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Pop Up Tents & EZ Up Canopies

Pop Up Tents and EZ Up Tents are some of the most popular outdoor canopy products out there. It doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure out why that's the case. These convenient shelters offer outdoor enthusiasts all of the benefits that more traditional canopies provide such as protection from the hot sun and the rain, but take a fraction of the time to set up, take down, and transport of other comparable models.

33 Questions & 33 Answers
from Minneapolis MN asked:
March 28, 2014
Need a canopy to protect from rain while filming a fight scene. What do you recommend?
1 Answer
If you will be filming in the rain, we would recommend one of our Waterproof Canopies. Most other canopies are only water resistant and will begin to leak after some time in the rain.
Submitted by: Dawn on March 31, 2014

from Tampa, FL asked:
February 20, 2014
I am looking for a pop up canopy that when disassembled folds into a really compact size. I saw one but could not reach the owner before they drove off.
1 Answer
The Caravan 10 x 10 Traveler frame folds down to only 51" long and is a popular choice.
Submitted by: Dawn on February 21, 2014

from Indianapolis, IN asked:
February 4, 2014
I saw the weights for the legs of our EZ Up Canopy. Do you have any and if so how much are they?
1 Answer
While we do not currently offer weight plates for the EZ Up models of canopies, we do offer the weight bags which can be filled with many types of media holding 20 pounds each.
Submitted by: Chris on February 4, 2014

from Indiana asked:
November 6, 2013
I'm looking for a pop up tent and enclosure to use to shield an area in my backyard used for BBQ's during the winter months and while raining. I'm just off of a pond, so it can get pretty windy. It doesn't need to be large, but ideally would be water resistant (or proof), flame retardant, and have side walls that could be easily opened for ventilation. Do you have any ideas? I think a 10 x 10 or 10 x 15 space is sufficient.
1 Answer
For high wind and rain applications, it is better to invest in a canopy that has a heavier frame and water resistant top. One such product that performs well is the 10 ft X 10 ft Goliath Heavy-Duty All-Aluminum Instant Canopy with Sidewalls - White - GOL1010500W. The individual sidewalls can be tied back or removed for your application. This unit also meets the CPAI-84 flame resistance guidelines.
Submitted by: Collin on November 6, 2013

from NYC asked:
October 17, 2013
Do you guys make tents for photo booths?
1 Answer
We do not make the photo booth you are looking for. However, we do have a black out canopy. Please use the link below and see if this canopy could fit your needs. Caravan 10 x 10 Alumashade Black-Out Canopy Package Deal + 4 Zippered Sidewalls
Submitted by: Emily on October 18, 2013

from Atkins, VA asked:
September 5, 2013
Do you have a camouflage craft tent?
1 Answer
No, we do not. You can have one made but it would be custom graphics. If you wish to pursue that option, you can fill out the form at the following link for a free quote: Canopy Custom Graphics Quote Request Form
Submitted by: Dawn on September 5, 2013

from MA asked:
August 25, 2013
Which is the best EZ Up canopy for a family at the beach to protect from the sun rays and to be easiest putting up and taking down?
1 Answer
The Caravan Displayshade 10 x 10 is the best well rounded pop up style canopy that we offer. It is easy to put up and take down. Replacements parts are also readily available.
Submitted by: Chris on August 26, 2013

from AR asked:
August 14, 2013
Can the Pop Up Tents be customized with a logo?
1 Answer
We can do custom graphics on Caravan, KD Kanopy, Ohenry, Eureka and Celina brand items. You can fill out the form at the following link for a free quote: Canopy Custom Graphics Quote Request Form
Submitted by: Dawn on August 14, 2013

from AL asked:
August 10, 2013
Is this a aluminum or steel frame? What are the pros and cons?
1 Answer
We offer canopies with both all-steel and all-aluminum frames, as well as some hybrid models. The steel models are heavier and susceptible to rust, but their increased weight provides stability. The aluminum models are lighter and rust-resistant, but these may have more issues with sustained winds.
Submitted by: Tyler on August 12, 2013

from Kennewick, WA asked:
August 6, 2013
Do you have a large 2 or 3 room Pop Up camping tent?
1 Answer
I apologize but we do not carry a two or three room pop up camping tent.
Submitted by: Dawn on August 6, 2013

