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Plastic Resin Storage Sheds

Oh my word, what is that? What is that horrid monstrosity sitting in the middle of the neighbor's backyard? Sound familiar? Perhaps they sounded more like shouts in your imagination. If you're afraid that these are the sort of comments you're likely to hear if you decide to get a plastic storage shed you need to stop watching so many snooty home design shows. Though they may still be relative newcomers to the world of outdoor storage, these buildings have come a long way in terms of appearance. Many actually prefer their contemporary style.

16 Questions & 16 Answers
from dallas ga asked:
March 27, 2018
What is difference between resin and polyethylene building?
1 Answer
Polyethylene is the plastic referred to in the term "plastic resin," so the terms high-density polyethylene shed and plastic resin shed are used interchangeably.
Cortney O.
on March 27, 2018

Barb Hughes
from 92545 asked:
January 5, 2018
My current resin shed has warped from the heat/sun....we live in the desert. Temps can get as high as 120 degrees. Do I have to buy wood or metal to have a leak proof roof? Barb
1 Answer
I would refer to the manufacturer of your unit to confirm that solution.
on January 8, 2018

from Tucson AZ asked:
December 27, 2017
Would it be possible to get a plastic storage shed with approximately a 5' x 13' footprint, with doors on the long side?
1 Answer
Unfortunately, we do not offer a plastic shed with those dimensions.
on December 27, 2017

from McLean, Virginia asked:
September 1, 2016
Regarding Sentinel 8/ x 10' plastic storage shed. Is the any way to substitute multiple window wall panels for the plain panels so I can have multiple windows in my shed? Will you assemble it for me and how easy is it to transport this storage shed once it is built?
1 Answer
The Sentinel 8 X 10 Plastic Storage Shed by Lifetime only has 1 wall with a window and we do not have any custom walls to provide you for the multi window walls. We do not provide a installation service and we would suggest you take the shed apart if you are to move to a different property.
Emily - Elite Deals Product Specialist
on September 1, 2016

from Ganado, AZ asked:
July 11, 2016
How does resin sheds hold up in the winter and is there a way to insulate?
1 Answer
Resin sheds are considered the most durable and maintenance free option available when compared to metal or wood storage sheds and you may absolutely insulate a plastic or resin shed.
Will M.
on July 12, 2016

from Kingman, Az. asked:
February 28, 2016
I have a Rubber Maid shed. Can I use nails to hang things and to decorate it? If not, what should we use?
1 Answer
To maintain its water proofing, we would suggest utilizing some sort of adhesive as opposed to putting holes in the storage container.
Brennan W. - Elite Deals Product Specialist
on February 29, 2016

from Goshen, Utah asked:
February 23, 2016
I have a few questions about Resin sheds. Are they really hot in summer and cold in winter? If a person would like to make a door in an existing shed, can that be done? Can one of these sheds be wired for electricity?
1 Answer
None of the storage sheds we offer provide insulation or any type or air conditioning and as such, the temperature of the interior would be similar to what the exterior is. Unfortunately, you will not be able to add a door to a resin shed and will need to consult with a local electrician to seek approval for wiring any shed with electricity.
Will M.
on February 23, 2016

from Orange, Ca. asked:
October 21, 2015
What is the strongest material for a garden shed? Is resin better than plastic or polyethylene?
1 Answer
Resin is synonymous with plastic, polyethylene and vinyl, meaning that the terminology will vary depending on the manufacturer. Resin is easily the most popular, as this high-density polyethylene material is more durable, while also being lighter and stronger than other plastic material commonly used.
Will M.
on October 21, 2015

from Lynnwood, WA asked:
May 16, 2015
I'm interested in purchasing a roughly 7-1/2' x 10' shed. Is there any concern with "sweating" (condensation) with a plastic shed as there is with a metal shed?
1 Answer
The key in keeping condensation out of your shed is to apply a moisture barrier under the foundation, and keep the inside as dry as possible and use screened vents as well. This will help with condensation with any outdoor shed.
Emily - Elite Deals Product Specialist
on May 18, 2015

from Independence, MO asked:
January 11, 2015
Can resin shed be painted a different color? If so, what kind of primer and paint would I need to do this?
1 Answer
Our resin shed manufacturers state that their sheds cannot be painted. On their websites, they actually recommend against it. However, Suncast does mention that their sheds can take stain or polyurethane in order to accent the exterior of the shed.
Kevin - Elite Deals Product Specialist
on January 12, 2015

from Milton Freewater, OR asked:
September 18, 2014
How long is the 7.5' x 3' shed? My location is 3'W x 10'L and the height can be anywhere from 4' to 8'.
1 Answer
The measurements are 8 ft. W x 3 ft. 4 in. D x 7 ft. 2-3/4 in. H.
Dawn - Elite Deals Product Specialist
on September 18, 2014

from New Hampshire asked:
September 7, 2013
I'm looking for storage to go under my deck. I have a maximum height of 61 inches. Do you have any products around that height
1 Answer
We actually have several. One good example is the Suncast 73 gal. Outdoor Storage Box.
on September 9, 2013

from Castle Rock, Colorado asked:
August 31, 2013
Is there an 8'x12' plastic resin storage shed?
1 Answer
We do not carry and 8 x 12 plastic resin storage shed. The closest to that size we carry is an 8 x 10 Plastic Resin Storage Shed.
on September 3, 2013

Kimberly Cobbs
from Delano, California asked:
August 27, 2013
North Kern State Prison is purchase an 8 x 12 plastic lockable Shed with floor can you please give me a price quote.
1 Answer
Unfortunately, we do not sell a 8' x 12' plastic shed. The closest size options we offer are a 8' x 10', a 10' x 10', and a 10' x 12.5'. Please reply with a shipping zip code if you want a quote for any of these sizes.
on August 27, 2013

from NH asked:
August 15, 2013
Are there any other colors available?
1 Answer
Unfortunately, there are no colors available at this time other than what is listed.
on August 15, 2013

from Houston, TX asked:
May 21, 2013
Can I install this shed on a crushed gravel foundation in my yard?
1 Answer
The manufacturer recommends a concrete patio, a wood platform, or creating a level pad with pea gravel. For complete foundation requirements, please view the manual.
on May 21, 2013


Another thing that elitist decorating program probably didn't tell you is how easy plastic sheds are to assemble and care for. Most of these sheds come in large panels that can be quickly put together using only simple tools. And things get even easier when it comes to maintenance; there isn't any. Keeping your new storage tool in good shape is as simple as wiping it down with a wet rag. It will never need painting, refinishing, or sanding. Nor will it ever give anyone a splinter.

Serious Performance

When it comes right down to it, a shed's most important feature isn't its appearance or even how user-friendly it is. A good shed needs to be able to provide secure storage for your belongings and the truth of the matter is that plastic structures can do that just as well as wooden or metal ones. They can effectively protect anything from tools to patio furniture. There is also a fairly large range of sizes, including models big enough to accommodate riding lawn mowers as well as small ones designed to conserve space.

Different Not Inferior

See, plastic isn't so evil. Of course it's not the same as wood, but that doesn't mean it isn't viable as a storage shed material. In fact, depending on your situation, it may be a more viable option than wood. And you can be certain that a plastic storage building isn't going to ruin your yard no matter what you might see on television.