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Arrow Salem 10 X 8 Outdoor Storage Shed - SA108

Item # ARW-SA108
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You're surrounded by sharp, pointed objects. Towering mountains of unidentifiable debris threaten to topple on you at any moment and there's a metal door blocking your only open path. There is no escape. And then, just when you think that the end is near, the metal door opens and you are suddenly free . . . until the end of the day when you're forced to return to your prison. Scary, isn't it? Well, that's exactly what your car experiences every night when you put it into your garage.

You see, the truth is that your storage problems don't just affect you; your car is actually suffering far more than you are. Yes, it may be more than a tad inconvenient to have to hunt through a cramped mess every time you need a spade or edger, but at least you don't have to live in that environment. Your car does. It's a wonder it's still willing to take you anywhere, the way you treat it. So why not give your vehicle a better home by moving some of that stuff out of your garage and into an Arrow Salem 10 X 8 Outdoor Storage Shed.

We're not saying you should, or even can, empty the entire contents of your garage into this Salem - if you did that you would simply be exchanging an overcrowded garage for an overcrowded storage building and an unhappy car for an irritated lawnmower - but clearing out even a little space can make a big difference. And with a capacity of 401 cu. ft., this Salem can help you do exactly that. It offers more than enough room to store your grill, patio furniture, and yard equipment. You could even use it to store some of your car's accessories if you're feeling particularly generous.

It's Easier than You Think

In the past, the difficulty of setting up a storage building may have stopped from trying to clear out your garage. Well, you can officially retire that excuse. Assembling a Salem shed is extremely easy. You don't need to be a construction expert or even have any special equipment. If you've got a standard tool kit, someone willing to lend you a hand, and the instruction manual, you'll have your building put together in no time. And if you choose to use Arrow's pre-made foundation and anchor kits things will be even simpler.

Your car works hard for you. Don't you think it's time to return the favor? With just a minimum of time and effort this Arrow Salem 10 X 8 Outdoor Storage Shed can help your give your faithful vehicle the comfortable home it deserves. And, who knows, you might just find that you like being able to find all of your outdoor equipment when you need it.

* Please check local building codes and CC&Rs for any restrictions related to installing an outdoor structure or to see if a building permit is required.
  • Low-cost storage solution
  • Durable electrogalvanized steel construction
  • Double baked-on polyester enamel finish
  • Full mid-wall bracing enhances stability
  • 12-year limited warranty
  • Wall Color: Eggshell with taupe door frame trim  
  • Roof Color: Taupe 
  • Size: 10' x 8'
  • Storage Area: Sq Ft: 74; Cu Ft: 401
  • Interior Dimensions: 118 1/4"" W x 90" D x 69 5/8" H
  • Wall Height: 60"
  • Door Opening: 55 1/2" W x 58" H
  • Recommended Foundation Size: 121"" W x 92 3/4"" D
  • Number of boxes shipped: 1
  • Box dimensions: 67.63 in. L x 34 in. W x 4.38 in. D
  • Shipping Weight: 189 lbs.
  • Model Number: SA108
Manufacturer: Arrow Sheds
Part Number: SA108
UPC: 026862101365

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Arrow Salem 10 X 8 Outdoor Storage Shed - SA108
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5 Stars

September 18, 2008
its ight