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Star Shade Canopies

What do our customers love about Star Shade Canopies? Plenty of things. The simplest of these being that you won't find another temporary or portable shelter with the same look, the same unique features, or the same benefits anywhere. Take a look below to learn why you should be interested in checking out this unique tent style, too.

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What Makes Star Shades So Different

Anyone can look at the pictures and figure out that Star Shade canopies look different from other types of shelters. The reason for the different appearance is that the tent top extends all the way to the ground at the tie-downs. These are essentially still frame or pole tents, depending on the exact model you choose, but they look and perform slightly differently, as you'll discover below.

Unique Properties and Benefits

You may look at the top design and think, "Looks great, but so what?". What you may not realize is that the star configuration provides additional square footage of covered areas underneath the canopy top, added protection from wind, rain, and other weather, and greater stability for the structure as a whole. This is ideal for anyone who enjoys tailgating, hosting events, or any other kind of outdoor celebration. It's also perfect for people who frequent craft fairs, marketing expositions, or other types of festivals because those people can take advantage of the protection and stability this product can provide, plus they get the added benefits of attracting the attention, customer traffic, and increased revenue that standing out from the crowd can generate.

As you can see, there are lots of reasons why lots of shoppers gravitate toward this kind of tent. A Star Shade Canopy can provide a fantastic outdoor shelter and it can help many customers grab that added attention they're looking for in their marketing, sales, or other commercial enterprises. Then again, some people just love the way they look. Either way, a Star Shade Canopy is an excellent choice for outdoor living and an excellent investment for years of enjoyment.