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Pole Tents

Pole Tents simply couldn't be a more popular, more trusted item for people who plan to spend any kind of time outdoors. This is one of the most functional, most versatile outdoor products you'll find. This type of structure seems pretty simple and, in many senses, it is, but there are still some things it's important to keep in mind while you're shopping. Figuring out the benefits and limitations and the variety of products offered are key elements in making sure you get exactly the structure you need for your next outdoor gathering.

1 Question & 1 Answer
from Elkton, KY asked:
March 5, 2013
What size would I need to fit 100 folding chairs?
1 Answer
Depending on the seating arrangement, you would need at least a 30 x 40.
Submitted by: Magan on March 5, 2013

General Features and Common Uses

For the most part this type of tent operates in exactly the way you'd think. That is to say: they're held up by poles. It's important to point out more specifically, though, that this shelter isn't supported by any kind of frame or other structure, but by (usually metal) freestanding posts that lift the shelter's roof, relying on some kind of tension from tension ropes, tie-downs, or ratchet straps to create a tight, stable roof structure. This eliminates the weight and bulk of a traditional frame, but it also presents some unique logistical elements resulting from having posts whose ends rest on the ground beneath the covered area.

Getting around these posts, though, doesn't hinder this outdoor shelter in any way from being by far the most popular structure for large outdoor parties, weddings, rehearsal dinners, reunions, or any other major gathering. Because of the decreased weight and bulk, this is usually the choice for anyone who needs a really large structure, but who can't afford to lug around the unbelievable weight that a comparably sized tent with a different style of support would present. For much the same reason, this is also the preferred canopy type of people who run party or wedding-planning services, large commercial events, or even tent rental and sales businesses.

Other Unique and Attractive Properties

In addition to the weight savings, Pole Tents offer some other benefits for potential owners. Many of these structures are modular, meaning that as your guest list increases, as your family grows, or as you use the canopy for different events at different times, you can add sections to expand the canopy's capacity with relative ease. You can also add sidewalls to create, essentially, a fully enclosed outdoor building. There are even wall panels available that have 'cathedral-style' window panels in the walls complete with see-through plastic for easy viewing. This not only gives guests the ability to see everything going on underneath or outside of the structure, but it also adds a really elegant look that can be perfect for more formal settings like weddings or rehearsal dinners.

You don't have to be planning a huge wedding, though, to take advantage of this useful outdoor structure. You just have to be sure that a Pole Tent offers the space, comfort, and protection you need for the occasion or occasions you have in mind. Once you've determined that it will offer all of those things, though, this is a no-brainer. You simply can't beat this functional, versatile shelter for all of the economical and practical elements it can bring to your next big event.