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SkeeterVac Mosquito Traps

Spending more time outdoors or enjoying outdoor spaces for a greater portion of the year can be a real challenge for people who face problems caused by biting insects. Pests like black flies, mosquitoes, biting midges, and other bugs can wreak havoc on the outdoor activities of homeowners, farmers, or any other outdoor enthusiasts. An increasing number of people are turning to SkeeterVac Mosquito Traps to provide their homes, their farms, and their families with the greatest level of protection from winged predators available.

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The SkeeterVac Difference

The first item to pay attention to is the fact that this trap is produced by the people at Blue Rhino - one of the premier producers of propane-based and outdoor appliances of every variety on the planet. This gives owners the peace of mind that comes from knowing that the service, support, and information resources associated with the use of this particular brand of mosquito trap are second-to-none. There are more immediate benefits to think about, too. Consider the fact, for instance, that these traps are propane-powered and require no cords for operation, eliminating the possibility of electricity-based service interruptions. The Blue Rhino catalyst system also produces from 25% to 100% more CO2 (the insect-attracting element common to almost every mosquito trap) than many similarly priced competitor models, which increases the attracting power and the effective coverage area one of these traps can provide. Plus, design elements unique to these units like sticky TacTrap paper, 'motion lighting' design that attracts bugs, and minimal loss of suction even as the trap fills up give these traps a leg up on comparably priced competitors.

Saving You Money

Putting cash back in your pocket is a pretty big benefit, too. It's already been discussed that you get greater attraction and coverage for your money with these traps. It's been indirectly mentioned, but you also have to factor in the savings you realize by not having to use your home's electricity to run the unit. Add to those factors the increased bait life, the ability to accommodate multiple kinds of attractants, and the generally cheaper purchase price and it starts to become clear that this mosquito trap can save you money at the time of purchase and further down the road.

All of those factors, though, are secondary concerns when compared to overall effectiveness. Homeowners and other property owners are increasingly turning to SkeeterVac Mosquito Traps because yes, they do save you money, but they're also reliable and effective. If you have a problem with biting insects and you think it's time you reclaimed your yard, your farm, or any other outdoor area, consider starting that reclamation project with one of these convenient traps from Blue Rhino.