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Peterson Real Fyre - Ventless Gas Logs

Ventless Gas Logs (also known as Vent Free Gas Logs) are rated as a heating appliance. Ventless gas logs are designed to operate in a vent-free or wood burning fireplace, which does not vent to the outdoors.

Please choose the ventless gas log style that you like best.

By Debbie from Oakland, MD on July 20, 2013
How do we know if our gas fireplace is vented or ventless? It has glass doors that open into the living room.
By Collin on July 22, 2013

It can be difficult to know by appearance, so the best thing to do is to look for the unit's build plate. The log set itself should have an identifying tag with a model number and possibly a manufacturer name. If you are able to locate this information, I will be happy to research the set to determine what type it is.

By Charles from Melbourne, FL on February 28, 2013
Will I run into a problem if I use a 30 " G-18 log set (which just fits into the fireplace) instead of a 24" log set that would have more space around it? They are both 18,000btu. I have heard the larger unit might shut down on some safety device?
By Tyler on February 28, 2013

Yes, the larger burner may shut down operation if it overheats, which can be caused by insufficient room in the firebox.