsmen on traditional French metal-forming equipment at our factory in Port Hadlock, Washington.

We quality inspect after every step of the manufacturing process. We hand wrap each piece to ensure you receive our product in pristine condition. You can't buy a better crafted cookware rack at any price.