from Detroit, MI asked:
August 2, 2013
I"m looking for a new canopy 10 x 10. My last experience with an EZ Up product was great other than it was not water resistant. I'm looking for waterproof version. Do you guys carry anything waterproof or just water resistant?
1 Answer
We do carry one 10 x 10 Pop Up style canopy that is waterproof. The Vitabri V3 is the only popup canopy that we currenty offer that utilizes a 1000 denier top making it truly waterproof.
Submitted by: Chris on August 2, 2013

from Virginia Beach asked:
July 24, 2013
Can I order a custom size pop up canopy?
1 Answer
Unfortunately not. We are not a manufacturer and we do not know of any manufacturer who makes custom size pop up canopies.
Submitted by: Dawn on July 24, 2013

from Hempstead, TX asked:
June 16, 2013
Which of your tents have mosquito netting and I can take with me to the beach?
1 Answer
Submitted by: Magan on June 17, 2013

from Nashville, TN asked:
June 15, 2013
We need a replacement canopy for our EZ Up #7423363. Do you have one?
1 Answer
Unfortunately, we do not sell just the canopies. Please contact EZ-UP for this replacement item.
Submitted by: Magan on June 17, 2013

from Bowling Green,KY asked:
May 30, 2013
Do any of your 10x10 pop up canopies come in purple?
1 Answer
Any of our Caravan brand canopies may be purchase with a purple top.
Submitted by: Dawn on May 30, 2013

from Springfield, MA asked:
May 9, 2013
Do you have a 10x10 canopy that folds up to be smaller than 60"?
1 Answer
The Caravan Traveler folds down to just 51 inches.
Submitted by: Dawn on May 9, 2013

from Orland, ME asked:
May 5, 2013
Do you have replacement tops for EZ-UP Canopies?
1 Answer
We do indeed offer replacement tops for our pop-up tents. However, we would need to know more about your EZ-UP canopy before we could suggest a replacement.
Submitted by: Collin on May 6, 2013

from Coburg, OR asked:
May 5, 2013
What is the smallest EZ-UP that you carry? Do you have a 4x4?
1 Answer
The only EZ-Up we offer is 10x10. The closest pop-up we offer to 4 x 4 is the Caravan Displayshade 5 X 5 Canopy with Professional Top.
Submitted by: Magan on May 5, 2013

from OR asked:
May 3, 2013
Do you have a 8x8 pop up tent with four walls?
1 Answer
I recommend the Caravan Displayshade 8x8 Instant Canopy You can purchase sidewalls for that as an accessory.
Submitted by: Tommy on May 3, 2013

from OH asked:
May 2, 2013
Do you have 5 x 5 popup canopies?
1 Answer
Submitted by: Tyler on May 3, 2013

from Sault Ste Marie, MI asked:
May 2, 2013
I need a 10 x 10 tent that I could put up by myself - what are your recommendations?
1 Answer
This depends strongly on your personal ability. However, we recommend the Caravan Traveler, because of its compact storage size of only 4 feet tall and light weight frame of only 33 Lbs. You will simply lift one corner, leaving only the opposite corner touching the ground, and pull away from it. If the frame appears to take stress, switch to another corner and continue. Once it is expanded to its proper width, you lock the trusses into place according to the instructions. Then you would slightly lift each leg a little at a time, going from leg to leg until you reach the desired height.
Submitted by: Tommy on May 2, 2013

from Dallas TX asked:
April 30, 2013
What 10 x 10 tent could I set up by myself?
1 Answer
It will depend on your personal strength, but I would recommend the Caravan Traveler. It is very lightweight and folds down small.
Submitted by: Tommy on May 1, 2013

from Kennewick WA asked:
April 27, 2013
Do you have a sturdy pop-up canopy that's 12' x 12' and waterproof? If not, what is the most water resistant that you have in this size?
1 Answer
We would recommend the Caravan Monster as the most sturdy 12 x 12 we carry. It is water resistant but not water proof.
Submitted by: Dawn on April 29, 2013

from Dixon, CA asked:
April 24, 2013
Do you have a 10x20, or 10x15, food service pop up tent that has low side rails that we can serve food from?
1 Answer
For the canopy itself, we recommend either of the following Caravan pop-up models: Caravan Classic 10' X 15' Canopy with Professional Top - 51509 Caravan Classic 10' X 20' Canopy with Professional Top - 52009 As for the walls, please see the mesh foodwall kit, also made by Caravan, linked below. Please note that you will need (2) of these kits to completely enclose the 10' x 15' or 10' x 20' canopy: Caravan 10' Mesh Foodwall Pack (Set of 4) - 11000213120
Submitted by: Tyler on April 25, 2013

