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Set of 12 Tent Stake Caps

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Stakes are designed to help keep your tent in place, but sometimes, the unwary individual might find themselves tripping over one of them. Since there is a chance that one of the edges might be sharp a nasty cut might result, requiring that the individual receive medical attention to help correct the problem. The Set of Tent Stake Caps was designed to help prevent mishaps such as these from occurring. Once put to work, you can rest assured that no matter where the stakes might be, they are no longer a major concern.
  • Tent Stake Cap
  • Set of twelve
Manufacturer: Ohenry Tents
Part Number: STAKECAP12
Elite Deals Item Number: OHT-STAKECAP12

24 Inch Tent StakeTent stakes are critical components of the safe and stable operation of any tent or party canopy. Unfortunately, they are often broken by heavy equipment or vehicles, or left behind during teardown after an event. This 24 inch long tent stake can instantly replace lost or broken stakes with powerful anchoring ...
List Price: $29.99
Sale Price: $21.95
30 Inch Tent StakeThis tent stake is 30 inches long so you can drive it down deep enough to keep your tent or canopy nice and secure. A tent stake will also help to keep your tent weather-resistant. Having a firmly secured tent is the key to withstanding high winds. Tent stakes can be ...
List Price: $39.99
Sale Price: $33.95
42 Inch Tent StakeIf you have ever set up a tent, then you know the importance of stability. Wind and rain can definitely ruin an outdoor activity, but with a 42-inch tent stake, you are grounded. This longer stake is especially necessary if you have a large tent; the deeper into the ground your ...
List Price: $59.99
Sale Price: $48.95
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Set of 12 Tent Stake Caps
$ 32.95