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ShelterLogic 14 x 36 x 16 Peak Style Portable Garage Canopy - 79431

Item # STL-79431
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Garage space is often hard to come by, but with an outdoor portable garage, you can get the safety and protection that your vehicles need without the expense and hassle of adding more space on to your garage. This outdoor garage from Shelter Logic provides enough room for 2 cars or a large boat, and the sturdy steel frame gives enough support to keep the portable garage stable even through strong winds and harsh weather conditions.
  • Portable peak style garage
  • Sturdy beam welded 2-3/8" diameter 16 gauge steel frame is field tested to withstand all but the most rigorous weather conditions
  • High grade steel frame goes through a 13 step Rhino Shield surface preparation process
  • Bonded with DuPont™ thermoset baked on powder-coated finish to eliminate any rust, weathering, chipping and peeling
  • Slip fit connectors and swedged tubing allow easy assembly
  • Wide based foot pads on every leg ensure a dependable sturdy base and easy access to secure anchor points
  • Patented Twist-Tite™ technology tensioning system secures taut to pipes ensuring longer life and a wrinkle free look
  • Easy-Slide Cross Rail™ system clamps tight to square up, smooth out, and lock down shelters
  • Fitted 9 oz. one piece full valance cover
  • Heat bonded, triple layer, polyethylene cover with enhanced weave to ensure its 100% waterproof
  • UV treated inside and out with added fade blockers, anti-aging, anti-fungal agents
  • White interior lining enhances illumination
  • Totally tear resistant reinforced rip-stop cover
  • Structure sets up quickly and in most cases requires no building permit
  • 10 rib framework
  • 13'4" door height
  • 1 year warranty


  • 14' W x 36' L x 16' H steel frame 
  • (1) 9 oz. fitted cover
  • (2) Double zippered door panels
  • (14) 30" Auger anchors
  • Steel foot plates
  • Easy step by step instructions
  • 1195 lb.- 7 box shipment
Manufacturer: ShelterLogic
Part Number: 79431

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ShelterLogic 14 x 36 x 16 Peak Style Portable Garage Canopy - 79431
By Al from Oak Harbor, Washington on October 22, 2013
I'm looking for a canopy such as this for our boat. On the trailer, it has a mast that in its lowest is 13' 4" high. How would I get it in and out? Under "FEATURES" is says 13'4" door height, but the scale diagram shows it as 12'6". Which one is true? Where are the "(2) Double zippered door panels" located? Are they at each (both) end, or is one on the side, or both part of the single front door? Is the zipper feature such that one can be used as a main door?
By Collin on October 22, 2013

The double zippered door panels are located at each end of the canopy. They are two large, single flap doors, as shown in the image. Per the manufacturer, the door height is actually 12'6" for the ShelterLogic 14x36x16 shelter.