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Peterson Real Fyre Charred Oak Vented Gas Log Sets - Propane Gas

Please select the appropriate size gas log set for your fireplace. It is extremely important to pick the correct size. Minimum dimensions necessary for each set is listed on the item page. *** It is recommended to include complete fireplace dimensions (Front Width, Rear Width, Depth, & Height) in the comments section when placing your order to ensure proper sizing.
By Mark from SC on January 6, 2013
What is the difference between Propane burners and natural gas? I have propane installed.
By Chris on January 7, 2013

Due to different characteristics propane requires an air mixer just before the gas supply reaches the main burner assembly. This air mixer ensures a proper metering of air to propane to ensure a proper flame. While propane uses an air mixer, natural gas uses a fuel injector just before the burner assembly. The other difference between the two is that propane uses a vermiculite media spread over the burner pan, while natural gas will use sand spread over the burner pan.