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Party Tents

It's difficult to talk about outdoor parties and outdoor entertaining without first discussing the world of Party Tents and Canopies. That isn't to say that you can't have a good time outdoors without having some sort of shelter, but it does mean that when you spend a lot of time and energy planning an outdoor event, it doesn't make a ton of sense to leave unpredictable elements like sun, wind, and weather to chance. To help you make sense of exactly what your options are in this category, let's take a look at the different types of these useful shelters you can choose from.

4 Questions & 4 Answers
from UT asked:
March 19, 2014
Do you sell a 14x14 party tent in Utah?
1 Answer
We do sell one 14x14 party tent that you can find here. We do ship to Utah.
Brennan W.
on March 19, 2014

from Logan, Ohio asked:
September 26, 2013
Which tents are intended to take the best advantage of sun, wind, or other pleasant weather conditions? We want to use them for a broad range of events.
1 Answer
Ohenry's High Peak Tension Tents are the best as their aerodynamic shape make them highly resistant to winds. We carry them in many sizes.
on September 27, 2013

from Almont, MI asked:
May 1, 2013
Which of your canopies are made in the USA?
1 Answer
In that case, I recommend taking a look at our selection of Ohenry Tents.
on May 1, 2013

from Dyersburg, TN asked:
April 25, 2013
How do I use the weight bags I ordered with my tent? Where do they attach?
1 Answer
In most cases, the weight bags attach to the bottom of each canopy leg with Velcro-like straps, and each bag is filled with sand or dirt. However, if you can provide your specific model information, we can advise you on how to use the appropriate weight bags with that unit.
on April 26, 2013

Basic Characteristics

The most important factor to look for in this type of structure is what holds it up. Sounds simple - but this can really make a difference in the shelter you ultimately select. For instance, frame tents generally offer the simplest setup but can be limited in terms of size, pole tents are made in sizes from relatively modest to absolutely enormous, but have support poles that extend to the ground in the middle of the covered area (which most frame tents do not), and tension tents offer an extremely distinctive look, while presenting logistical requirements that are somewhere between those of frame- and pole-based structures. There are all sorts of variations, many intended for specific uses, and each with a set of pros and cons that will help you find the perfect shelter for your needs with a little research.

Specific Types

When you're ready to narrow the field down even further, it's time to start thinking about things like traditional-style tents, garden canopies, Star Shade models, Vista Peak shelters, and several others. Again, there are lots of choices. Some are designed for maximum guest capacity, some are designed for high visual impact, and others are intended to take best advantage of sun, wind, or other pleasant weather conditions. What you decide on should reflect what you want to accomplish most with your outdoor gathering combined with the amount of money you'd like to invest.

And don't worry, celebrants - there's a shelter out there that will do exactly what you want it to at a price you're comfortable with. Something to go into the selection process mindful of is the idea that any celebration will be the most successful when you have the right equipment and conditions in place from the beginning. Start out on the right foot, set up your gathering for the greatest success possible, and go enjoy yourself knowing that you got the absolute best Party Tent or Canopy for your event.