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Pellet Burning Fireplace Inserts

It's hard to beat Pellet Burning Fireplace Inserts for consistency, reliability, and ease of use in terms of home heating. All of these pellet units use some form of pellet fuel designed to be easy to insert and to burn with an even, reliable heat that provides you the same comfortable atmosphere with every use. Pellet systems work so well because the heating process produces so little in the way of ash or other by-products, and disposing of that ash and maintaining the insert are generally simple affairs. These appliances work great and look great, they're incredibly user-friendly, and they're much less expensive than many other home heating options. For you homeowners who aren't sure about what kind of heat to use in your home, consider the value and convenience that these Pellet Burning Fireplace Inserts bring to the table.
By James from MD on August 12, 2013
What is the best auger motor out there? I need a pellet motor for my insert.
By Tyler on August 12, 2013

We do not offer any pellet appliance auger motors separately; we only sell the parts for the specific models we carry.

By Roger from Westchester, NY on September 3, 2013
Are there any inserts that can burn both pellets & wood?
By Tyler on September 3, 2013

Unfortunately, no, our inserts can either only burn wood or pellets--not both. We apologize for this inconvenience.