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Patio-Mate Screened Enclosure - Chestnut / Almond Color

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Item Description
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Don't be afraid of the great outdoors - enjoy them in comfortable safety and protection with these screen enclosures from Patio-Mate. They make a great addition to your RV, house, or mobile home thanks to their solid construction, detachable vinyl roof, and heavy-duty framing that's engineered to last for years to come. Installation is simple, and the special mildew-resistant roof coating means maintenance and upkeep are also simple, worry-free operations. Kick back and relax with these handsome, affordable screen enclosures.


Peak Ht. Sq. Ft. No. of Doors
7' 8" x 11' 6" 88.5" to 93.5" 88 1
8' 6" x 17' 1" 90.25" to 95" 144 1
7' 8" x 15' 5" 88.5" to 93.5" 119 1
7' 8" x 19'3" 88.5" to 93.5" 148 2
11' 6" x 15' 5" 92.25" to 95.5" 178 2
8' 6" x 25' 7" 90.25" to 95" 217 2
11' 6" x 19'3" 92.25" to 95.25" 221 2


  • Chestnut Color Frame & Almond Color Roof
  • Anchors securely to existing wooden decks or concrete patios - looks great on a mobile home or RV.
  • Roof is detachable for easy maintenance and winter storage.
  • Rust-proof fiberglass screens allow cool air to circulate while keeping out mosquitoes, flies and other insects.
  • Three-ply vinyl roof that resists mildew.
  • Heavy-duty galvanized metal frame with baked-on architectural finish to resist fading and oxidation.
Manufacturer: Kay Home
Part Number: PM-CA
Elite Deals Item Number: KHP-PM-CA
UPC: 047977793658

By Loretta from Hull, Ma on March 5, 2013
Does the company install the screened in patio and is it an additional charge for that?
By Tyler on March 5, 2013

Unfortunately, we do not offer installation services. We recommend calling a local contractor or handyman for installation.

By Kay from MD on August 6, 2013
Is this item portable? Meaning can I take it down with the change of seasons?
By Dawn on August 6, 2013

Yes, you can but the manufacturer recommends only removing the top for winter storage.

By Dani from Phoenix, AZ on March 30, 2017
How does it attach to an RV? I am leery of drilling holes in my RV.
By April L. - Elite Deals Product Specialist on March 30, 2017

You must erect your Patio-Mate on a level base. The recommended base should be concrete, a wood deck or minimally, a 2" x 4" weather-treated wood base, placed directly on and anchored securely to level ground. You would not attach this directly to your RV.

By Ron from CO on April 5, 2013
How complex is the installation process for this screen? Can I set it up myself?
By Tommy on April 5, 2013

Yes. It is considered a "do it yourself" kit.

By Sharon from Geneva, OH on February 14, 2013
After using this product for five years the almond roof needs to be replaced. Do you sell replacements?
Our room size is 11'6" x 15'5"
By Tommy on February 15, 2013

We do not sell replacement parts for this. You will need to contact the manufacturer of Patio-Mate, Kay Home Products.

By Mary from Buffalo, NY on May 17, 2017
I was wondering if the screen house could be placed over an existing porch. I have included an image showing what I currently have in my yard.
By Sarah on May 18, 2017

This particular item would not likely work, as it has its own roof.

By Peg from NJ on August 5, 2015
Can the doors of this Patio-Mate screened enclosure be placed wherever?
By Brennan W. - Elite Deals Product Specialist on August 5, 2015

Yes, the doors can be switched with any of the solid panels.

By Emily from Virginia on February 23, 2013
Is this a permanent enclosure or could we take the frame down for the winter months and put it back up in the spring?
By Tommy on February 25, 2013

It is recommended to take the cover down during the winter months or severe weather; however, the structure itself is not portable.

By Cheryl from Northfield, Ohio on April 1, 2014
Can windows be used / purchased in lieu of using a screen? That is, can windows be interchanged with screened panels?
By Kelsey C. on April 1, 2014

The Patio-Mate kit is intended as a screened-in enclosure addition for homes and campers and does not offer window panels instead of screen.

