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Outdoor Canopies & Semi-Permanent Shelters

Located somewhere between a permanent brick-and-mortar building and a portable canopy, the Semi-Permanent Shelter is the perfect solution for a number of outdoor enthusiasts' needs. Sometimes a permanent building is too time consuming or too expensive to build, and sometimes a portable canopy isn't up to whatever outdoor use many people need it for. This unique shelter, though, bridges that gap in a really practical, economical manner.

3 Questions & 3 Answers
from Brandon, FL asked:
August 27, 2014
Can I buy the cover and screen only for item 23531?
1 Answer
Yes, you can purchase both the cover and the screen kit separately.
Submitted by: Dawn - Elite Deals Product Specialist on August 27, 2014

from Seymour, IN asked:
July 20, 2014
If i needed to shorten the 18 x 20 to 18 x 16 for a stage, could I cut the poles and still have it work?
1 Answer
The manufacturer does not advise any revisions to the structure, and any such revisions would void the warranty.
Submitted by: Dawn - Elite Deals Product Specialist on July 21, 2014

from Boston asked:
February 24, 2014
I am looking for a 9 by 9 canopy for my back porch but would like it in some type of canvas material.
1 Answer
We do not offer any 9' x 9' canopies for your backyard, but we do have a 10' x 10' model you may be able to use. Please see it below: Garden Party Canopy - 10' X 10' - Green That canopy is also available with an almond or a red cover.
Submitted by: Tyler on February 24, 2014

Understanding the Basics

The key to understanding this kind of structure is figuring out exactly what most canopy makers mean when they refer to something as being semi-permanent. In most cases this designation indicates things like thicker-than-usual gauge metal being used in structural elements like the structure’s legs or frame, larger overall width in those same structural parts, heavier-duty nylon, polyester, or other fabric possibly being used in the canopy top, and generally higher ratings in terms of wind-, weather-, or corrosion resistance. Every tent manufacturer is different, of course, and ‘semi-permanent’ is obviously not a technical designation, so it pays to do a little research based on your chosen canopy style and maker to find out specifically how it differs from lighter-use models.

Popular Applications

There are all sorts of uses for this type of structure. In many cases they’re used for things like outdoor parties or entertaining occasions that tend to take place seasonally as opposed to year-round. Wedding parties, rehearsal dinners, reunions, and similar events often require something more than a portable canopy can provide, but don’t merit the time or expense of constructing an entirely new building. These structures are also particularly prized for use in protecting cars, boats, RVs, ATVs, and other vehicles in places where there is no existing building, but space for parking is definitely needed. In these cases it doesn’t make any sense to build a stand-alone garage, and a semi-permanent shelter can be the perfect solution.

This is the place, in other words, where need and function meet convenience and value. Lots of people find themselves on the fence in terms of getting the shelter they need and the extreme hassle they don’t want to undertake. For those people and for other people who just want a structure that is simple and effective in addressing a need, Semi-Permanent Shelters are often the easiest and best answer to what can be a tough question.