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Screen Houses & Patio Enclosures

Don't forget about those ScreenHouses and Patio Enclosures when you're thinking about ways to maximize you and your family's enjoyment of a nice afternoon outdoors this year. Lots of people either get stuck on covered porches or on some portable shelter like a folding canopy, but you can save money, time, and a whole lot of hassle by expanding your range of possible shelters to include these useful alternatives.

1 Question & 1 Answer
from St. Louis, MO asked:
July 9, 2013
What portable screen house is best for a rental unit?
1 Answer
The best option for you may be the Casita Square Screenhouse - 11 ft X 7 in Free Standing Screen House. It is a completely stand alone screen house. This keeps you from having to attach it to another structure such as the house.
Submitted by: Chris on July 10, 2013

Keeps the Fun in and the Headache Out

This type of shelter offers a number of unique benefits to homeowners and outdoor enthusiasts. Low-lying areas, humid regions, or properties containing or situated near standing water are often plagued with pests. Mosquitoes, no-see-ums, black flies, and the like can render a perfectly wonderful outdoor space virtually unusable, as can the threats of wind and debris flying into unprotected areas. Not only that, but many pests can also carry bacteria or diseases that are of concern to almost everyone. If you opt for an enclosed patio or screenhouse, though, you can enjoy the outdoors and the weather without risking your health and without constantly worrying about bugs. That means that you can effectively reclaim an area adjacent to your home, like a porch, deck, or patio, or use a portable shelter to enjoy part of the yard you may not have used for years.

Pocket the Savings

Before you take out a second mortgage adding a stand-alone structure or building an enclosed porch, why not give one of these screened shelters a try? They're far less expensive than construction, much more convenient in terms of being able to be set up or taken down for individual uses, and even portable in many cases so you can set them up where needed. Additionally, setting up a barrier against outdoor pests is less expensive than potential medical bills, and even less expensive than the cost of bug sprays, repellants, and candles over time.

As you can see, ScreenHouses and Patio Enclosures are simple, economical, and practical. They provide added comfort and safety that many homes and families need. Outdoor lovers, especially those who haven't been able to use their favorite areas for a while or who don't go outside for certain portions of the year due to bug infestations or debris, seem to really enjoy these products. If any of these problems sound like something you've experienced, see if one of these enclosed shelters can help solve that dilemma and get you back outside where you belong.