By KR from Colorado on June 21, 2014
What can I anchor it to if I have no deck or concrete slab? Also, is it stand alone or does it attach to the house and if the house, by what means?
By Chris - Elite Deals Product Specialist on June 23, 2014

It is strongly recommended to have the enclosure attached to some sort of level base to ensure that the enclosure is not negatively affected by wind. The unit itself will include the necessary hardware to attach the structure to the side of a house.

By K.R. from Colorado on June 22, 2014
What is the best way to anchor the 11.6 x 15.5 to the ground? It will go on the lawn against the house.
By Chris - Elite Deals Product Specialist on June 23, 2014

If no concrete patio or wood deck is available, a a
2" x 4" weather-treated wood base, placed directly on and anchored securely to level ground is the minimum requirement to set the structure upon.
By Emily - Elite Deals Product Specialist on June 23, 2014

If you wish to place directly on and anchored securely to level ground, you can use the anchors that are included as feature for this item.

By Kandy from MI on May 13, 2013
Do you need tools to set this up? If so, what tools do you need?
By Tommy on May 14, 2013

Tools are needed. According to the manual, the tools required for installation are:
Step Ladder
1/4" or 3/8" Electric Drill
5/32, 3/32, and 3/16 Drill Bits
2' or 4' Construction Level
Hacksaw (with fine tooth blade)
Flat Head Screwdriver
Philips Head Screwdriver
16' Steel Tape Measure
7/16" and 3/8 Open-End, Box-End, or Socket Wrenches
Wood Furring Strips

By Randy from Atlanta, Ga on February 4, 2013
My canopy blew off in the wind and I need to order a new one. How do I do this?
By Chris on February 4, 2013

Unfortunately, we do not offer the replacement canopies for this enclosure. You may try contacting Kay Home Products at (800) 626-5296.

By Vicki from Finksburg, MD on April 24, 2013
Does the 11' 6" x 15' 5" come in white with a gray trim?
By Chris on April 25, 2013

I was informed by the manufacturer that the 11' 6" x 15' 5" is not available in the white and gray color scheme.

By Rob from OH on June 18, 2013
Can I get this in a custom size: 11' 5'' X 12' 6''?
By Tyler on June 18, 2013

Unfortunately, no, it is not possible to customize the size of this Patio-Mate unit. It is only available in the sizes shown in the drop-down menu on this page under the pricing information. We apologize for the inconvenience.

Product Reviews
Patio-Mate Screened Enclosure - Chestnut / Almond Color
5 Stars based on 6 Review(s)
5 Stars

December 16, 2008
I have a deck that I could not enclose due to permit regulations in my town. This enclosure is absolutely THE best! I love the size of the sliding door and the overall structure is very sturdy. since I live in New England, we do take down the awning every year to protect it from the snow. My handyman does this in less than a half hour. I am able to go outside at night and not get eaten by bugs. One of my best purchased ever!!

5 Stars

screen room
October 18, 2007
everyone loved this room. we have alot of mosquitoes, and this room really helped. we had a freak hail storm and now i have to order another roof, but our cars were damaged also, so it holds up pretty well.

5 Stars

Perfect summer spot
September 29, 2007
We purchased this item at the beginning of the summer season. We needed shelter from the south sun and pesky bugs...this was PERFECT. Great quality and design. Our friends loved it so much that they purchased one too!

5 Stars

Screen Room
September 4, 2007
This is a great buy. Takes about a day to assemble. Instructions are easy to understand also.

Brent Andreasen
4 Stars

July 25, 2007
Most problems are minot. It would have been nice if most of the holes had bee predrilled. Drilling the rafters was my biggest problem breaking several bits in the process. Also drilling for the hold down brackets and drilling for the stabilizers would have been nice. The only other comment is that the valance on the fron of the enclosure doesn't hang straight. The problem seems to be mainly interference between the tie down pieces, the velcro loops and the tie down cord. I think a little thought given to this area might be worth the effort. In any event, I very satisfird. The enclosure will be a welcome addition to our deck.

Daniel Grimmer
5 Stars

11.6X15.5 Screen House
April 16, 2007
When installing this item the first time, I would say the task was not bad at all. I did have some prep work to do prior to the install and for my enclosure it took a little over 8 hoiurs to complete.I would recommend this to anybody, a very nice product....