from FL asked:
April 21, 2013
I'm looking for an inexpensive 10 x 10 pop up canopy with top vent. What is my best option?
1 Answer
That would be the Quik Shade Summit.
Submitted by: Tommy on April 22, 2013

from Tulsa, OK asked:
April 18, 2013
Where can I buy a replacement cover for an EZ Up canopy?
1 Answer
Unfortunately, we do not sell the top only for this E-Z UP model. Please contact E-Z UP at 1-800-457-4233 for more information.
Submitted by: Tyler on April 18, 2013

from Metheun, MA asked:
April 11, 2013
I want a 10x10 canopy with a white top but no side walls. What do you have?
1 Answer
Submitted by: Magan on April 11, 2013

from Walden, NY asked:
April 9, 2013
I'm interested in getting the Caravan 10x10 canopy package deal and wanted to know if I can get the color of the sidewalls to match the top? I want my whole tent to be black.
1 Answer
No, the sidewalls in any Caravan 10x10 package deal are white. The one exception is for this model: Caravan Alumashade Black-Out 10 x 10 Canopy Package Deal + 4 Zippered Sidewalls
Submitted by: Tyler on April 9, 2013

from Riceboro, GA asked:
April 4, 2013
Do you sell replacement canopies, or can I purchase just a canopy without the frame?
1 Answer
We do offer replacement canopy tops for the Caravan pop-up models. Please see them below: Caravan Canopy Replacement Tops
Submitted by: Tyler on April 4, 2013

from Knoxville, TN asked:
April 1, 2013
I need a 10x20 tent that is fire retardant. I'm also interested in sides, but they must also be fire retardant as well. Do you have anything?
1 Answer
I strongly recommend the Caravan Classic 10x20 Canopy. Caravan Canopy brand products are Certified NFPA-701 as well as CPAI-84, and are registered with the California State fire marshal.
Submitted by: Tommy on April 2, 2013

from Wilmington, NC asked:
March 9, 2013
I need a 10x10 canopy that will work well at the beach. Do you have any suggestions?
1 Answer
Submitted by: Magan on March 11, 2013

dominick odone
from Commack, NY asked:
February 19, 2013
I'm looking for a 10' by 15' pop up with detachable screens.
1 Answer
Submitted by: Tommy on February 19, 2013

from Ardmore, OK asked:
February 11, 2013
What is the difference construction-wise with the commercial grade and the professional grade Undercover canopies? I know one has a 300 denier cover and the other 600 denier cover but I am particularly curious about the construction of the frame. Are they identical or is one more substantially more rigid, stronger, etc?
1 Answer
The Undercover Canopy 10x10 Professional is designed for frequent users who desire a higher standard of strength and durability yet still require quick and easy setup. The frame features 1-1/4" wide legs and the patented honeycomb chambers throughout the truss bars. Its frame weighs 40 lbs compared to 29 lbs for the Commercial. The top is 600 Denier compared to 300 Denier. It also has a higher peak for better watershed.
Submitted by: Tommy on February 11, 2013

Sets Up In Minutes

In some cases, outdoor shelters can take two or more people working together over a period of a half hour or more to get set up. Pop up tents, though, often require only one person to set up, and every size of this type of canopy is specifically designed to take mere minutes to get up and running. This means you don't have to have a crew of people working with you, you don't have to start setting up three hours before you need shelter, and you don't have to have a flatbed truck deliver the tent to the site where you're planning on setting it up. These products are designed to be easy to use, easy to transport, and easy to take down when you're done.

Popular Uses

These tents are extremely versatile, but there are certainly specific uses for which they are ideally suited. Craft fairs, trade shows, tailgates, family gatherings, picnics, and similar events are perfect places for a pop up shelter. Anywhere you need to get in and out of quickly is an ideal application for these products. Many people, especially during the spring and summer months, simply keep one of these tents in the car trunk or backseat so that they have instant, convenient shelter for even the most impromptu gathering. You simply couldn't do that with some bulkier canopy models, but this is a perfect way to use these instant models.

You don't have to have a specific use in mind to take advantage of what Pop Up Tents and EZ Up Tents bring to the table. You simply have to enjoy having an easy place for friends and family to gather no matter what the location or situation. These extremely functional shelters provide the ultimate convenience and the ultimate value for outdoor enthusiasts, which is why many people think this is the best all-around product for individual and family use.